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It started off with a healthy breakfast at the farmers market.
Then off to the Ukraine festival with dancing and music.
Let’s not forget the food.
Took a Uber to Chinatown for lunch kind of a
cool day but very sunny. Everyone was out and about.

Then took a walk back to our Airbnb, checked
Out some Galleries near by. It was a great day
to be outside. I am so blessed to be able to
have the opportunity to experience this .




As l think about my birthday coming up. It reminds
me of how precious time is. How we should enjoy life,
see all we can see because we’re only here for a short
while. Father Time stops for no one.

The wonders of this world are meant for us
to enjoy and never take for granted. So if there
is anyplace you want to experience or see.
Go for it! What ever it takes! You owe it to

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Very nice story,,,,I like your all photography,,


Thank you zerozero33.

As the years flow by each day is a new opportunity to experience the wonders that are around us, accumulating memories we can live again in other years, maybe on a cloudy day when we are feeling low. Thanks for sharing.


You’re welcome. Thank you rlewing.

This definitely was a wonderful trip, Juan! We've been so lucky to be able to do this for (almost) 18 years straight. I remember some of those early trips to Chicago when we stayed out on the town until 4:30 in the morning. As I type this it's 5:30 in the afternoon and I'm already starting to yawn. What's that all about?! Oh yeah, Father time. : ) I really appreciate your friendship, buddy!


The feeling is mutual my friend.

Have posted a lot of great things. Thank you so much a great post.


Thank you akikur100.

Beautiful post ,,, @luckyfellow


Thank you dhhayr.

Great job ,,, you are great man . @luckyfellow


Thank you waanbhachran.

Waooo,,, taste food,,,


Thank you chhidroo.

Did you try the Smoked Meat ?

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No but we will next time.

Its good breakfast,,,, super photography


Thank you shahbazhel.

Good work,,, thanks for share


Thank you dhhayr.

Brilliant post,,,luckyman


Thank you maghribkhan.

it is very beautiful story! congratulation


Thank you ahlawat.

Enjoying the last day in style awesome clicks have a very nice day :)


You too blazing. Thank you.

Ossam ,urs all post always great ...nice


Thank you kanika-44.

Great post friend keep in touch


Thank you asshusood.