Use PURSE.IO and GYFT.COM to make purchases with BITCOIN

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How to use Bitcoin to make purchases almost anywhere

Many people wonder how to implement the use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in their everyday life. Some believe it is up to the merchant to start accepting this form of payment. Others think that they must obtain a crypto debit card to be able to spend their earned funds. I am here to tell you that there is an easier method of spending your cryptic money.

Waiting several days just for your withdraw to go through to your bank account through methods such as CoinBase, plus paying a fee is far from ideal. Many use this method, but it leaves a trace, plus the reasons I mentioned before.

Below I will list two methods of spending your Bitcoin in real life, without having to ever exchange for your local currency.


Gyft allows you to buy gift cards to redeem at over 200 different stores/restaurants/etc.
There are no extra fees when shopping with Bitcoin.
Gift cards range from $5-$500.

You can then use these gift cards just like you are used to using them.
They are stored on a mobile app for both
iOS and Android

Categories include :

Babies & Children
Department Stores
Entertainment, Electronics & Gaming
Fashion Accessories
Health & Beauty
Home Goods
Men's Apparel
Restaurants & Beverages
Sports & Outdoors
Women's Apparel



Purse enables you to make purchases on Amazon with your Bitcoin.
You can get up to 15% off of your purchase, but this will increase the time that it takes to receive the order.
When you set your discount to 5% you can expect the fastest order and delivery times possible.



Both of these options make it possible to live off of your Steemit earnings. You can exchange your SBD/STEEM for BTC using, then from there it is pretty simple to make purchases, as I have shown above. I trust that this will allow you to live more freely and start incorporating cryptocurrency into your everyday living as soon as it is needed.




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Didn't know about these two easy crypto spending options. Thanks for sharing, @daltono! Resteeming and FB/tweeting.


I just found out about that them, we are both a little late BUT another completely late. Hopefully we can benefit from these easy to use methods.