I went to Bunnings this morning......

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Bunnings Warehouse is a huge phenomena in Australia with a humongous following. Every D.I.Y homemaker goes to Bunnings and I am one of them.

Check out the outside of a Bunnings Warehouse in Maroochydore at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

First of all here are some facts about Bunnings -

  • There are over 350 Bunnings Warehouses in locations around Australia.
  • The staff are very friendly and helpful with advice as well helping out the hopelessly lost and confuser D.I. Y shopper, pointing him/her to the right aisle.
  • The warehouses are colossal in size housing many departments, like bathroom, kitchens, carpentry, paint, lights, pool equipment, barbecues and gardening to name some.
  • There are many services such as kitchen consultants, colour consultants, hire shop, door installation and barbecue assembly.
  • There is a online buying service for customers.
  • They are open 7 days a week and there are always people walking around the aisles looking for something.
  • Bunnings Warehouses are very successful business.
  • A coffee shop is in every Bunnings.
  • Bunnings has cheap prices.
  • They facilitate charity raising by giving communities groups including schools to do sausage sizzles. The hungry shopper can buy a sausage in a piece of bread at entrance of f Bunnings.

If you want to have a bit of a look click on this link - on https://www.bunnings.com.au/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjtLZBRDLARIsAKT6fXwF8sDLMw3EW_PtSTY1MFjR0yRm_mizJMOyyGtqCGHiEmDtA6bj-hAaAuglEALw_wcB

This husband of mine is on a mission down to the carpentry section.

Bunnings is everyman's dream; it has a tool shop. Check it out!

My favourite place at a Bunnings is the gardening section. Here a gardener will find everything he/she can possibly want. It is usual to buy more than planned.

Of course I went home with a little box of garden fun.

Gosh I love Bunnings!


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howdy again @angiemitchell! hey this looks like a super cool place for anyone but of course, especially DYI'ers. Maybe they should start building them here! great photos.


I am surprised @janton that you would not have a similar set-up. And thank you for being so positive about my photos. I am indeed an amateur!


I think you're becoming more of a professional than you realize, but then that's coming from more of an amateur than you are! lol. ok I think you're at least at the semi-pro level!


I am pro in finding my way around Bunnings, lol.