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sometimes it’s best to say just fuck it all. I know it sounds outrageous and offensive. How can you just turn your back on all your responsibility and walk away from everything? Can you just really do fuck all whatever?
Yes, but not forever.
When life is difficult, when it’s really difficult, you probably need to drop everything. Leave it’s all behind. Just flush that big ole pile of life down the drain. In fact let’s call it flush it all. Tell the world to flush off. Quit your job and tell your boss to flush. But how? How is any of that productive?

Because we as humans are overloaded with junk. To much responsibility, to much worry, to much possessions, just to much of everything. People are naturally greedy, it’s how we’re made, it just is. Except for extremely rare cases can a pers adequately balance life without becoming overwhelmed with everything, and we just keep on carrying it because the greedy self feeds us fear, don’t lose this, don’t lose that, what if’s etc.

Think about trying let go of things on an individual basis, this is difficult if your already overwhelmed. You have to break the cycle all at once. A hard reset, reboot, a sudden flush of everything you think is important. Then you will find rest.

You can’t no do nothing l, you need to eat and work somewhere and earn or create etc. But eventually you will break on purpose or just be default when your brain says ‘nope I’m done, time to push shopping carts and eat out of dumpsters’.

So flush it all today. If it don’t go down then plunge it. Start clean. Get a new job, a new relationship, etc etc.


Ahhh, I love your comment so much! Yeah, I think that is how people end up doing Van Life and Dumpster Diving when you are done with all of the shit.

I just listened to a great conversation about health and wealth and the fact is that most wealthy people will lose their health because of the huge amount of work you have to in order to be successful. And in the end, they would just give back all of that wealth if they could get their health back.

Also, I just saw a documentary about a living environment in Hong Kong (by VOX on Youtube) and oh boy. I need to be so grateful for not having to try to just survive over there.

Yes, life is difficult, but at the darkest moment is just good to look around at the world and just think about how it could be worse. I don't mean that you should not change anything, but just get power from that and keep going to the better future!