Do you like free tokens?! Of course you do, you're on Steemit!

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Here are some more for you...

Register and each day you can claim some free tokens:

What can you do with them? Who knows, but, they're free, so who cares?

Comment below after you've registered and maybe you'll get a vote or something.

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Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Brother they not distribute free.First you hold some tokens then they pay free HEX tokens.

Thank you Bernie for this, I consider this information quite useful and timely


Thanks for this link Bernie.

Thanks for the information @berniesanders

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Yes to free coins! Already registering now :)

I have never liked all of the extra tokens on steem. I want STEEM! I do see the value though.
However there is more value in the actual platform. I only buy into the more tasteful side coins like drugwars future. Lol

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Like Christmas. All the time.

yay - more free crap - i'll take it ;)

I have registered now, thanks

Registered. Why not?

Ohh more shit coins!
I take them all!

Free money?

Nice! Shill shitcoins has never been better!

Well I will give it a try, nothing like free.

Thanks for the link. Registering now!

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I was already a member, thank you for the link.

I don't know about this particular project but others that I joined previously which offer free cryptos similarly, give too little that you have to wait for the whole of your life span but still you won't meet the minimum transaction amount. They only collect your contact detail for their own benefits...
Even my eth wallet is full of such shitcoins which worth nothing

Sometimes it's raining cash, sometimes...

this is christmas

You got me to bite
In the free land now baby!
Holding tight

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Thanks for the information @berniesanders i was already a member.

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ok, thank you

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