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As all you know our Token Sale is going on till 31 of May. But we are sure you are also interested in our further plans and developments. Here they are, according to our Road Map!

🔹2018: After Token Sale is over we will withdraw tokens of the project to biggest international crypto-exchanges; we will also work more to refine the main functionality of the product as well as develop Sharpay share buttons for mobile apps; we plan further promotion and sales in Europe and Asia; we will do our bests to transfer an international patent PCT-priority to national and local patenting phases;

🔹2019: Next we plan to launch our proper blockchain, more fast and economical; then we are going to execute migration of tokens from ERC20 to the our blockchain; we will also adapt the project to the requirements of national regulators; we will extend our business to United States, Canada and Latin America markets;

🔹2020: We will do our bests to obtain national patents, to develop and to implement partnership programs with websites and online shops of exchanging goods and services for Sharpay token users; then we are going to scale the project and access to all of the most important markets in the world, and continue active marketing and sales.

As you can see our plans are absolutely realistic and certainly we will fulfill all of them. Wish us luck! And stay with us to benefit together!

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