"Not your keys not your cryptos" Proof of Keys celebration event - Jan 3rd

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I love how you take someones content, make money off it and believe that by tagging it #sharingcontent actually makes a fucking difference.

And they think I abuse the system? You're far fucking worse and have never done anything good for Steem.

I promoted it to make it visible, not to make money. There must be less than 2$ worth of organic votes on top of paid ones.

What was your contribution in the last 3 days to putting something more entertaining or useful than this on the front-page?


Are you trying to make a case that people at large will be more interested in checking Steem's trending if we reward arbitrary amount of money to so-so quality original content over sharing relevant and good content? There is a line between sharing and fair-use and I have no interest getting emotional about drawing it.

Who's they, thinking you abuse the system? IMO

How is this one with 173 comments? I'd say that's about a 5x better contribution than this stolen junk.


If you have less than $2 in organic votes, that should tell you what people think about your content.

The fuck you think I care about the reward on my sharing of a PSA about telling people to secure their crypto properly?

What part of it is junk? or did it became junk after I shared it?

Based on your multiple accounts posting this "shared" content, I'd say it's all about rewards.

You have literally never contributed anything here except stolen content. What else have you done for Steem?

Keep thinking that.

Show us otherwise. We'll be waiting.

got any island pics from your recent vacation?

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Awe, poor baby. Look at you coming on here to do nothing but try to troll me. You live a fucking pathetic life, Jason. Eventually you'll realize that.

They are obviously doing something correct, I need some tips!


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Haha reminds me of Andreas Antonopoulos

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@aantonop's mantra do sound better. "your keys, your coin; not your keys, not your coin". His fans even came up with the meme "Nacho cheese, Nacho coin" to serve as mnemonics!

Lmao so funny! Thanks for letting me know!

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this has to be passed on.. keeping your private keys are very basic as a bitcoin citizen.. i've heard how some have lost theirs and ended up losing their coins..

i think too it. it's sad to somebody lose their money

I upvoted even before clicking the link. It's something that needs to be beaten into any one who wants to own crypto. There are some caveats... If you do not have full control over your keys, it's still not your crypto. This goes for any site that let's you type in your own keys via a web wallet. I mean yes, its better than custodial like Coinbase, but you need a better method using hardware wallet or multi-sig systems. Only then can you truly own your crypto.

good idea!

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so true! the moment you send to exchange its not yours

That's pretty much the same as a traditional bank - when you deposit your money it's effectively the banks and you become a creditor.

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Great Idea
Pulling BTC all together on Jan 3rd will cause the price to


Go long before this date and make a fortune.

I'm fine with you seeking visibility, but the rewards are just too high.

Take care.

Good advise!

About 144.53$ has been spent to promote this content.

how do you know?

Because that's the bidding account.

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Agree let me repeat it “Not your private keys not your own cryptocurrency”..

Any comment on exrates or hitbtc?

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Hello, @transisto. I was just told you're the owner of @promobot. It's been five months but it's very aggravating to me:


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Maximum cost of 3% *

I've got a $20 upvote from my 30 SBD bid on [this post]>(https://busy.org/@felipejoys/porte-de-armas-facil-seja-so-em-casa-ou->seja-na-rua-so-da-ruim). That's - 50% ROI!!!
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This is awful. Are you going to refund me the difference?

Original comment: https://steemit.com/steem/@felipejoys/re-promobot-terms-of-services-v10-lower-max-cost-and-1-fee-on-sbd-payments-20180905t081017415z

I might just do this tomorrow.

Congratulations @transisto!
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Might not be a bad idea to teach people how to set up their own wallets with bitcoin core and Armory if they don't want to, or can't buy a hardware wallet. The only mayor drawback is that bitcoin core gobbles up 150GB+ on your hard drive.

Agree with you "Not your keys not your cryptos". Thanks.

I got down because of you. dishonest @transisto

hey why did you flag my content cause i belive they hadent voilated any rules so

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THATS JUST THE WAY IT IS lol. You're right though, I hate the idea that transparency is for enforcement, it would be a good idea to declare your crypto, you could even move it to a separate wallet after to have privacy. mainly just proving you control the wallet you originally had the funds in.

Awesome! Thanks for your education and leadership in the Bitcoin space.

Your video clip is as good as important the subject in general is 👍

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My dude, @transisto. Y u no decline rewards?

Are we a Reddit now? They share whatever they find on the web for fake internet points. Do we want to make Steem that, too?

Thought, we should be focused on rewarding novel content or maybe I missed the memo.

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You are absolutely right, I didn't put much effort into that and I'm not expecting the votes on it to make up for the cost of promotion.

BTW I didn't upvote it so not sure what you're talking about.


So, you are earnestly trying to share the information with people that you are willing to incur a loss?

imo would have served you better to add a bit of commentary so you are bringing something to the table and people wouldn't really have a basis to criticize.

Did appreciate the video for what it's worth. Liked and subbed to the channel. I would have upvoted this if it wasn't copy/paste.

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so true! the moment you send to exchange its not yours

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i didn't know that there is such an event..lol.. but looks cool!

Speaking of events. I was confused by this trading competition they'll give a brand new Maserati car. https://www.kucoin.com/#/rank/ONOT

This article looks good and interesting. But speaking of celebration, ONOT trading competition on KuCoin is something we have to be thrilled and excited for coz they're going to share some btc.

I just wanted to share it since I saw that most people commented here are crypto trader.


#HODLers are nothing but irrational blind faith investors in a technology they have blind faith from!

They know #Crypto has value but... they didn't even any analysis (technical, fundamental, venture capital method).

Basically... majority of #HODLers are no better from a person who buys a lottery ticket thinking that buying that ticket will make #LamboRich

#HODLers are the #suckers or targets of (professional con-men) Institutional Investors who really are good on playing the "Long Game" on tricking the patsy-masses... which us! Be smarter!

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me too!

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