Uchain Review: Sharing Blochain - The New Trends of 2019

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What is Uchain?
UChain is a blockchain network of public infrastructure designed specifically for the global shared economy. Together with other shared business enterprises, the company wants to build a distributed ecosystem of decentralized economies around the world, where users can exchange value and publish content in a self-regulated way. without intermediaries Through UChain and the decentralized autonomous ecosystem, all users and sellers will be empowered. The company has worked on a solution, recognizing how to address these issues through the implementation of a truly free peer-to-peer network with a combination of blockchain technology along with a fundamental sense of the platform. economic sharing. The UChain platform uses advanced blockchain technology combined with traditional database technologies to create panels similar to the traditional blockchain database, enabling rapid data conversion. whether the platform between the local database and blockchain. Only by using this technology can companies ensure that complex data and historical evaluations in the economically viable applications can be stored intact, well structured and fast on the blockchain. The UChain platform adopts the same properties that all blockchain data can not be tampered with, including carrier records, historical reviews, and other structured data.

ICO Project Information:
Hard Cap: 42000 ETH
Token type: ERC20
Private Presale: 22000 ETH, strategic partners 50% bonus (half will be locked in 6 months)
8000 ETH, 15% bonus (bonus will be locked in 3 months)
Crowdsale (10/7): 12000 ETH, No bonus (1ETH = 5000UCN).

The main purpost of project.


Confidence issue
Belief is essential for a shared economy. To make a transaction, consumers and suppliers of the market must gain a mutual trust beforehand. Traditional technology has not been able to solve the problem of trust between people through technical means. As a result, the platform, acting as intermediary, documents for both parties to facilitate the transaction. Sometimes it collects deposits or collateral from both parties to reduce the financial risk, which has greatly increased barriers and costs to the shared economy.

Data leaks and abuse
Data abuse is also a common social phenomenon, with users having to provide their personal information like phone numbers and email addresses for the sharing platform they choose. After obtaining the user's information, instead of complying with the user agreement, some companies use this data for other purposes, with some cases showing that it is sold by cash. The recent FacebookCambridge Analytica scandal involves the collection of personally identifiable information about the 87 million Facebook users that Cambridge Analytica began collecting in 2014. Data used to influence voters on behalf of the politicians hired them. Not only do users have no control over their own data, they will sometimes also be troubled by all sorts of harassment.

What does the project overview do?

The nature of blockchain is an autonomous peer-to-peer network. It is possible to obtain fake, decentralized and fully autonomous evidence that everyone can engage in, coinciding with the nature of shared economy. The shared economy is a peer-to-peer business that will be in much more advanced state with the application of blockchain. The idea behind community autonomy will inspire people all over the world to participate in and benefit from the development of UChain.

Benefit of participants
User is the creation of the whole ecosystem. Service users may pay UCN for any interesting service provided on Uchain-based DApps or simply perform transactions on Uchain's P2P transaction platform. Independent service providers may obtain UCN or by contributing their resources or idle assets via DApps.

The benefits of organization
Organizational service providers can develop dedicated DApps with UCI infrastructure to provide services. They will be paid with the corresponding UCN amount by the automatic payment function performed in the smart contract, after the user uses DApp together with the UCN provided by the ecosystem. Businesses can also pay UCN for UChain's infrastructure services and Uchain will acquire UCN depending on the development of the entire ecosystem.


Token How does it work?

Value of Token
As the official digital currency of UChain, UCN has great potential in terms of market value, this value can be quantified. As mentioned earlier, by 2018 the market size of the global shared economy will reach 520 billion dollars. In particular, the focus platform when matchmakers stand out earn about 30% of profits. As businesses grow, more applications are deployed and more data is collected. Credit rating and technology services will become more valuable in the market. UCN is not only a digital currency but also a base currency for all UCI derivatives.

Transaction value
-UCN is circulated in all DApps built on Uchain as payment for all types of transactions.

Supply Chain Statements
-Unc can be used as a voucher for buying assets from suppliers (shared bikes, smart devices, etc.).

Reward for data contribution

  • Users will be rewarded with UCN if they decide to contribute their data to the development of the ecosystem.

Value-added service
-Unc can be used to pay API services provided by UChain.

Community Rewards
-Unc will be rewarded to community collaborators such as third party developers and community operators.

User preferences
-Unc can be earned by improving your community's activity such as introducing more users and creating valuable content.

Usually red envelope

Account Management Service

Exchange service

E wallet wallet service


How to distribute the token?

Sell Token: 40%
Ecosystem: 35%
Team: 15%
Company Reverse: 10%

Roadmap for project development
Q1 2017: study the current problem, give the blockchain idea
Q2-Q4 2017: Team formation, draft whitepaper
Q1 2018: Technical test, the official whitepaper
Q2 2018: presale, crowdsale, token distribution
Q3 2018: Uchain complete development wallet, blockchain, testnet ready
Q4 2018: Mainnet available, Enterprise Open Platform released
Q2-Q4 2018: Invite partners, many companies to "2.0 Sharing economy"
Q1 2019: User Credit passport launched, U-Bicycle App is applied, running on UChain
2019+: P2P trading platform will be launched. Update, grow to expand and reach companies wanting to use ecosystems.


It can be seen as a Chinese ICO. All founders have experience working in large technologies such as Microsoft, IBM and eBay. In particular, CEO Ian Yu is the founder of DianPing.com, China's billion-dollar startup. There are 8 core team members on UChain's website, along with 12 mentors. Almost all individuals in the Uchain team also participate in U-Bicycle.


The idea and value of the project is quite new. There are a number of competitors who share the same business idea, but new technology for the company has not been applied yet. In addition, the network as a blockchain allows businesses, other brands to build on this blockchain. This will greatly increase Uchain's strength if the project succeeds. Recent shared economy is a hot topic, benefiting both the supplier and the user.

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