My Entry Share Your World Contest #3 - Democracy in Venezuela

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Hello @reonlouw

You ask me what is the biggest problem facing my country at the moment.

It would be easier to answer which problem your country does not suffer from.

To begin let me tell you that I am from Venezuela, you have probably read or heard news about the political and social situation in my country.


  • Crime here is out of control, criminals armed by the same government.
  • Medical supplies are scarce, and not only in pharmacies, but even in hospitals.
  • Inflation wreaks havoc with the Venezuelan's salary, a rubber is worth half a year's salary, the basic salary does not even cover the food basket.
  • Legal insecurity, the fact that the government can expropriate your properties at will.
  • The scarcity of food, some like meat and milk disappear for several months and others to get them you have to make long and endless queues and many times after hours of queuing they tell you that it is sold out and people lose their day to return to their homes downcast, tired and with nothing to put on the family table.

It seems that this country has fallen the 7 plagues of Egypt. But in my opinion the biggest problem we face is the lack of democracy, because with democracy and these people would not be government for many years.

I almost hear you ask yourself, how is it that they win the elections?

The truth is that they do not win them, they only steal them in a blatant way, they tell you that X million people left to vote, when the reality is that practically no one comes out to vote for them.


But they control all the institutions in charge of validating the trap, plus the control of practically all the radio, media and many pseudo journalists.

But what worries me is that it seems that the rest of the world is accepting them, as economic interests are more powerful than human solidarity.

The solution is not choice

If it is not a choice then there is only one way to force, right? It is difficult to have to recognize it but it is the reality, the path of the elections is dynamited by the traps and the institutional and communicational hegemony that they exercise and by the presence of a supposed opposition composed of corrupt politicians, sold to the government, that the only thing that he is interested in the part that is their turn to come out as a comparsa more than these criminals who seized power.

And I'm going to leave it here, because I do not want to expand on an article with more words than the New York phone book

I hope you enjoyed this publication!

Thank you for your support Comments, Resteem and Votes

With appreciation from STEEMIT, Carlos

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Hi @trituratusmiedos
wishing you and Venezuelan people getting the freedom and democracy soon.


Hi @hairyfairy
Very grateful and hopefully those wishes we see them made soon

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