Spidey Free Ride

in #share2steem11 months ago

Can you see the tiny spider?

It appear out of nowhere on the Grab car window taking a free ride with us.

Din't really notice it as i was talking to friend quite near to the window and front seat, so it gave me a scare when i realize how close i was with this spider.

#share2steem #insects #life #photography #teammalaysia


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I hope you are not very afraid of them because it is small and more afraid :)

Be afraid if you see some angry turtle coming

Haha...it caught me by surprise so yarh i was kinda afraid of that tiny fella...so i move away >>> 🤣

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I'm sure it also was run fast :))

How u know? Did u instal cctv on it? Haha...but yarh not long after it went into hiding 🤣

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I have a seventh sense :)))

I see you have Instagram also ... I have same name there what is here @ foxkoit :) you can see there my black and white photos . :)

Ahh...sure. will check it out.thxs.

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