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Except, Bitconnect. XD

birconnect is the biggest scam in this cryptocurrency market, it's collapse is the major reason of this bear market, it existance have done too much damage to the cryptocurrency market, even when it die, it give the final, ultimate damage to the cryptocurrency market(cause a one year bear market),this is why i fuck deeply into trevon james's anus for what he have done to cryptocurrency(promoting bitconnect), remember, he is the biggest promotor in bitconnect, bigger than other three(craig grant, crypto nick and ryan hildreth) combine

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i want to fuck deeply into your anus when you give trevon james upvote

as long as you still here, providing your garbage financial advice for people, there is still chance for stupid people taking your garbage financial advice, and thus lose a lot of money or even life savings, this is why i press you on the bed, fuck you deep into your anus so hard that you can't breathe any fresh air

trevon james, a nigeria nigger bitconnect promotor, is nearly bankruptcy in the end of 2018 to early 2019 cryptocurrency bear market after scamming people for millions of us dollars from the most famous, well known and world class ponzi scheme bitconnect

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