The importance of taking breaks

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Just a little lineart 🌸

I'm currently so stressed out that I'm not really able to finish any drawings what makes me feel even more stressed. I take it as a sign to give myself a little break this evening and sharing my thoughts. I'm working on so many things at the same time and my mind is like exploding thinking of all the things I need to get done until middle of March 🤯 Today everything was too much urgh🤖 I recently read an article about Ernest Hemingway and his lifestyle, how important it was for him to take multiple breaks a day. His devise was to work until he gets something done, and to stop as he knew how he would proceed. He took long walks outside, enjoyed the sun... It's strange that in these days it's so common to skip breaks because of too much work or because people think breaks are a sign of lazyness or a lack of engagement while they are so important.

I mean you also cannot lift weights all day long without any breaks. Stress can be really helpful to be productive but personally as soon as I feel unhappy and overloaded or as soon as there's a lack of concentration and memory I know a break is really needed to breathe and to recover my energy. So starting to get a tensed neck shouldn't be the sign for a break, it's good to take it before getting it but take it as a huge warning sign!! It's all about preventing. As an artist there is rarely something as bad as feeling not able to create. A break can help to get the needed distance to consider different perspectives or new impressions of your work. If you sit all day long in front of your desk it's super refreshing to go out for example (note to myself haha) I often like to look out of my window and just observe the trees or stare at the ceiling (yes, really!). This kind of idling helps you not only to process information (your brain is still working but subconscious) you might also experience flashes of inspiration! 💡✨ Make sure to take multiple short breaks a day to refresh your mind just like Hemingway did 🤓📜

No matter what you do, artist or not, take your breaks it's important to keep you happy and healthy 🌈🌸

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This is so true! It is important to take breaks but we often forget to do it. Or we think, ok, I just finish this little thing and then another comes and another comes and soon it's time to go to bed. We should consciously take our breaks and go away from whatever it do. It will pay off in the future when we stay healthy. And this is something what I should remind myself of as well. I so often spend the whole day behind the computer with no breaks. And then I realize that it was a nice sunny day but I didn't even go outside! Let's soak up the vitamin D! :)

Have a lovely day and take as many breaks as you need! :)

This is very true, Rambu-tan! Stress builds up into an unhealthy level when you don't take enough breaks, so be sure not to push yourself too hard and take breaks as required :)

Love the picture very much, the lineart is so clean and the hair looks very flowy and elegant * ___ * I really like how your drawings looks so natural with where you leave some parts worked and some parts clear :) Beautiful !


Thank you Spidey-chan.
Sadly I have so much to do this month waahhh, only 3 weeks left for the con preparations

Hello, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Thank you :3

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Our body and mind are made to work but not without a break. We need it to express in the best way our qualities.

I would like suggesting you that I will have a contest on my account soon: on March, 3rd I will have my First Steem Birthday and I will make a contest where I will show all my portraits: there will be a lot of prizes and if you would like to partecipate with a drawing (also easier that this one) it could be a pleasure to me to join you!
It could be a good way to show your art all over Steem Blockchain😉👍
Let me know!!!
Thank you and Steem on!!!

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