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@ConnectEconomy Wonderful post and pics! Lovely to see our family connecting and enjoying the city here. We will definitely come meet and give hugs at a future meeting. It's just been such a busy period with courses and content. Thanks for sharing, keep the nudges coming love! 💗

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@Conscious Crypto
@KeniStyles @steemunity @teamsteem @World @MartiBis @lewisjfclarke @mikemeister @NomadicSoul @RomaFedorov @earworm @majes From last Saturday - maybe you'll join next time!

Keni Styles Ⓥ

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@Share2Steem thanks for this service! So much potential. I have now switched off the automated universal cross-post. I realize it may take a hour or so to refresh. No worries.

Yet again, great tool. Will look into further customization and checks before pulling the trigger on it! Massive thanks for building social-media bridging tools like this! Bravo 👍

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