Interesting read! "Doubling Down on Lightning" : doifeellucky's twitter Feed : 2019/03/25 11:12:31

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What is your opnions on this persons content that you shared on the blockchain?


I think his shortened view at the end of the document I can agree with to the fullest:

In the Meantime…

Apparently you’re not meant to know this, but you can move bitcoins on-chain for cents. I do it often. The reasons I fell in love with Bitcoin – secure and trustless transactions to any address around the globe – are still all there. I run my Lightning node (or unlicensed MSB, to all you pseudo-lawyers out there) and use it where I can, because it’s fun to experiment with what is very early technology.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Fiat is still king. Bitcoin is, for now, a niche-within-a-niche, irrespective of what clickbait may indicate. And that’s not a bad thing. Enjoy the low on-chain fees while layer 2 is bootstrapped.

You’ve seen how far we’ve come in a few years. Surely it’s worth waiting another couple.//

Even as I hope we would progress faster on chain or in L2 solutions I'll have to admit we're still very early. But Lightning has already proven a strong case for new things picking up more momentum. One of the great examples of how fast things can move is Lightning with for instance even before Jack Dorseys endorsement.

My really short takeaway... stay strapped in, Hodl, things are going to get wild in Bitcoin-opia!


Yeah, I just mentioned on someone else's post that fiat is still our crutch. I mean if the dollar collapses... At least in America there isnt sufficent systems in play on a local level for things like food or shelter for a $100,000 bitcoin much less 1,000,000 bitcoin. So the dollar collapsing would mean a 1,000,000 bitcoin could mean that it costs 0. Hopefully, we back the dollar with Gold or in Europe's case the Euro or more realistically the pound. Otherwise there is always the gold Yaun 😦😬