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🦁 @brave is a new web browser that allows you to experience a safer, faster, and ad free internet. In addition, Brave also built in tipping with $BAT (@AttentionToken) to support Publishers like us! 👉 If you haven't already, here's our link ⚡️

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Support me with Brave

Brave is a browser that allows you to support creators without the fear of demonetization.

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Brave is cool but moreso had no idea you could post to Steem from Twitter using Share2Steem. I have to start using that now.

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I started doing the same thing. It's a pretty cool way to maximize your posts. I'm enjoying the extra benefits even though they are tiny for me at this point.

Im surprised I hadnt heard of this before. I'm on my way to check it out.

Brave is such an awesome browser! It's even more awesome now that they have enabled earning BAT from ad viewership! :)