How to Tweet, YouTube and Insta post to the blockchain.

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Today I would like to introduce you all to something that I came across today. This system brings together some of your social media accounts and will increase your earnings from Steemit.

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How? Well, let me explain!

I joined Steemit because I saw an opportunity to operate and share stories and photos in a decentralized system and become involved in cryptocurrency earning and trading.

Most of you already have an Instagram, Twitter or YouTube account and despite being on Steemit you still use these accounts, but they don’t generate you any income, merely gain some loyal followers and give you added exposure.

Now we can combine everything and share it on several platforms without having to do the same post twice and still earn money. We will be bringing all the YouTubers, Instagrammers and Tweeters to the blockchain. How exciting is that?

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By using this link you can sink all your accounts. This will allow you to post on Instagram, Twitter and/or YouTube and share it instantly on your Steemit Feed.


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To get started right away:

click here small.png

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Thanks for this info @claudiaz

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I saw a lot of people talking about this lately @claudiaz, I will sure have a deeper look. To me, the greatest obstacle that is holding Steemit userbase growth is the intricacies of the system itself; for people who are not into crypto and all that stuff it may appear a little too much!


you are right it can be a little intimidating at first, but we learn from our friends and there are always people who are very willing to help. I felt that way too in the beginning, and still dont understand everything 100%. thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting @bafi

This is great @claudiaz <333 :) Once my RC's are charged up I am going to start using #share2steem. Hoping I can resteem this ;) Gonna try!

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How safe is this app?

Great info, thanks for sharing my dear @claudiaz!