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245lb on Incline Bench Press. That's light weight for me. 😄💪Just have to get beach ready for Thailand! Getting gainz in the crypto markets today as well so it was a productive day! #share2steem #fitness #health #workout #swole #strength #strong #lafitness #lifting #weightroom #healthandwellness #sports #verticaljumptraining #verticleleap #athletics


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Good push-up exercise and a thrilling video

Exercise is good for health

Great. Good to build up some body muscle

how much do you squat?

My max is 425 for a set of two. 345 front squat ass to the grass but I'm not close to these numbers right now. My body would only be ready to do do about 275lb on a back squat right now without risking injury.

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Great numbers!!! have fun with your training.

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