Share2Steem is down.. upcomgin show!

Tomorrow.. later Tonight actually
at The Social Capital Theater

magic and mentalism and improv with assface ending it out...

pretending to be other kinds of faces..

It's the Fun Fun Happy Time Cabaret show!

It's cabaret acts!

It's improv!

It's fun fun! And a happy time!

This month, now with extra MAGIC!!


Briar Lian Graovac brings her STAND UP routine to the stage!

John Roldan will melt your brain with some MENTALISM!

Luiz Castro will delight with some sleight of hand MAGIC

I, Chae Aitchison will be returning as your host :)

Oh, and don't forget to stick around for some improv from the "Butty McButtface" Players" featuring Darin Joyce, Meagan McConnell, Allan Turner, and friends!


The Social Capital Theater,

3rd Floor


July 25th (the 4th Thursday of the month)

Doors at 9:15, show at 9:30

$5 cover

*accessibility: there are only stairs up to the third floor


I've been struggling with #share2steem for a while now. Not good. 🤔 Show sounds interesting. 😊

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