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Not too many cold nights left this Winter... I’ll miss having the fireplace roaring. We only fired it up a few times this season. Spring is just around the corner! #share2steem

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Ah... I thought we had spring a couple of weeks ago... then we got terrible rain and huge winds. I'm hoping that will all pass soon, rain and wind... it's the worst type of weather!

Cool fireplace/stove

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Thank you @babarakas43 - it was a selling point for me when we looked at this house - and it has been a great source of heat and comfort

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Ur welcome. Glad your enjoying it.

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Happy that time is over. I need to heat the house with wood. Me and one of my kids are allergic to the wood, smoke, dust so once or twice using it and days in the freezing cold till the worse is over.

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Looks like a nice cozy fire!

That's such a cool fireplace
So rustic :)
And with the kettle on top of it...
Too cool

I miss the radiant heat of the wood heater too. Just last week it finally got warm enough that we let the fire go out (we had been running it steady since November - really cold winter)save the wood for next year.
This was our woodpile at the beginning of winter after we had a big dump of snow the end of Oct. that never left.

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