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#share2steem I bought some bitshares for cheap around 5 cents each but has been as high ad almost $1 on some.excbanges 90 cents on most at the all time high and bitshares is solid and will eventually be used for SOMETHING even for just SCHOOLS to get tokens and allow people to invest in schools classes teachers and students themselves... I bought the bitshares to celebrate Steems new #bitshares style UI for the Worker Proposal Governance site brought to us by @blocktrades where you can submit and vote and comment on special posts reserved for worker proposals that get funded via the steem #blockchain and yes this money gets taken from the reward pool so 10% is taken away from authors 52% of total reward pool and it's now given to projects to help steem and honestly we could go higher if these projects create enough value to produce demand for steem then proceed can go up and we can put more money into the blockchain infrastructure... it's like we are building a private open source voluntary government... this really is going to make cryptocurrency users learn about steem with its 0 transaction fee and 10,000 transactions a day ... Yes i still used #poloniex but bitshares is cheap and I can buy 0.00011 BTC worth of altcoins on poloniex and polo now has EOS main net tokens and a lot of new coins, but in classic polo style they only trade the good altcoins they like and you arent stuck with losers like on bittrex and kucoin so polo actually is great I've never had a problem and people just complain that they made you show I'd eventually but so did everyone else and now poloniex is owned by circle and Goldman sachs .. also since u cant get banned in steem, it will be funny to see all the spam proposals flagged into some special flagged proposal section lol but if it has advanced features it will delete stuff front the front end...

I repost my instagram feed to Steem with which I see as a gateway for people to bring content to steem and to bring millions of new users to steem to get paid for existing social media

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Nice one

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