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#share2steem XE World currency exchange website had previously nothing to do with #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #blockchain and yet today we see bitcoin #xbt (bitcoin for dollar trading pair) has been added recently to this website and that shows the ubiquity and now legitimacy of bitcoin as a small 80 billion dollar global reserve currency which will grow into a larger multi trillion dollar marketcap currency that is already used EVERYWHERE from USA to Japan to Africa BUT ALSO to Iran, Venezuela even North Korea HEAVILY invested into btc as they arent left with many other options and it suited them.perfevtly and they also cant avoid stealing and hacking coins from south Korean exchanges since South Korea is one of the biggest crypto traders on earth. Well now foreign currency traders are getting to have bitcoin penetrate their previously blockchain free world of world currency exchange and to not have bitcoin means your missing out AND when tether has stable coins like Euro tether EURT buf with equal volume as USDT then we will see people trading foreign currency over the blockchain as LONG as the stable coins STAY stable and not just stable Enough for average consumers who dont mind maybe a half percent being off but traders need the stable coin peg to not move even with big trade activity and this is being stable coins in crypto ARE the future of foreign exchange or #forex because there is no faster cheaper way to move around billions in fiat... in fact to compete with non crypto forex traders I'm sure the forex traders who will use stable coins will demand large volume of stable coins and big BANKS will probobly find ways to tether hundreds of billions worth of their their own fiat to stable coins that are backed 1:1 in banks so that traders can take advantage of arbitrage and start trading forex without huge fees but money will be made from tether and new exchanges that will let people exchange large amounts of crypto stable coins for various foreign currencies. this might actually drive demand for crypto in the future via the need to put a whole countries fiat supply into stable coins so the fiat can be traded against other countries

I repost my instagram feed to Steem with which I see as a gateway for people to bring content to steem and to bring millions of new users to steem to get paid for existing social media

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Mantap beri kami saran yang paham


translated to english: Good to give us understanding suggestions

heres a penny upvote! 1 penny in steem could end up being worth $10

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