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#share2steem @block.one_official EOS CEO Brenden Bloom actually has a fairly large or at least clearly visible EOS logo tatood to his inner forearm... now that shows dedication and I dont see other cryptocurrency CEOs getting their token logo or bitcoin logo tatood on them! Remember that EOS directly came out of the #Steem blockchain software DPOS which was used to make #bitshares before that and so as EOS gains more marketcap users and dapps and speeds past any other blockchain as the current number one in activity on at sometimes up to 40 million transactions per day and with side chains and inter blockchain communication eos will end up taking over Amazon web service level tasks #blockchain #cryptocurrency #danlarimer #brendenbloomer #technology #startup I'll debate anyone who wants to argue about why EOS deserves their 4 billion dollar ICO and why they deserve every penny and how eos is STILL undervalued...we still have to catch up to Ethereums marketcap which is not justified since eos can do everything ethereum promised it would do... flippening will happen but with eos not ethereum

I repost my instagram feed to Steem with which I see as a gateway for people to bring content to steem and to bring millions of new users to steem to get paid for existing social media

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