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#share2steem Important article from.Dapplife on IBMs new Stellar project and how it competes with ripple which was already trying to replace the SWIFT inter banking money transfer system and honestly, after hearing about the US governments interest in stellar last year im.wondering if stellar is going to end up where people thought Ripple would be, as the big private corporate blockchain. Looks like ripple is just too closed and private even for banks. JUST kidding I'm sure ripple will be used plenty and so will stellar. I made posts on steemit in early 2017 predicting stellar would be popular by now. I only wish I would have taken more of my own advice and bought more stellar than I did. I was able to get thousands of dollars worth of stellar for pennies.

#blockchain #ibm #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #stellar #ripple #swift #banks

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Did you know that IBM's Watson helped Hitler many years ago in Germany in finding the Jews in order to help the NAZIS kill them?

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