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#share2steem #bitcoin yearly all time lows keep going up every year the floor keeps rising up every year, and volatility also goes down. The #volatility in the last 2 years looks like a crazy Bull Whip pattern like a whip that starts as a big curve then evens out to become more flat... this is how markets find their center, you could say, but in reality we havent seen the full force of the demand for btc and that will drive the price up to make the previous years look like a tiny microcosm of what's to come... just like 2017 looked like a bigger version of the 2011 bull run up to 1000 dollars the first time... what I mean is, we think things are going well now, but imagine getting 20 times the trading volume and buy orders and all within a very short period of time... we quickly learn that our previous record breaking success was just the "tip of the iceberg"

I repost my instagram feed to Steem with which I see as a gateway for people to bring content to steem and to bring millions of new users to steem to get paid for existing social media

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we hope to btc bounce back this year.

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