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#share2steem #EOS @block.one_official CEO #brendanbloomer states on Twitter that #Bitcoin wont scale because it doesnt need to. And people think lightening network is bitcoins scaling solution but the reality is EOS will be bitcoins second layer scaling solution meaning eos dapps will simply use bitcoin directly with upcoming and existing #interblockchaincommunication like existing contracts inside eos that allow btc eth and USDT to be played with all inside eos and then settle on the main chains of bitcoin ethereum or tether and so we can make transactions over eos using free and fast eos accounts using free transactions and then settle them over bitcoin or even over lightening network.

Eos has 4 billion dollars and unlike Facebook which just buys back shares, will be reinvesting money made from ico back into it's own ecosystem with a billion dollars for venture capital and so imagine all the eos needed to buy and stake to make dapps run.... eos will be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per coin and it's still under $4 US dollars right now and has been as high as over $20 last year, way after bitcoin had already peaked... so eos has its OWN patterns and investors seperate from bitcoin.... and eos will flip, not ethereum, the flippening will happen with eos and btc not eth and btc .... eos will become number one blockchain because it will have too much profit too much efficiency too many dapps and too many users and so too many investors to keep it under bitcoins 80 billion dollar marketcap...

I repost my instagram feed to Steem with which I see as a gateway for people to bring content to steem and to bring millions of new users to steem to get paid for existing social media

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