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After waiting over a year, I finally have a tool to repost my instagram feed to Steem, with Share2Steem which I see as a gateway for people to bring content to steem and to bring millions of new users to steem to get paid for existing social media

#share2steem Just invested another 11 Steempower which I earned over the steem blockchain from posting but also by just using my existing steempower to delegate to @postpromoter bidbot which let's people buy upvotes to get on trending and the bot uses my steempower and pays me a liquid steem payout everyday. Making around a dollar a day for having around $2000 worth of steempower around 5.5k steempower.... but that must steem wont be that cheap for long, each steem will be back to at least $1 soon so 5 thousand steem will end up closer to 5 thousand dollars AND when the price hits that region it usually will easily spike from $1 to $1.50 in a day or two, turning 5 thousand steem into more like 7 thousand dollars and when steem.hits $2 I'll have over $10k , hopefully I'll get back to 6k steempower so I'll have $12k again when steem is back to $2 so I can easily shave off 2grand, but I probobly wont want to as the price will just keep going back to its $8 previous high and I predict we will even get to $11 and have been told my insiders to sell around $11 this time out... and you cant get too greedy, selling at $11 see.s reasonable when $8 was the previous high... and if you hadn't powered down in time you couldn't catch it... so maybe power down next time the price starts really pumping and make sure to sell some of your steem when were over $8 next time... or maybe not because we could keep going up to current ethereum levels of $50 to $100 per steem since SO MUCH of it is locked up just like EOS... but with eos it's a 3 day undertaking while steem is 13 weeks and I think lowering a power down period to half that will bring us a lot more investors

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Man this could be one of the best news involving steemit in the last months or so, I always thought this could be one of the easiest ways to make steemit massive, and bring a lot of new users, congrats man.

I hope the steem price hit that figure a day. Hope so.

Didn’t expect Steem will be appreciated crossing $10. Haha its a good way to think of it as I’m still believe it will grow but in a more gradual but exponential soon way 🙏 finger crossed! We all stay for a reason 😉

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