PSA - "shifty" implementation is bugged (Tells you to send STEEM to non-existent accounts) !

in shapeshift •  2 years ago

I was just testing out the new Steem integration , and setup a "shifty" altcoin donation button for the @steemleak website - this would allow wikileaks to accept donations in HEAPS of altcoins instead of just the BTC and LTC they currently accept.

Sounds awesome so I jumped on it, popped the code on my dev version of and tested it out :

It suggests sending the STEEM to an invalid steemit account!
Deposit Address shapeshift1471515346835

Further experiments with the main website show how the widget is supposed to behave , the username is supposed to be @shapeshiftio and the other "username" should be in the memo field:
Deposit address shapeshiftio
Memo field - destTag: shapeshift1471515637060

Steps taken to trigger bug (not hard):

Please fix this ASAP shapeshift - and whats going on with liquidity right now the max transfer is a whole 0.33 STEEM ?

PS: Busy Busy - I have a new creation I'm dying to release , been working on it ever since I got beaten to launch on steemdns (which I also spent days on, for nothing).
Please @ausbitbank to be among the first to know about launch!

@ausbitbank and my partner @krystle for more original content
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I think they fixed it. Thanks for voting for my last article. Us fish/dolphins who actually contribute need to swim together.


Thx for the heads up, looks like you're right its fixed now. They replied here and I hadn't noticed till now - thx for the heads up :)

Totally random number nothing to see here >_>