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Various levels of shadow

Hello friends
This week our friend @ melinda010100
It has the challenge of edited shadows.
Some of the things that I like and whenever I can I participate.
On this occasion
I am in a park of two heights.
You can see my knee.
Under the blue shadow of the railing.
Below the gray shade of the terrace and on the floor people walking.
I have edited the entire photo in black and white.
Giving texture and movement.
I have left my knee as it is.
I have fun that is what counts.
I leave the original to compare.
RULES click Aqui
Image © txatxy. All Rights Reserved.
Original content by Original content by @txatxy




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Beautiful entry. All the best my dear friend @txatxy


hola amigo
feliz jueves

a strange photo, confusing and disorienting, I cant really figure out what I see here : P


hello is a challenge of shadows
you are seeing my shadow and the shadow of the railing

Lots of shadows happening here! Fun photo edit! Thanks for entering!


no kidding I always have you in mind when I see a shadow haha
but time is limited. every day gives me less time
happy day, friend


Remember for the contest you don't have to do a post--you can just drop your entry photo directly into the comments!.

I'm happy that you think of me when you see shadows! 😘