Shadow Photo Contest-Round 66 'Spiderwoman.'

in shadowphoto •  2 months ago  (edited)

'Spider Woman.'

This is my entry into Round 66 of the Shadow Photo Contest-Round 66 organised by @melinda010100

The theme is: 'Edited Shadows.'

Spider Woman was one of the many attractions at the Festival of Sails held over Easter at Suttons beach on the Redcliffe Peninsula in Qld., Australia.


This is her before I added digital effects.




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Thank you @teamnz.

Great Shadow edit, but ummm... Isn't that Spiderman?


Oh Dear! You are quite right Melinda. How did I miss that? 🤔 Thanks for the correction. I should have known better........ because YOU are Wonder Woman! 🤩


Hahaha! I wish I could rock that Spidee costume! Those days are long past!


Ditto my friend! Hey.......many thanks for the wonderful surprise I woke up to this morning with my Spider/Wonder woman helping me to win this shadow contest. I am absolutely delighted. 💐


You know that I always love your digital art! Thanks for supporting the contest!

That's really interesting topics of making shadow of wonder women Madam. Feeling like that you are wonder one.


Awww........... You're too kind @uttambarman Many thanks for your welcome visit and wonderful comments. Have an awesome day! 💐

Beautiful Spider-Man, takes deep gazing to realize it!

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Thank you Max, sometimes digital art can be a little obscure at times.Appreciate your visit and support.

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Thank you @esteemapp

haha! that's great! Hey Trudee did you talk to Spiderwoman?


No I didn't get to chat with Spiderwoman as she was too busy having selfies with the kids, but she was kind enough to stop and pose for me.


haha! Spiderwoman! that's so funny. I wonder if she does that full time? Can you imagine telling people what you do for a living if she does it fulltime? lol.

Wow, your support today was an unexpected treat @curie thank you kindly.