All is well just finding it hard to get thoughts and tasks finished and sometimes even started. Robot mode and not much else. I did get outside a bit last week. It was short yet sweet.
Geometrical shadows sounds fun.

Get outside as much as you can. You know as well as I do how much it helps to be surrounded by nature.
Sending hugs! ❤️

I love that you are here. I sometimes think I should give up. Then you are sending me a note. I got out yesterday and burned the pampus grass down safely with help from my son. It was fun. The sweet moments of life are many places. Outside there are fun ones.


Don't give up! Keep collecting all the Steem that you can! When the price goes up you will be so glad of each and every one of the SP in your account! Post and comment and it will happen! I promise! !Tip

I am not a give up type person. Just a confused one. Mostly with myself. Thank you for you.


There are 2 posts that I resteemed onto my page, one by @ steemitblog and another by @ tarazkp that will help you feel positive about Steem. Be gentle with yourself. You are amazing. 😘

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