My photography 📷 (04/24/2019) : Shadow of a small Spider in Shadow Photo Contest-Round 66-Edited Shadows.

in shadowphoto •  27 days ago


This night, I have a photo contest contest by @melinda010100 which is the 66th round contest, this contest with the edited shadow photo theme.
The photo I showed a picture of a spider that was just waiting for its prey.

(Original 1)

This spider is very small and I have a problem when I take pictures, because I use a smartphone camera.

(Original 2)

I got a photo of this little spider in the tourist area of ​​Bener Meriah in Aceh Province, Indonesia.
Thank you for @melinda010100 who has held a 66-edited shadow photo contest. warm greetings to all of you ...

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Thank you to @good-karma.

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Great shadow edit! Thanks for entering!


Thank you for looking at my post.

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