Hey Sixersfeds, hope i can clear this out to you.

A "dump" in computer world talk is when you retrieve data (information) of any kind from any data storage.
A data storage can be an hard drive with data written, a computer chip that contains information inside (simple operating system called eeprom) that make the chip perform functions, etc. Basically this!

In this case, TSB are a "group" (who knows, a team, a person) of hackers that claims to have some data dump from stored programs used to abuse failures some program may have. They claim to have "dumped" (downloaded) from the "equation group" internal network!

One example of dumped programs (exploits) used to abuse failures (vulnerabilities) some programs/operating system may have was the WannaCry trojan that affected computers worldwide.

They claim to have many xploits for a wide range of programs/operating systems/ banking protocols/ smart cell phones (iphone ios and android models), and are selling them only accepting ZCash, kind of a bitcoin but with different characteristics that make the transactions anonymous!

Kind regards and be on the safe side!

Thank you for that. I get it now I just had no idea what it was in relation to. I guess it's something the people who want it already understand and the post doesn't have to explain it. Thanks again for the detailed explanation.