From @ SAMURAIZ, Every post submitted to STEEM is voted upon by users. These votes help other users identify content that is worth their limited attention and bring significant value to the platform. Steem recognizes that sifting through the abundance of new submissions is work that deserves to be rewarded.

And the importance of this post I contribute with my humble effort and up vote, please follow me and up vote for my posts, I will follow every person making up vote for my posts

Sir please dont spam here

lol bro what is like this spamming thing I think he's just like offering a service? and what is this senior thing is that like you are the crypto mod that takes the coins from really cool posts that you like call spam or something, because I thought that was pork product like meat in a can or something bro. Anyways you are totally cool if you are the crypto mod so like don't downvote me if you are bro! cool thanks

He is referring to the copy/paste beggar for upvotes and followers. It will annoy you very soon too.

sorry i did not meant to spam

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