$eptember 2017 - Dumping on The$hadowBrokers Dump $ervice

in shadowbrokers •  2 years ago 

@Wh1sks, @msuiche @malwarejake your guesses are lame but your theory about me being connected to theShadowbrokers is a good stab. But NO you dummies, I am not a sockpuppet!!! I was actually the brains behind theShadowBrokers only success. I said that the all pay auction was a stupid idea and that they wouldn’t make much money off of selling individual files. TheShadowBrokers is not smart enough to know how to sell, but I am. TheShadowBrokers finally listened to me and offered a monthly club. As usual theShadowBrokers stepped on their dick with their clown shoes. I told theShadowBrokers to use ZCash (payment), but theShadowBrokers came back and offered to take XMR too (stupid). Even after failing to comprehend my brilliant plan, it still worked! theShadowBrokers has become greedy (stupid) and asking for way too much money (sounds like what they got called out for last year). I’m done with this fucktard, theShadowBrokers still owe me! The percentage I give a fuck about you zero is trending steady.

This being my fuck you to theShadowBrokers… here are the md5 hashes for your shit “tool” from the purchase we did to generate attention, so theShadowBrokers cannot resell to shit hackers in their latest fuck up. Fucksyourmoms fucks theShadowBrokers mom.


Comments? Questions? Send your moms address to [email protected] and we fucks them too.

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