The Steem Fantasy Premier League is over!

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Thanks to everyone that participated in the Steem Fantasy Premier League this year. We had over 80 participants in the league and the amount of users being active in the weekly prediction games were staggering!

When I first started the League I had a feeling that Steem would grow to be a lot more valuable than it was back then. Knowing that the official Fantasy Premier League has over 5.9 million players and their prizes at the end of the season are roughly worth $10k it is amazing that we managed to collect over 3500 Steem over the season which is also valued at ~$10k! During the season we were constantly giving out rewards in SBD to correct predictions, paying authors of the reviews and overviews and now the 3500 Steem will be shared like this.

1st place will receive 30% of the total STEEM.
2nd place will receive 15% of the total STEEM.
3rd place will receive 10% of the total STEEM.
4th-10th place will receive 3% each of the total STEEM.
11th-23rd place will receive 1% each of the total STEEM.
24th-48th place will receive 0.5% each of the total STEEM making it 100% of the STEEM rewards.

The final League standings, congratulations to all winners!

We are very excited about the big amount of prize pool we were able to collect and next season we want to come back as bigger as ever and are aiming for 10x more participants in the league!

This year there is also the World Cup and we are planning on creating a similar tournament for it as well!

To make things easier for me we will be creating a new account for all the games and will be looking for a few developers to help us out build a webpage for predictions, etc. More info to come on that soon!

Lastly, we want to thank the sponsors who helped turn this into one of the biggest free prize pools of any tournament ever created on Steem. A big thank you to @blocktrades for being the main sponsor. Thank you to @roadscape @wackou and @arhag who indirectly sponsored through a delegation and everyone else that supported the posts through votes and resteems!

See you at the world cup and next season with potentially more football leagues! :)


Thanks for running this @acidyo! It's been a great long-running thread over the last 9-10 months and I think this kind of contest is one of the things that works really well on the steem blockchain. Looking forward to the world cup!

This year there is also the World Cup and we are planning on creating a similar tournament for it as well!

I was going to ask you this!! :P

Waiting for that tournament to begin!

I am excited to finally participate in something like this.

Looking forward to participate next season.
In name of all the player who did participate in the past season, I do want to thank you for all the hard [email protected]! I know now how much work is involved!
Also looking forward to participate in your world cup contest! Don’t forget to register for mine. We already have 120 entries!

Can't believe I did so badly in this but I'll be sure to have another go in the World Cup one!

This year there is also the World Cup and we are planning on creating a similar tournament for it as well!
Wating for those tornaments, You support minnows like us a lot.

Man, this has to be one of the longest lasting series of posts I've seen on here. Really cool that you had so much participation with it and that it was super successful. Definitely attempt this again for the next season if you feel up to running it again. Probably must have been a pain in the ass occasionally, lol.

Yeah worst part was checking predictions manually with the team... really hoping we get that automated somehow for next season.

I'm always willing to help out with this by coding something that automates it, just contact me on Discord at Amos#4622 if you are interested!

I am gutted I didn't join Steemit before the season started as I ended up on 2272 points, but I'll definitely participate next year!

Cool, I'll keep you in mind! :)

There has to be someway to do it I reckon, plenty of people have fantasy football websites/systems online that have automation. Maybe make a post about it and see if you can't find a coder to help you on here. Seems like there's a pretty decent amount floating around.

Many Many congrats to the winners and BTW what was the duration of this league? And when is the next league?
Man this is worth participating with handsome prizes at the end :D

The season lasts around 10 months. ^^

That's huge time lol

IT was a great Idea and I had really fun to manage my team into the prize pool.

Thank you so much @acidyo for providing this great opportunity. In fact it was this game of yours the main reason which brought me on steemit spending quite a lot of time and now I am an addict of the platform. Besides the prizes which you have been sharing with the players of the match prediction game, this one in my opinion has served me to somehow reduce my expenses as far as putting some money on sports betting is concerned. I am not spending that much on betting as I used to spend before.


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Awaiting for the next season of FPL......
World Cup fantasy would be great and early start of fantasy football for this year.

Onek onek valo post diso. Thank you so much for uploaded. Restmeed friend. Take care all friend....

Thank for you @acidyo. I like steem fantasy premier league. Steem fantasy is the best.


Surely winning the #FACupFinal makes you the best team in England and not by winning the #PremierLeague?
I mean far more teams compete in the FA Cup and if you'are the one who wins it at the end shouldn't that make you the best?

Didn't know there was a Steemit fantasy premier league, will be looking forward to join next season.

Also looking forward for a fantasy world cup :)

Big respect to you mate for a huge coordinating job and I can't wait to join in the fun for the world cup and next season and of course my congratulations to all the winners :-)

Thank you @acidyo for being persistent with sfpl posts.
It is awesome feeling winning the league. Looking forward for the World Cup.

congratulations to the winners, keep it up

Nice and great league

what an amazing initiative! i wish i could join!

Thank you for organising. I enjoyed it thoroughly and this is the first time I really win something. Looking for the payout. Can't wait for World Cup!!

I had a feeling I should just stick with the fake football!

I am looking forward to join.

Really gutted i didnt participate in this. Hope to partake in the world cup tournament

congratulations to the winner....good job

congratulations to all the winners !!!

I just joining steemit on February, I hope I could participate the SFPL next year @acidyo, 2194 pts.

Dammed this is the best ever to my life, I heard about of contest but this one is unique I love this kind of curator vey impressive and a brilliant mind. Thank you sir you are very good , you letting us know how to be a good contestant...were waiting of this tournament when its begin thanyou

Looking forward to joining next season. I'm sure @belemo would want to be part too...and the world cup one. That would be a nice pre season competition.
Thanks boss for having this competition.

Everything has a beginning and an end

We are very excited about the big amount of prize pool we were able to collect and next season we want to come back as bigger as ever and are aiming for 10x more participants in the league!

Wow that’s such a huge amount put into this , this is amazing. I definitely look forward to joining the World Cup’s tournament. It’s gonna be fun I can feel it .

Football brings the world together even here in Steemit

I will participate next season

that was a great contest, i like that... have a nice day dear...

На мой взгляд АПЛ сейчас лучшая футбольная лига в мире и Ливерпуль должен это доказать в финале Лиги Чемпионов! Кстати моя ставка на матч тотал. 2,5 больше! На моем опыте - это самая проходимая ставка!

wow.... I love this,,,am eager to participate in the next one..... Wat about the coming world cup

Am already getting prepared for fatansy world cup......

Too may congrats to winners. When will be next this league I want to participate.

This looks great... Let me know if there is any kind of tournament this year. I would love to join @acidyo

Is there a world cup fantasy league?

Can't believe I did so badly in this but I'll be sure to have another go in the World Cup one!

Dear sir,,, thank you for your supper post. and congratulations.yhe game was a great contest.Sir I like it.
Sir you are awesome,,,,,
plz you give me a vote and fallow me.

Congratulacia to the winners and when would another tournament begin? I love to to take part in the next. Keep on inspiring us @acidyo

This is really good. Please is there a link to join before the next PL starts??

Unfortunately I joined this great community a few days ago I would have loved to participate I hope what next season they do again or something that has to do with the World Cup Russia 2018

If you do world cup, i wanna play! :D
Full team Croatia players!. (Im probably going to be last, am i?) haha

Puh! And I thought I just fell out of the rewards pool by not making the top 30. I will be going for the win next year, now that I know all of the rules :D

I did not no there was steem fantasy, I will join next season. Will there be steem fantasy for the coming World Cup in Russia @acidyo?

I also want to participate next season.

Congratulations @acidyo!
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Let the World Cup be launched and good luck and to have a peak of participants, through which also myself I am ready to get on the play. Such activities brings us together and reach the platform target of building communities with hobbies in common. Will follow up on this and ready to participate when the start will be given.
I am also building a contest with my colleagues at work so I want to see if I can overlap or integrate somehow this activities.

I lucki1001 I've read the post you share. I think your post is cool and good for me and for all steemian all thanks for the advice.

Being a lucky person I want in!!
Great work. Sounds like a lot of fun with great rewards. I will look into registering. Thanks @acidyo

it's amazing, this is an incredible achievement, can not wait to wait for the world cup to participate in @acidyo.

wow I'm not even in the list My team had a bad year :(

I missed the opportunity to be a part of this one. Can we play same on world cup??? @acidyo
Thanks for your help to make a fun place in here.

thats great! hopefully next season i might join in on the fun. I started fantasy league this year but got frustrated at some point and i stopped checking, but hey, I could always give it a try.
the world cup is coming up soom, so maybe you can think of something to link steemit and the world cup

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We are going for the rematch of the world cup !!!

I love about sports blogs that you make very nice friends.

I love about sports blogs that you make very nice friends.

I'm late to participate, but I hope to be able to enjoy with you the fantasy of the World Cup I'll be waiting for you. the feclicito by the initiative

Was a pleasure writing for you for the first half of the season, and I think we did a great job. Also I think things like this could attract thousands of new users if given some media exposure. I have no doubt in my mind that next season it will surpass the official prize pool by at least 3x.

See you next season @acidyo! Did you receive my message on Discord?

Anticipating for the following period of FPL

World Cup dream would be incredible and ambitious start of imagination football during the current year.

It has been a great season :)

Hey man so if we were late to join the season. Will we still be able to make accounts and play fantasy for the World Cup? I missed this years by a few weeks was quite dissapointed since I’m an avid fantasy player. Will definitely keep an eye out for next years and get in early.

Even though I didn’t get in appreciate you and the crew for setting this up and essentially help build the sports community here on Steemit!

Hopefully the future is not only the world cup, but after that there are also other leagues in europe that come to be your priority to make the contest, not just the English league ..

No puedo quedarme por fuera del concurso para el Mundial 3:)