First Ever Educational Blockchain Week - SFBW

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Hello Steemians,


We're really excited to share this amazing blockchain event with the Steem community, and here are the details:

What is SF Blockchain Week

SF Blockchain Week is a week of educational, consumer, and developer focused events that aim to push the boundaries of local blockchain innovation, which has been welcomed by the San Francisco community. The goal of this week-long, immersive experience is to help the industry reach mainstream adoption through fundamental education and development of projects that matter.

About the organizers

Dekrypt Capital and Noris are proud to announce the launch of SF Blockchain Week, an eight-day blockchain education and adoption conference featuring the top crypto companies in the world. Already, the event has reached 2000 registered attendees and organizers expect it to be the largest blockchain conference on the West Coast.

Why you should care

The organizers has dedicated all their efforts into bringing the best educational content. Here is a sneak peak of the agenda.


SF Blockchain Week is supported by all-star companies/projects such as ICON, Cred, Shyft, Uphold, Bitmain, PWC, Oasis Labs, Cosmos, Rchain, Carry, Kyber Network, Coinlist and many more!

Here are the media partners supporting our cause. Special thanks to @Partiko for helping us spread the word among the Steem community!


When and Where

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct 5 - 12, 2018

Key Anchor Events

  1. EthSanFrancisco, Oct 5-7, Palace of Fine Arts
  2. Epicenter, Oct 8-9, Hilton Union Square
  3. Crypto Economics Security Conference (CESC), Oct 10-11, Hilton Union Square

Stay connected with us

For more information, visit us at
Get your tickets here NOW!

Enter to win two FREE tickets to the SFBW Epicenter!

Thank you all for reading! Hope to see you all at the event!


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The world really need to get familiar to Blockchain will help stop or at least slow down the GOVT from stealing from the public, finally ever cent collected can be accounted for....THE GRAVY TRAIN STOPS NOW POLITICIANS!!!

Sounds fun! :)

Awesome! Wish I could go!

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very good,,bien,,


We will be there !


Это хороший знак.


Thanks vnb!

excellent work, especially for all of us who are beginning the world of cryptocurrencies

Superb work u doing for all the cryptocurrency's my request to all the steemit pls go and explore something new about crypto.

Oooh, I'm near San Francisco that week!

For me as a creator I really need to learn a little bit more behind the technology to allow me to do what I am doing now. To be rewarded for my work and creativity. Cause when it comes. To tech I am not savy at all lol

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That will be a great move.

Posted using Partiko Android Congratulations SF Blockchain Week is a nice efforts to help blockchain community in a better way. @winy

This is excellent to educate many people in terms of block chain will improve the confidence when investing in that


Agreed! Thank you! For more content related to #SFBW, see The Ledger blog! Blockchain have ultimate potential and will be a game changer for future technology. This type of events will help to understand the Blockchain technology in better way, As major portion of population of any country is still not aware about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. This is a good sign of building healthy community.

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Is it going to be live on any internet platform like youtube, dtube etc?

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Podría ser algo muy bueno para el futuro, buen artículo

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It sounds good.

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Se ve confiable con toda la información que ofrece y de ser así debería de ser una buena pagina

Wua es muy buena toda la información que ofrece y ayuda mucho para aquellas personas que quieren emprender en esto de las redes

your article is vary nice

what a great and innovative idea you guys are doing and that is why i think you guys can go big and come to africa and educate us that are new to the whole thingclapping.png never the less great post guys

Good post. I would wish to be there but we are a little far away


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This seems nice.

I think blockchain events happen even more.

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amezing blockchain

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interesting article, I like it because they are organized

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Muy Buen Trabajo, definitivamente Blockchain se ha ido proyectando cada día con mas fuerza y gran consolidación en el mercado de las criptodivisas.. Felicidades y éxitos..


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Is there a refferal system? Just asking because of the reffered by.

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Does it available online live streem on this site ? great research. Awesome information. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.


I'm noobie.

help me 😂

I wouldv love to help organize a block chain week(end) in my local city of Vancouver British Columbia. Can you give me some pointers to help me in this cause

Check out my blogs if you like please reblog thanks
Thumbs up.

superb news Thank you for updating me

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This is a very great enterprise in the field of educational sector. Keep doing the more good works.......

The blockchain will have a great economic impact. We will be waiting for your publications.

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Looking forward to this event for sure. So much content!

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Great news!

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excellent for your work I hope and aspire q so help a person who has no knowledge about the cryptocurrencies can be updated with this topic the best development for the future ... go ahead and work hard so that the project did not fall


Nice read. Indeed it was really a good article. Thank you for sharing this.

Gracias, este artículo es genial <3

education for block chain is very important.great challenge taken up by the team , i really appreciate and thnak you every one for getting this done

interesting content..

How Work This BlockChain i Wanna Know More of this !!!

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excellent educational content for entrepreneurs and people who want to know more about this revolutionary technology that will soon end up covering the monetary system and global trade and the most beautiful of all is that for the first time partially unify the world in my perspective I predict a great future for humanity if we keep betting on these technologies.

excelente trabajo apostando a la educación tecnológica innovando en el mundo de la web..

I liked your publication

I just realized that in steemit ...people who talk about cryptocurrency goes to trending

San Francisco Blockchain Week #SFBW - Biggest blockchain conference on the West coast!

You can read great content about the event's speakers and blockchain in general on The Ledger!

Always great to see people educating others about the blockchain. Hope the conference goes well.

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