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“This looks like the perfect spot for a picnic. I’d somehow expected it to look wilder Richard.”
“This land was not touched by men.”

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They laid a small cloth on the ground and placed the food on it. The girls sat down and jumped up immediately.

“I’m not sitting on that. It’s freezing!!”

“Sit again, I’ve placed a cushion of energy. Sorry I didn’t think of it before.”

After the meal I enjoyed a coffee and cigarette while we chatted. Every time a bird or hare or any other life-form appeared we each tried to be the first to spot it. Richard with his keen eyes was the first to notice a tiny spot in the sky and we watched as it approached.

From, ‘it must be a hawk’ it became, ‘it must be an eagle’ and then after that we watched silently as it approached. Richard muttered an oath and stood up. We also saw and stared with delight. It was a dragon.

“Take care Robert. That must come from a strong talent. Damn! How have I missed him?”

It flew directly towards us and only as it circled to land did its size become obvious. The girls were fascinated, though Cherine glanced up at me now and then. She saw my fascination and soon forgot her suspicions.

With a last flap of its wings it landed clumsily before us, the ground shaking. It eyed us for a while without moving, just cocking its head to one side.

“You can’t be real. You are only a myth!”

“You can talk? We too thought dragons were only mythological creatures.”

Its large head came close so that its emerald eye was but slightly more than a handbreadth away. It turned and blew a stream of fire that only surrounded Wendy. She gave a short scream and disappeared from sight.

“Where is the knight? I have the maiden.”

Richard stood up angrily. I turned to Cherine. “She changed her age so she became a virgin again. You better stand behind me.”

Cherine ignored me. “You give back Wendy!” she demanded.

“A knight is supposed to fight me for her.” It looked at Richard. “Are there no knights among you?” it asked plaintively. “Where is your sword?”

Richard lashed out with his energy blast. The dragon closed it’s eyes in contentment and moved it’s head around.

“Under the chin too please, it feels lovely.”

Richard was about to throw himself at the dragon in frustrated rage. I did not want this to go too far as he might resent me afterwards, thinking I did it to make him look ridiculous. I stood up and made my voice carry.

“Dragon, enough.”

“Aw, you’re a spoilsport, I was just beginning to enjoy it. Can I keep the maiden?”


“But they won’t believe me! They’ll say I must have sucked up seawater.”

“Thank you for visiting us. We’ll meet again.”

“I’ll find you one day without your maiden, how will you order me then little man?” Its wings raised and turning it took a few steps before it lifted. Wendy appeared where she had been standing and we watched it fly away until even the keen eyes of Richard could not see it anymore.

“Where the hell did it come from? How did it know you?”


“From Pern. A golden dragon from Pern.” I smiled.

“You bastard, you been playing with us!”

I turned serious. “Sit down, all of you.” I stared at them until they did so.

“Richard, you spoke of people not having children and I sensed the girls agreeing with you. It saddened me.”

I sat down so as to be on the same level. “It is said in the past, or in the present in our world, whenever there is danger, like a war, more babies than usual are born. It is an instinct in man placed there by nature to help prevent us from becoming extinct. To hear Cherinians espousing the opposite disturbs me. If this is to be a common attitude amongst us, then we have no future and we must prevent any more Normals from becoming Cherinians.”

All three of them stared at me in shock, their faces pale.

“When you first realised what the dragon was, you warned me it is a strong talent, I presume you meant that you expected it to be guided by some human mind for the purpose of killing us. I was pleased by your thinking, but puzzled by your reaction. Why didn’t you try to find the mind link so as to trace it back to the wild talent?”

“I forgot. It looked so real and at first it was like a dream come true. I’ve always loved the idea of dragons.” He looked sheepish.

“The same here. Do you truly believe that all that is evil will be ugly? What about that which is ugly? Is it therefore evil? Oh Richard, am I to blame?”

“You? No, not you. I made a mistake.”

“Don’t you girls be looking at Richard that way. The same applies to you. You both forgot to defend yourselves. Was it because you too were fascinated or because you knew I was with you? Both were wrong. Never let your freedom or life depend on another. First look to yourself.”

“What is it Robert?”

“My sadness? Cherine, can you imagine a world without children? Never to hear their laughter, to feel their silver-quick minds, to…I failed here my love.”

I refused to talk about it any further and leaving them within the bubble of energy I walked, my hair and clothes blowing in the wind. I can admit now, it was all play-acting. I wanted to inspire Richard to fight for the future of his world and knew that he would carry my sadness more heavily, fight more passionately than he would from arguments or sermons. Cherine love, as you read this, do not use it as an excuse to discount all I said.

Cher was fascinated to hear about the dragon, seeing it in their minds, and she wished she could have been with us. Rob of course was amused and explained to Richard about Pern, offering to lend him the book.

That night Alki invited all of us for supper. It was good to see them together and so close, but Rob just had to get up and make a speech to embarrass me.

“Friends. We have with us today a man who is living a dream. His greatest love has reverted to the age she was when they first met - which means she no longer knows him and all his wiles. She comes to him in true innocent love. And yet, they are travelling from reality to reality to celebrate their fifteenth year of love. True to the style that all Cherinians, of any reality, have become accustomed to, he has managed to interfere, bully and take over the problems of each world he’s been to with her. I suggest we toast the lovely Cherine and make a wish that she succeeds some day in having some time with her Robert in a place where he has nothing else to do but love her.”

They all cheered and laughed while Cherine stared into my eyes, her face bright red. She stood up, one tiny but mighty proud little girl.

“Excuse me.” They became silent. “If that happened, then I would know I got tricked into going there with another Robert.” At their new cheering, a grin split her face and I saw the cheeky look I adore. “Did you make that toast because you were planning to do that?” she asked Rob.


His turn to flush, but we all could sense that he too had been swept off his feet by her cheeky look. He gazed into her eyes and turning whispered into Cher’s ear. She laughed and getting up went to Cherine and hugged her.

“He says that since he can’t trick you, he will take me for a holiday.”

I left the table a while later to have a smoke outside. Richard followed me. “Your lassie is sure a wicked little thing.”

“That is what I love about her. Richard, what about you. Haven’t you met anyone yet?”

“On this world? Most of the women died Robert. The few that lived would not be my choice.”

“You are thinking that whoever lived did so by killing?”

He did not reply at once. “Perhaps not all. You make it sound like this is a world of killers. That would be a sad beginning.”

“Sad, true, not true, who cares. Richard, you are missing the point. Any person who is attacked and does not fight back, does not deserve to live. I have no time for those who would demand that we passively allow others to destroy us. Every world I have been to is a harsh reality. Life cannot exist where it is not.”

“You can say that? I thought you have lost the ability to kill?”

“I have become a unique creature that does not belong to Normal man, nor to Cherinian. The powers given to me could turn me into the scourge of every world, so I believe that the same need to protect that gave me the powers, took away the ability to kill.

Do not misunderstand me. If there is another that I cannot stop and he intends killing, I will kill. I will suffer, but I will kill. Any human, of any race or species, who does not value the life of others as he would value his own, will not be shown mercy.” He shivered, staring at me as if I were some deadly viper about to strike. I softened my features, hiding my sadness. “I’m sorry.”

“I was trying to kill, why didn’t you kill me?”

“I will never strike, even in defence, without first examining other options. You know of the fire-worlds. They are but dumb plant-animals whose programming went wrong. Even them, it pains me to kill. Show me a way to prevent them killing and I will respect their right to life. They are such magnificent beasts Richard!”

“I struck out at the dragon. If it had been real and I had killed it, you would have approved?”

“Yes and no. You never felt that it could be talked to, perhaps tricked into withdrawing without taking Wendy?”

“No. I was just sick with fear at the disappearance of Wendy.”

“Then I would have approved, but been saddened. Are you confused because I contradict myself?”

“A little. Robert, give me an example of where you would kill a human who does not have your powers - or does that possibility not exist?”

“It does and I willingly accept the guilt. Any adult who badly abuses the body or mind of a child. My rage then is almost beyond my control. The last two times I was witness to such brutality, I was lucky, for I knew what is to occur because it had already happened in my past. I could not change the past, so I concentrated on giving new life to the child. The adults though did not go unpunished.

Richard, any adult who abuses any other person incapable of fighting back does not deserve to be called a sentient being. Life per se has an intrinsic value and I will try to find a way to take away their power to hurt. It is just that I have a special weakness where children are concerned.”

He grinned. “I promise not to hurt any children.”

“You oaf. You are nothing but an overgrown child yourself.”


“Does that make two of us?”

“Richard, would I wound your masculinity if I said I love you?”

He did not look at me, deliberately looking away, perhaps in embarrassment but with humour, as he answered, “If I was told that by a man with, say, about thirty wives, I think not.”

At the sudden laughter from inside we both realised they had all been listening and red faced we returned to our seats.

In bed, much later, Cherine said to me, “We have to find him a wife.”

“Oh no! I interfere enough, I will not play matchmaker.”

“You have to.”

“I think we better leave this world before you make me do something I’ll regret.”

“Of course we have to leave Robert, we can’t find him a girl here.” I seem to remember her being bossy like this when we first met.

* * * * *

I had enjoyed this visit and thought to continue with some luxury for Cherine, little knowing what this visit is going to do to our hearts - and of every Cherinian in every reality we know.

“It seems they are not home. Let’s go to Kefalari. I know of something you will enjoy.”

I ordered her a Baked Alaska. She watched with fascination as the flames played over the meringue and died out.

“Eat the meringue and ice cream. You don’t like the sponge cake at the bottom, it is soaked in alcohol.”

I watched her nit-pick her way through it, mimicking her younger self to perfection. I was in heaven.

“Oh no!!”

I jerked back to the present looking around anxiously to see what had upset her. I felt my heart tearing.

Aganthi was threading her way through the tables trying to sell flowers. She was such a terrible sight, half starved, bruises all over her, most people did not want to see her, but there were a number of people who bought her flowers just out of pity. She was using her gift, for she looked at us, her thin face startled. Almost against her will she came to us, drawn by the tidal wave of love she felt from me.

“Flowers for your lovely daughter sir?”

“I will buy all your flowers if you sit with us for ten minutes. I’ll order you a coffee.” I offered her a cigarette (Isn’t it strange? Because of who or what she is, I did not sense even one person resent or be angered by me giving a child a cigarette! They were mostly upset at my seating her at ‘their’ coffee shop). Cherine got up and standing by her, put her hand on her arm and emoted feelings she hoped would relax her, until she sat.

The waiter came over, ready to get rid of her.

“A cappuccino and a toasted ham and cheese. Actually, make the coffees two.” I was using the voice of authority and he obeyed without any kind of protest. I looked at Aganthi, controlling my emotions. “How much for all your flowers?”

She took a risk. “You decide, sir.”

“I will pay twenty thousand for the flowers and another twenty for the truth.”

She looked at Cherine and deciding I was not after sex, became slightly cunning. “Sometimes the truth can be worth a lot more.”

I laughed. “Aganthi, you were supposed to be overwhelmed by me offering you so much money!”


“How do you know my name?”

I took the precaution of immobilising her legs. “We have the same gift you have, only ours is much stronger. You use yours to sense who will buy your flowers. Am I right?”

“What were you feeling?”

“You do not recognise love?”

“That was not love. It was much too strong. Anyway, why would you love me, you don’t know me.”

“I do. Forget about your parents, if you still want to leave, I will see that you have enough money to keep you out of trouble. Let me start by telling you about you.” I spoke of her life, her parents and little brother and sister. Her suspicious mind could not find a logical reason for me taking the trouble to find out all these details so she did not react strongly, only a little fear making her tense and ready to run if needed. While I was talking the healer examined and began to heal her. We saw a bruise on her arm visibly fade, but I kept quiet about it.

“Aganthi, you have not had a good life and you have had to learn to suspect everyone. I could tell you that from today some magic has come into your life, but you would not believe me. Shall we keep this a business arrangement until you decide otherwise? If you agree to spend the rest of today and this evening with us and I promise no sex and no hurting you, we just want to talk with you, would an extra sixty thousand make you happy? One hundred thousand in cash right now.”

“You have so much money with you?”

“No. I will leave you here with Cherine and get it for you. Shall I go?”

She looked at Cherine. “Is he telling the truth or will he leave us here?”

“Roberto never lies Aganthi.” She saw the love on her face as Cherine turned to me. “Go now Robert.”

I arrived at the house, gave the girls a quick kiss and shook hands with Simon, man to man, his little face beaming and proud. “Robert, I need a hundred thousand right now. Do not leave again, I’m bringing someone to meet you.” Within fifteen minutes I was back at the table. The two girls had been talking, but Aganthi clammed up when she saw me. I put the pile of notes in front of her. I do not think she had ever seen that amount of cash before and was in shock. We paid the waiter (I gave him a very good tip, for getting him into trouble with his boss and his other customers) and led her out of there without her saying a word, as she was overcome with emotion and fear.

Cherine took her flowers and gave them to people as we passed their tables and then took hold of her hand. Aganthi walked with her other hand pressed against her flat chest, holding the cash to her. Soon as I felt no one would see us I touched the girls and we jumped. Aganthi screamed, dropping the money. Cherine immediately hugged her until she calmed down a little.

I had long since decided that if they do not link to her, I will take her home with us. Two Aganthis will never be one too many. I need not have worried. Within hours Rob was the first to open his heart to her and soon as he did the others also did, causing Cher to link her to them. We already have been through what they are about to experience, so I took Rob aside and told him all he needs to know about how Aganthi will respond.

“I wish you had Tasso and Savva with you, you have to get her little brother and sister away from her parents. Savva and his wife will really love them.”

“You’re not satisfied with bringing Aganthi to us, now you want to bring in another two families?” I hugged him in reply.

“Come Cherine, we better move on, they are going to have their hands full.”

“I do think you could at least have supper with us and bring us up to date with your news. Why is Cherine blocking her memories as an adult - or didn’t you get her memories back?”

Softly I explained and he kept his eyes on my Cherine as I did so. He crouched before her.


“Why do you stay with this crazy man? Any other Robert would treat you like a queen without making you go through all the suffering he does.”

She touched his cheek a moment. “You are nice.” She came into my arms. “Let’s go Robert.”

“I have a better idea,” I said with a grin, “let them come with us on our visit to baby Cherine. We must do the same there, first look for their Aganthi before meeting with them.” Luckily, as it turned out, they agreed to come, leaving their Aganthi with Natalie – I had to promise they will be back with her within minutes, so that she does not have time to worry or feel abandoned.

It did not take long to find her, for I made the search as a soul, searching for the signature of her soul. We first tried to help her feel comfortable with us and then made her scream, by taking her to her Cherine.

The local Cherinians were just as excited about having their Aganthi, so we went out as a group, to eat and celabrate. At the end, I told my Cherine, “I think they need time alone with their Aganthi; shall we go on to our next reality?” I felt a wide grin erupt on my face. “What a day, two new Aganthis as Cherinians! This is the best way we could have grown!”

The local Rob put out his hand to stop us. “Robert, we needed something like this, the magic of linking to our own Aganthi, for not all is well with our world. The fight you had with Noname in our reality has brought about some amazing developments, and we may need your help.” I nodded and sat back again. of course rich Rob also stayed, concerned by what he was also sensing.

“Just a moment.” He turned towards their television set and it switched on. The screen showed they are in one of the large telescope domed buildings (an observatory) and a man with untidy hair and a thin face was talking about the existence of aliens and how even planets similar to ours are bound to evolve sapient beings very different from us - I realised he is not one of those scientists who believe that nature likes to repeat herself and thus similar planets will evolve similar looking species.

The channel changed. A scientist was in the middle of showing recordings of the fight as he lectured the public, explaining what they are seeing (as usual, he got most of it wrong); I saw that the cameras which had zoomed in on us had not been able to find a shape that would betray what either Sharipya or I look like - which is only natural, since we were both fighting each other as souls. It slightly amused me to think that without them realising what it is they are looking at, they have actually secured images of what void energies and souls look like…even if there was no shape to be seen or recognised by them.

The channel flipped again to another and a panel of generals from the United States, the U.K., China and another five countries were discussing what Earth must do to prepare for the possibility of an attack by aliens. As they started to mention something else, Rob switched channels again, but now he only paused a few seconds at each station for me to see that none of them are showing movies, sitcoms and so on.

Robert switched off the television set and with a gesture that asked us to wait, he left. I quickly realised he had gone to the kitchen to make coffee, so I sent to Cherine that our stay is going to last quite a bit longer than I’d thought. I sensed my love is not impatient to leave and is also feeling curious, so I relaxed.

As Robert placed a weak cappuccino for Cherine, with lots of foam on it and normal cappuccino for me, with a large plate filled with chocolate and oat biscuits before us, I grinned. “My favourite, if you weren’t a Robert, I’d want to kiss you.” He pretended to pull back in alarm and peals of laughter of my Cherine filled the room. I let him sense my happiness.

“The way you just let me feel you emoting, Robert, it is how maybe billions are feeling since you fought your battle in our skies. I think that for this once our media did not have the choice of asking the governments or their bosses - the big multinational companies - what the official line is, they were covering the fight real-time and of course the conclusions everybody came to forced everyone, for the first time, to be honest with the public.

It was announced that it seems one alien species came to Earth to attack us and another, obviously stronger and of a more altruistic nature, came to our defence - for the amount of energy being used in their fight could only be generated by extremely well-developed armaments on spaceships which also have cloaking devices.

After the lavish spate of praise for our defenders ended, the first of the questions began. The most urgent one was, why did our defenders leave without contacting us? Could it be that they are hard pressed and in danger of losing the war elsewhere - at some other solar system which is more important to them, for instance, at their home system? If so, what must we do to prepare for the possibility of an attack?

The talks are not going as smoothly as many idealists would wish, but what is happening is still like a miracle. The excitement among the populations of every single country is at a high pitch and as people used to react to propaganda by becoming fanatically patriotic, now the notion of patriotism has expanded so that it includes our entire planet and species - with some very unexpected results…which could end up destroying the excitement which has been of such benefit, and split us into a million pieces, so that mankind never has the chance of becoming one family.”

I’d forgotten about the biscuits and lit up, chain-smoking as he spoke, my excitement was building up like steam in a boiler. Then he stopped talking. I reached for a biscuit, wanting to play it cool, but then blurted out, “You’ve told me just enough to get me excited and just enough to make me worry, but not enough for me to understand. Are you deliberately trying to torture me?”


He shook his head, not in answer to my outburst, but because of how he was feeling. His eyes met mine and I sensed he is tortured by what he has to say and does not know how to continue.

He surprised me by changing the subject. “Robert, all Cherinians have heard you say, many times, that there is not one single person who is totally evil and if it seems a person is only evil, it must then be remembered that it means he or she is mentally ill and needs help? How do I tell you that you are so wrong in this instance, that all you believe in, about us as a species, will crumble to an ugly ruin, destroying your faith in mankind - Robert, I feel it is so for me...and it has caused me to use our gifts in ways that break your strictest, sorry, our strictest rules.”

How he had managed to hide his feelings when we first arrived, I don’t know, for I could now sense a deep anguish was overwhelming him. Sensitive Simon climbed onto his lap and hugged him, while his Cherine and his other Cherinians forced themselves not to interrupt, allowing him to be the one to tell me, as I think he must have asked of them. Silently, as if they all already knew what is going on, the rest of the local Cherinians arrived.

*Robert,* he asked me, *with your Cherine being a true eight year old, should I wait until we are alone?*

I spoke aloud, “No, please continue - we must all know the truth whenever there is a problem that affects us as either Cherinians or as human beings.”

“At the time you were meeting with Feizal and Alki spoke to you about a conspiracy…” I nodded and then recalled that Cherine does not know, as I doubt she had reason to examine those memories. I sent to her the conversation and her eyes widened with shock - but luckily, not with fear.

“The so-called Elite or Illuminati? What happened? Don’t tell me they have made a move to take over?”

“As you know, they have taken various steps on all the Earths where the Normals still rule, but we have refused to see, just as if we are Normals also! On our Earth, with the perceived threat from aliens hanging over our heads and the fervour of world-patriotism, a number of those who were fairly high in the group - such as bankers and financial officers, politicians, armed forces officers, top officials of a number of churches and from many other fields; including corporate officers from the largest corporations, especially in the pharmaceutical and GMO seed production corporations are the ones who gave the most horrific details and presented the most damning evidence. Many have betrayed the cause they have been working for and made statements to the media and to countless internet sites, giving names and details of their plans - Robert, many of those plans can be traced to an era as far as three centuries in the past, though it is now said the plans go much further back.

This only happened over the last few days. The first sign that something bad was happening was when the internet was locked down, shut off from public use. That did not last long and since then the arrests have multiplied on a daily basis. Robert, governments are falling, which includes the U.S.A. and U.K. and German governments, and those leaders are also being arrested and two royal families have been arrested and charged with betraying their citizens, their country and all of Mankind.

This is already showing signs of turning into a witch hunt and the cabal made the foolish mistake of using well known names to try to urge the world to allow the United Nations to form a world government so as to stabilise the situation. By doing so, they have condemned the United Nations, which we already had evidence by that time that it is controlled by them, not by the countries who are members, as we’d thought. A number of governments have cancelled their membership and it is expected many more resignations will follow as governments try to distance themselves from those they had formerly served. Robert, even under the best of circumstances, a World Government would be wrong, a dead-end for Mankind, for they would not be accountable to anyone and cannot be deposed, should they turn into dictators - as we have now understood it has been with the EU.

The world is a mess, with the military taking over in many countries and I am afraid that riots and looting - and even some lynchings in the United States, could end up destroying our world, resulting in the deaths of billions - which means the Elite will have achieved their aims, though it is unlikely they or their families will benefit from such a result.”

As I listened to (rich) Robert, my eyes had drifted so that it looked as if I were staring at my Cherine’s face, but the truth is, I was lost in my thoughts, desperately trying to analyse what I’d learnt so as to find an acceptable way to stop the collapse of civilisation. If there is any likelihood of people dying in large numbers and I have the slightest hope of preventing it from happening, I cannot sit by and do nothing.


I focussed on the face of Robert and after a while he twitched, discomforted by my gaze and silence. I said, “It sounded as if you are asking me to find a way to save your world.”

“All local Cherinians will do whatever we can to help, but we can see that we are not capable of dealing with the situation anywhere as effectively as you can. Yes Robert, we all ask for your help.” He turned to my Cherine. “I apologise for spoiling your holiday.”

As I turned to look at her, she glanced at me with a hint of her magical smile and then asked him, “How are you thinking he should deal with the situation? Is it important the Cherinians are not exposed, or do you think that knowledge of your existence could be used effectively to calm everyone?”

As they looked at her with wonder in their eyes and emoting, I let my love feel the storm of pride and love she had unleashed in me.

I took pity on Robert and cut in, answering her, “We should try to help without letting their world know about the Cherinians. If we cannot avoid it, then we’ll discuss it again. Is that alright with you, Robert?”

“Yes, of course - thank you!”

I grinned. “You are not a very good leader of your Cherinians - knowing what I am like, how can you thank me in advance, before you know just what kinds of hell I’m going to loop all of you through?” Luckily they all took a moment to sense me and laughed.

Cherine asked me, “Are we going to have to return home first?”

“I’d like to avoid it, there are still more realities for us to visit and the moment we return, we’ll have to deal with the saving of the people of Sharipya - the Elipians. It would not be fair to prolong his suffering. Luckily many of our alien friends are still working in our spaceship-world and I was thinking that if we need anyone to be with us, like Sharipya, for instance, we can take him from the time when we have returned.”

I turned to Alki. “I must have your Robert and his family with me and I would like to have Eddie and Hettie, as they probably know many of the people we will have to negotiate with, but I need you to take over the local Cherinians and provide us with a base locally - though you will all be able to jump to us whenever you want, once I have moved the spaceship-world into normal space.”

Luckily Robert had shown some foresight and had recorded many of the programs regarding the Elite and those being arrested. I watched entire families being arrested and for this once my empathy did not weaken me, despite seeing their children being taken to be held in government institutions or by social welfare organisations (something that usually makes my blood boil).

The knowledge that these families, for I don’t know how many generations, have caused the deaths of millions of men, women and children, even targeted children deliberately so as to provoke the Normal citizens into agreeing to draconian laws that steal their rights, without them feeling any guilt for the pain, suffering, disfigurements and deaths they are responsible for, it chilled what should have been my weakness so that it became my strength.

These monsters even changed the food children eat so that it no longer nourishes them and apart from the obvious damage, such as obesity and diabetes, their bodies and minds were also being slowly destroyed - then, to quicken the pace of destruction and reduce the ability of the younger generations to fight back, they manipulated governments and social services, even schools, convincing everyone that the children need to be drugged, and almost forcing the children to take psychotropic drugs which caused further damage to their minds.

* * * * *

Robert's introductory comments were spot on. People, any people, I don’t care what their reasons are, who can plan and execute such plans, for the sole purpose of reducing the world population by billions, to and for their own benefit only, they can no longer be entitled to call themselves human beings or have the right to claim they have the same rights as all of Mankind has.


I watched as defecting officers (whistleblowers we’d call them, but in this world ‘whistleblowing’ is illegal and earns a minimum twenty year sentence) of the GMO seed corporations released secret documents showing that they had planned to take over the planting of basic foods, so that when they reach about seventy percent or more of all crops being genetically modified, they will release specially tailored viruses for altering the genes so that either the crops fail or become deadly for humans to eat. Since no country stocks more than thirty to forty days of food, within six months billions will die, with riots speeding up the death rate as they use the army and police to kill their own citizens.

Because their hands did not hold the knives or guns, it does not reduce the severity of their crime - perhaps, it could be argued, it increases it. Damn them! How can they love their own children and not feel the pain of all those children they planned to kill? Just because the plans were initiated by their ancestors, they see their plans as being a kind of holy war against mankind, with them being something special and above the ordinary people of their world?

All those who I’d asked to join me, jumped with Cherine and I to our spaceship-world. Luckily the scientists have managed to heal some of the damage in our miniature world and with the food we brought with us, we can survive for a few months, if needed. I asked for all the aliens, of all the species, including the Sparklers, to join us for an important meeting and, at my request, an Anadir returned to our reality (arrival timed for after our return home) to bring Sharipya and representatives of the other species who have been released.

I will describe, briefly, what was said and done over the next days, but I must point out that I was in such distress and feeling so emotional, that my thinking was muddied and I probably confused myself more than I confused anyone else.

I set up screens and baby Cherines' Robert and his Cherinians showed what is happening on their Earth and explained what is planned for their people by the few who were entrusted with their wellbeing. I felt humiliated, ashamed of my species as I felt the shock and sickness in our guests as they heard of how so many deaths and the slavery of the remaining people has been planned for over so many centuries and generations. The deaths of a planetful of peoples, so that just a handful of families can claim it for themselves - can any people be more evil than that? It was very difficult for me to bring Sharipya, for I have lost the higher moral ground because I feel so shamed by my own species. Not just because of those who are committing treason against Mankind, but because of the masses who cower and fear to speak out so as not to be labelled racists or islamophobes. Oh, how I would weep if I were not forced to be the courage of all Cherinians.

They were shocked to hear how my battle with Sharipya and the misunderstanding it caused, brought about the exposure of the plans and the detailed knowledge of the future planned for all our species. The Eminixx and Anadir did not speak of fate, as Terrans would have, but from their emoting I sensed they believe some kind of higher power intervened on behalf of Mankind, empowering Sharipya so that he and his rage-hate lasts for many thousands of years…so that we can battle in the skies of this Earth.

I sat lost in my thoughts, which I wished I could avoid, for they were troubling me and I do not want anything to trouble me that can influence me, so that the action I take is softened in any way. For a while, I had an effective antidote; all I had to think of is the children already mutilated or killed. I kept as a reserve the rage I feel when I imagine the many billions of babies, toddlers and little boys and girls, all innocent and each of their hearts a miracle, dying when the plans of these monstrous creatures would have been initiated. Do not mistake my words, as written here, I did and do not find the deaths and suffering of adults, even of the elderly, any more acceptable - I only concentrate on the children, for it fires my rage as nothing else can.

I suddenly spoke, without looking to see if any will listen. “Many dare speak of the state, the police, the judicial system, our children’s teachers, doctors and priests and our neighbours and family as representing what is good in our societies. If so, if they are to be considered good, then I despair of us as a species; for how can men be considered good when the spark of decency, compassion and empathy have been quenched by the miasmic darkness of self-interest and greed?

I think I have hit upon the word that the people of our time have forgotten, which they have thrown away as a standard of any importance, labelling it as being boring, just for yokels and other kooks - the word I’m talking about is decency!

“Surely it is not that bad yet, Robert? There must be men of Earth who have the qualities you desire?”


“Ordinx, I must leave, for a few minutes, so I’ll answer in more detail if you want when I return - as for those you hope exist, if they do exist, the majority of them lack the courage to make their voices heard - which is also another great change in our species and a betrayal of its own, perhaps even worse, for not only do they betray themselves, they also betray their children and grandchildren with their apathy and cowardice! I must leave now; in a prison in Texas, at this very moment, a boy of only thirteen years is about to be executed. The prosecutor publicly stated that the child committed an adult crime, so he must be tried and punished as an adult and the public approved of his intentions and that is what is happening. Not one of the good men or women involved in this case had the decency to stop and allow themselves to see how wrong it is to kill a child, that they should instead be concentrating on educating and treating what has gone wrong in the child and fixing whatever is wrong in the society which produced such a crippled child, so that it can grow up to be a good and decent adult.”

I arrived as they were about to administer the injections. I wrapped the boy within my void energy and we teleported back to the spaceship. I gently sat him on the beach, returned to my body and grabbing a coke I walked to talk to the boy. I left him at one of our guest houses and returned to the taverna.

I had barely rejoined them when Ordinx said, “I sensed the boy and there is nothing good in him, all I sensed, apart from his fear, was a swirling storm of hate and viciousness and a need to cause pain. Do you believe he can be healed and turned into a normal human being again?”

“We are what we are because we were given the gift of empathy. If we cannot help this child, then we do not deserve to be called Cherinians.”

I had planned to have something I will call the United Interplanetary Federation announce that we have dealt with the threat to Earth and that we intend returning within fifteen years as we wish to invite them to join our Federation, but we will only do so on certain conditions. The people of Earth, in the majority, must show that they are capable of maturing so as to deserve becoming our partners. I only asked for a few basics, so as to keep everything simple and provide fewer reasons for anyone to argue against our wishes.

# Return to law and order without destroying yourselves first
# Prove you have the intelligence to recognise the dangers of your population growing until you have destroyed your planet and you all die. Reduce your birth rate, mainly in the poorer countries where it is still a problem - we demand this be done by individuals deciding not to have a child, not by governments forcing them
# The Elite group must be punished, but according to the laws of their country(ies) - not so as to appease the anger of the people, nor according to the immunity their wealth can buy for them. Their wealth was mostly gained illegally or in ways society strongly disapproves of, so all debts to them by countries must be cancelled and their remaining wealth must be used for helping to stop the indoctrination of children and improve the education of the next generations - after all, it is in their interest, for as the present generation age, they are going to be depending on their children having a good education so that they can support them
# Wherever governments allowed the Cabal to take over the printing of money and assume control of what is usually called the Reserve bank, the equivalent of the bill John F. Kennedy signed, just before his murder, returning the currency and Reserve bank to the government of the people, must be signed and brought back into power by current governments. The money of each country belongs to the people, not to a select few or to any of the Corporations.
# Governments must prove to us that they have also matured and can govern as servants of their citizens.

I transferred our spaceship-world from the void into normal space, and for the first time an Earth of Normals saw us. The panic the sight of us caused seemed to freeze the looters and everyone else. We beamed a message spoken by Solomon, who looks like a sort of alien, very tall and an elderly man of wisdom. As we’d hoped, it calmed everyone and they listened as he talked on their television sets.

Our first urgent problem was to provide food for everyone. Solomon announced that we will be providing each and every person throughout the world, whether toddler or hundred year old, with enough of the basics for them to survive for a year and their farmers must destroy whatever GMO seeds they have, for we will provide them with natural seeds. Solomon warned that we will be delivering the food and seeds directly to the people and to the farmers and that should any government try to take any of the food or try to tax the people on the gifts of food or seeds, we will take steps against those leaders - the people in power, not the government in general.

We will be providing a total of two to a hundred million tons of each: rice; wheat; oats; corn; barley, soya beans and other beans. We will not be providing vegetables, but we will deliver seeds or cuttings for them to produce healthy (non-GMO and non-hybrid, if created in an unhealthy manner) onions, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage, peas, carrots, yams, potatoes and so on, including fruits, once again.

I am glad it was Solomon speaking for us, for if I had spoken, I would have strayed into some fairly vitriolic comments, which would have turned many people against us.

For instance, for at least the last century, there have been men and women speaking out, warning everyone who would listen, with facts and other information, but because the governments had the media ridicule them and tell the people that only unsophisticated fools would even listen to one word from these conspiracy crazies, the public refused to even examine the evidence provided by the ‘crazies’. Towards the end, their leaders spoke openly about creating a new world order and they gave themselves powers to kill any who dissent, without having to prove any kind of guilt - and people pretended it does not show that they are now ruled by a dictatorship, since it cannot be done under a democracy.

Next [Book 04] - Post 067

I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)

10th November, 2019

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