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“I know Alki. What I do not know is how I should have handled it. I thought our bedroom was locked during the party, how did she get in?”

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“It was my fault Robbie.” Em-e was in tears. “I went to change my clothes and jumped to the kitchen… and forgot to lock it again.”

“Nothing worth crying about love, as they say, shit happens. She did not need to see the bedroom to think what she did. She has that kind of mind. Alki, what or how could she be thinking of using me?”

“There was nothing in her mind to show us. She does not know, but is excited about using your powers in some way to further her husband’s fortunes.”

Savva sat forward. “It pains me to ask. Roberto, will you do anything illegal to stop her?”

“Is telepathy illegal in Greece?”

“No. What are you thinking of doing?”

“Very little. I was thinking of entering her mind and erasing her memory of our bedroom. Whatever she suspects, with the bedroom gone she will be less certain and confident. At least she will not be able to use it as a threat.”

He sat back. “I have said in the past that I am a Cherinian first. If you were to do something illegal I would not try to stop you, but I am glad you do not plan to.”

“Savva.” As he looked back at me he saw my look and turned his face away. Softly I whispered to him, “Thank you. I will never do any thing to hurt your good conscience.”

“I think you must not go back into her mind Robert.” Surprised I looked at Cherine. “You were lucky to get away with it the first time. A male mind is different, she might feel you. It would be better if one of us does it.”

“I do not enter her as Robert love. I make myself part of her.”

“I still would rather you do not.”

“As you wish love. You choose who does it then.”

“Dommi and I will.”

“Tasso, what do you think? What information could she get about the girls?”

He was relaxed and smiling. “Nothing important. They all have documents showing them as adults. I would suggest that if she tries to blackmail you, call her bluff. Do not even lock your bedroom, there is no law saying a man is not allowed to have twenty women. You would be the envy of every Greek man.” Everybody laughed. “Perhaps you should ask her to meet you here, without her daughter. Let her meet the girls as adults and tell her you do not fear her.”

I did not like the idea of forcing a confrontation and I certainly do not want her in our home again. Who knows in what direction it could spin off. It would also mean my girls would have to stay as adults permanently. I also cannot keep permanent tabs on her mentally so as to know what she is planning on doing. I said so.

Sam spoke up, excited. “But you could Robbie! If we ask the Sparklers to put a Sparkler in her they could warn us.”

“I like that idea.” Alki patted her knee in approval.

Savva was not speaking, but I saw he had something to say so I asked for his opinion.

“It seems women are able to see your weakness so there would be little purpose to ignoring it. She sees children and knows she can hurt you by shouting ‘molester’. Do you know how many women keep quiet when they realise their husband is molesting their daughter? What you probably do not know is that there are a number of women who make the accusation just to destroy their husband. Maybe he has a girlfriend and wants to leave. She uses the threat and if he does not bow to her demands, which being innocent he often does not, such a woman lays a charge against him.”


“How do you handle it?”

“It usually takes a lot of digging to find out the truth - which we try to do carefully so as not to cause harm to the child. Once we are convinced the allegation is not true we will warn her that her child will be taken from her and placed in a home. That by itself will often convince them to tell the truth. If we did not handle it discretely there would be many men destroyed financially and socially. There are other officers who are not so careful.”

“Back to me then?”

“If she made an allegation against you I would be surprised to see her in my station. She would go to another one, telling them she saw me here and cannot come to my station. I know most of the officers from the surrounding stations, but what worries me is that she could go directly to a prosecutor.” He was thinking and speaking slowly and we waited. “I know confrontation is anathema to you, but a carefully thought out one might be best. If we allow her to continue, you could then be forced to do as she wishes or else have to disappear - to be certain you are safe, you will have to move to another country. You cannot ask the girls to stay as adults, it would be wrong.”

“I agree. You prefer the surgical cut of confrontation. In which way?” Alki asked.

“Roberto will not like my idea.”

“I’ll listen Savva.”

“You will not like it. I think you have to confront her with such a display of power that you break her. She will know that she cannot speak for none will believe her, while you are free to destroy her and her family.”

I did try to think of what he suggested and did not need the trembling to warn me this goes against all I believe in. “I can’t terrorise her. I’m sorry Savva, I just can’t. She would spend the rest of her life living a nightmare.”

The three men looked at each other, at first I suppose in some sort of exasperation at having to deal with my squeamishness, but slowly they also empathised and felt what we would be condemning her to. Tasso broke the silence.

“I was an instrument used to hurt Roberto and his girls in the same way. He attacked and would have been justified in leaving me in the hell I found myself in, but he did not. How can I ask that he does otherwise now?”

Wendy, her bottom lip trembling asked, “You could stop Hettie, but you cannot stop this horrible woman?”

“I can love. We are just trying to find a way to do it without destroying her life.”

Nicole said, “She doesn’t care if she destroys ours.”

Diana answered her. “Perhaps Nicole, it does not mean we should become like her. We are Cherinians.”

“Dommi, you have something to say?”

She smiled at me in reply. “I listen to you all, you talk about not harming her, about us being Cherinians, but at the same time you forget you are a Cherinian.”

“Okay, you have me puzzled. Do you want to explain?”

“If you confront her, show your terrifying powers, you will leave her living in fear? Roberto mou, did you really think that is how you would do it? I know you, you would make it beautiful, let her see the joy and wonder, maybe take her to the world of Meli. Yes, you would show your power, but it would not be done in a way to frighten her. Let her see us as adults also so that she knows you have nothing to fear from her. Make her want to be part of us, not fear us.”

“Phew! Do you know what you ask of me Dommi? It could so easily go wrong.”

“If it does it would be because there is something wrong with her, not because of you.”


“I am trying to protect her from herself love. Perhaps we should sleep on it and decide tomorrow.”

“I would not if I were you Roberto. I would guess that first thing she does in the morning is contact a detective agency. Even within one day they would gather quite a lot of information - especially for a client as important as her. Even if they don’t find anything damning, it is better such an investigation is not started.”

That shook me, I had not been thinking of doing anything immediately. Dommi broke the tension when she started laughing. She finally explained and I blushed.

“I was thinking, if I did not know Robert and love him so much, I would be afraid of him. When he looks at you in that severe way he has, his eyes dark with threat, he can be quite intimidating. She must be very brave or stupid.”

As everyone laughed at my embarrassment, Jade and Cassie came to me, hand in hand.

“We haven’t seen you looking like that. Show us.” I could not help it and chuckled.

“I’m not that frightening my loves.” I turned to Tasso. “I agree, I would rather get it over with. How do I do it tonight? I can’t very well phone her and tell her to meet me.”

“She is alone at home with Smaragda. Smaragda is nearly fast asleep.” I realised Cherine had been keeping tabs on her.

“I’ll come with you Robert. You cannot take her and leave a child alone, I’ll stay to make sure she is alright.”

“Thanks Dommi. Can you make yourself look like her?”


“I’m ready soon as Smaragda is asleep. What about her husband?”

“He is at a night club with friends.”

“Cherine. You will come with, as an adult. Let her see we have nothing to fear from her.”

“I have an idea Robert.” It was Meli and I usually like her ideas so I waited, smiling. “What if we pretend that all of us are really adults, but we pretend to be children. We do it because we like having you look after us. We have the passports to prove it. That would mean she cannot threaten us ever.”

I chuckled as everyone reacted to her idea. “Meli, you have finally come up with an idea that belongs to this world,” I teased her. “All of you, get dressed as adults and bring your passports. Guys, I wish you could all come with, I have a feeling this is going to be fun. You do realise she will think of us as being perverted. She will decide I make love to little girls and think the girls make themselves children for my sake. She will think of them as some sort of prostitute, buying comfort with their bodies, but worse, making themselves children. What a complex and ridiculous situation!” The girls did not care, they said that what she thinks of them does not matter. Unfortunately it does to me, but I kept quiet.

Jade giggled. “I guess she won’t let us play with Smaragda again.” For some reason that got all the girls giggling and even the adults laughed.

Alki smiled at me as the girls rushed off to get dressed. “I hope this works out for your sake Roberto. You must take the decision that if it does not, if she fears you, it is her problem and do not get moody on us again.”

I grinned. “You know me better than that Alki. I’ll find a way. If I can’t find any other way, I’ll ask her to take over as leader of the Cherinians.”

Dommi said, “Don’t any of you dare laugh. He is capable of doing just that!”

Alki chuckled. “If you can’t find any other way to handle it, call Hettie in. She will know how to handle her.”

“If you had suggested that earlier on I might have done it. They have enough in common to understand each other.”


My ladies walked back in, each holding her passport in her hands. Cherine confirmed the child is asleep, the mother sitting in the lounge watching television. I pictured the room, the settees, the balcony door with the square verandah with the two corners filled by potted plants. We jumped.

She let out a scream of shock and quickly put her knuckles to her mouth.

“Please keep quiet, we do not want to wake up Smaragda. We are not here to hurt you.”

“What do you want? Who are these women?”

“Why not look at them again? You just might recognise them. How about this one?” I touched Samantha.

She looked at her and moaned “It can’t be.”

“It is. The one you thought is the daughter of Themi. Do you recognise the others now?”

Dommi, who still looked the same stepped closer to her. She cringed.

“Stop feeling so afraid, we are not here to hurt you. You made a very big mistake, you threatened our Roberto. As you can see all the girls are here. They are all holding their passports. Look at them, see the passports. Each of them are in the country legally. We want you to see that we have nothing to fear from you. Then we will let Roberto talk to you.”

Even though she hardly seemed to want to look, each girl in turn stepped up, said her name, showed her passport, turned to the page with the immigration stamp.

I sat down opposite her. “Ladies, I suggest you all go home now. Thanks for coming.” Cherine with that wicked smile of hers curtsied to me and jumped, the others following her. Only Dommi remained.

“How different. Last time I was here I enjoyed myself, enthralling your daughter with little tricks to make her happy. Now I am here and you sit there thinking of me as an enemy. You said you knew I have powers and wanted to make use of my powers. Did you really think that if I have such powers, I would let you use me?”

“My husband will be back any minute.”

“You mean he will leave all his friends at the club and return now? Don’t speak, let me tell you a few things.”

I repeated information I had picked from her mind earlier. Things about her childhood, how she met her husband. How she manoeuvred him into marrying her. Then I told her about her most terrible secret.

“Smaragda is not the daughter of your husband. She was the result of your affair with…”

“Stop please. Please!!”

“Now you fear I would use my knowledge to hurt your child? I thought you had seen my weakness. I am incapable of hurting any child. To me every single child throughout the world is a sacred trust to all adults. A child dies of malnutrition on the other side of the world and it’s soul cries to me of betrayal. Do not fear, Smaragda will not find out from us. Neither will your husband.”

“What are you going to do to me then? You would not be here if you were not going to do something.”

“Why? If we were to leave now, what could you do, how could you be a threat to us? Would anyone believe you that we suddenly all appeared in this room?”

“You see us as a threat because you think we are like you.” Dommi spoke firmly, a glint of anger in her eyes.

I touched Dommi on her knee to calm her. “Do you remember the magic I did? Wasn’t it beautiful? That is how our powers are. I want to show you a little of what it is like to be as I am. As you can imagine, this all started with one person. It was not me. I met a lovely girl and she had a gift, she had empathy as her gift. While she grew up on her own, it was more like a curse to her. Once she had me to love her and was able to open up, showing me who she really was, it became a blessing. It also helped to open doors in my mind. One thing never changed, irrespective of how many joined us, of how many new gifts and powers were discovered; our first gifts, those of empathy for all life and love, they were the gifts that coloured all that we were or will become in the future.”


“Then you will not kill me?”

“Something worse - we are going to show you what love is really like.”

Suddenly she found her courage again. “You are crazy.”

“Thank you, you do not realise it, but you have just paid me the best compliment you could have.” Dommi giggled and that frightened her, she probably thought we were lunatics and were toying with her, intending to kill her.

“Listen to me and please try to understand. You are a hard but intelligent woman. Please use your brains. You analysed me earlier, saw that I have powers, but also weaknesses. I am here to show you all my weaknesses because I do not want you to be my enemy. I do not like having enemies.” Even as I talked I could hear how crazy I sounded to her. “I could do a lot without your co-operation, make you see a lot of wonderful things; what would be the point? If you do not relax and let me show you the things that really matter about me, you will not believe or else continue to think you are under threat. I do not want that.

I want to show you who and what I am, what it means to be as I am and then I want to leave you and never have to see you again. I will not hide the fact that I do not like you. As for your daughter, yes I made her fall. I was sick at the time and not in control of myself. Hurting a child though, that shocked me, forced me to find out what was wrong with me and helped cure me. Because of that fall, my need to repair the damage I caused, I sent my healing powers into her. When I do that, my healing powers do not just repair the damage I want them to fix, they heal many other things. A side result of what I did means that your daughter will age slowly and live longer - over one hundred and fifty years.”

I smiled at her. “Does that make me sound dangerous? All my gifts are those of love and life. I am human and can make mistakes, as I did when I hurt your daughter, but I think and hope you will consider my debt paid. One of our gifts is our ability to become any age, in appearance, that we want to. The girls you saw, you will wonder later, are they really children or are they adults? Does it matter?”

I stood up and walked over to the other side of the room and turned to her, my face showing my sadness.

“God how I wish I could find some kind of softness in you. I will make you a promise though. If your daughter grows up and still has any softness in her, is able to love and has not been made as hard as you, we will teach her, give her the gifts we have. That means she will then live for over seven hundred years and when she dies her soul will be safe and able to choose any kind of life it wants. If she has children, husband, loved ones, she will be able to keep them for almost all of eternity. I fear though that even she will not be able to help you. For some reason you decided money, luxuries and power are more important than love and that makes it impossible for you to join us. That will be her sorrow.”

She looked at Dommi and saw her softness, her sorrow as I spoke and turned back to me. “I don’t understand, what do you want from me?”

“I could have said compassion, understanding. I could have said I want you to fear me. It is neither. I want you to think of your daughter - your one weakness. I will show you my weakness knowing that your weakness will bind you into holding my secret close to your heart. Let me show you what is promised for your daughter. See the worlds that await her and treasure them as your greatest gift to her.”

“What do I have to do?”

“You saw the way I arrived, suddenly here without entering through the door? We jumped here straight from our home. What would it help if I took your hand and jumped from here to other parts of the world? That would be like magic and ultimately mean nothing. What though if I could show you that you have a soul, that it can live on after death and that this is what I offer for your daughter. Would you not sacrifice all for Smaragda to have that?”


“For me to show you it is necessary that you trust me, allow me to take you with me.” I stretched my hand to her, “Would you do that?”


“I’ll try.”

I could sense she was not won over, but her strong curiosity was surfacing, plus her strong mother instincts were demanding she finds out what it is I can offer her Smaragda. It did not really matter, experience has taught me a few tricks. I explained how it works and she put her head back and closed her eyes. I sat down and called to her.

It was not easy, she at first refused to listen to my calling, not believing in it. Slowly though she relaxed and let go. When she found herself in the void she was terrified, trying to escape back to her body. The sight of me only added to her fear. I spoke to her softly, soothing and calming her. I got her to look around her, let her see our Kaleidoscope World, those of the other Cherinians. I explained about them to her. I showed her the emerald spot and drew her with me there.

“You are on our World now. This is Josephine, she is living here for a while. I’m sorry about you being this emerald green colour, it happens to all of us. Try to understand something. Your daughter, it is not promised that she will live on a world such as this. What is promised is far more wonderful - she will be a world such as this, a part of it, but also able to live on it. She will be able to come here between her lives on Earth. This is the gift that comes from the first one - from Cherine.”

“How can she be this?”

“How can you be here? It takes more than one person for such a world to come into existence. We think it needs at least three. I am certain Smaragda will find at least two persons to love, her children if none other. Think, your child and her children and theirs, all through the generations will have eternal life. Do you now see my sorrow that you cannot share in this?”

“What will happen to me?”

“You were in the void before coming here. That is where you will go. Souls are an irritation to the void and it gets rid of them. Perhaps it will send you back to Earth or perhaps to another world, but the shock of it strips away all memory of who you were.”

Jo was looking at me as if she were tasting something she did not like. She knew that since I had brought this soul here she would be saved. I could not explain, but promised myself to return and show Jo what I am trying to achieve.

“Then I will be completely dead if I am not myself.”

“That has happened to all of us. This is not your first life nor is it mine. It is only that for those of us who are now able to conquer life with love, we are also able to conquer this kind of death and be who we are forever.”

I stretched out my hand to her and after hesitating she took it. I pulled her back to the void.

*As you float, I will move around you. If you want to join me in movement do so. We call this dancing.*

As I did so I let a tendril of myself touch her and I passed on to her a few love motes. She pulled back violently. I pretended not to notice and spent more time just lazily drifting around her. When she had relaxed, expanding again I let a few motes join her again. This time she did not react as violently, but I heard her cry out.

*What you are sensing are motes from my soul, the part of me that is made up of love. Do you like the taste of love?*

She hesitated, but finally answered softly *Yes.*

After a while I drew her attention to the crowd of green stars and told her about the Sparklers. I let her taste my sorrow when I told her of how I killed so many of them, explained their mission and what they are waiting for now. I called and a number of Sparklers came to us, dancing around us and she could now plainly see them as creatures, incandescent souls, not just stars.

I then told her about the Anadir Worlds, of their history and how they have now found refuge here, no longer prey, but friends and allies of the Sparklers. I decided it was enough and showed her how to return to her body.


“Was it all real?”

Dommi answered. “You saw the soul of Robert. Wasn’t it magnificent?”

“But also all those other things!”

“You mean the Sparklers and the Anadir Worlds? Did Roberto show you our World?”

“I took her there.” Dommi looked at me, aware what that meant.

“Did you meet Jo?”

“God! Then it was all true?”

“Everything, including the love I sent you.” I let Dommi see how she had reacted.

“You gave her love!! Did you give any back to him?”


“It is alright Dommi, I did not expect any. I am not poorer for having given, you know that. May I trouble you for a cup of coffee?”

Dommi went with her to the kitchen and I sat back closing my eyes trying to draw the energy I would still need. Coffee with biscuits arrived, a bottle of honey on the tray. I smiled at Dommi my gratitude. She looked worried, but did not speak.

“I have one more trip to take you on. This one you will enjoy.”


“It is a world of magic, so beautiful it will break your heart. I’m sorry, I could not help teasing. You really will enjoy this one. The void was scary, but not this one, this one is just pure joy.”

I only gave a sketchy explanation and she thought of it as being something like our World and familiarity made it less frightening. She was curious too, how could this one not exist in the void?

I called and drew her to me as I took her to the world of Meli.

“This is the first time I have done this. I hope it does not offend you.”


“I chose your body for you. I want you to see this through the eyes of a child. Their senses are still more alive to everything. There are no thorns and the ground is gentle, you will not need shoes here. Come with me.” I offered my hand and she took it.

We strolled about, went to the stream and found the bush full of raspberries. I coaxed her until she tasted one. When we had our fill of them we sat by the stream and drank through cupped hands of the crystal clear cool water. I took her hand and walked out into the clearing again.

“On this world you can do things you cannot do elsewhere. Imagine you can fly and come with me.”

As I slowly rose into the air she looked at me in wonder. Our fingertips were still touching when her feet lifted off the ground. I led us towards the forest and finding the opening we sank till our feet gently touched the grass. Daniel stood patiently waiting for me to speak.

“This is Daniel. His people live here, look carefully and you will see their homes up in the trees. Daniel my friend, I regret I cannot introduce you to this lovely girl, she will not tell me her name.”


“Thank you. Are we here at the right time to let her taste of your lovely foods and drinks?”

“Fruit juices?”

“Anna, would you be able to handle alcoholic drinks in the body of a child?”


“I prefer a fruit juice.”

The walks, the fresh invigorating air, the sparkling energy of this world all conspired to make her hungry. She shocked herself with how much she ate, wondering at the strange tastes, at the exotic fruit. A soft music was played for us and she stared, trying to see everything, imprint it on her mind. The soft music seemed to speak with the voice of the breeze, telling of a people in a far away land, their lives filled with love and laughter. I made a point of not watching her openly and caught sight of a tear on her eyelashes. I could have tumbled about with joy, but sat as if nursing my ale, my thoughts elsewhere.

“Roberto, what is this world. Where does it exist?”

“It is a world waiting to be born. At the moment it only exists within the mind of one of the girls, did you notice Meli? This is her world.”

“You are trying to make a fool of me. This could not all exist in the mind of a person. What about Daniel!”

“Ask him. Daniel, who does this world belong to? Who created it and gives it life?”

“The Lady Meli my lord.”

“Ignore him when he calls me lord. That is Meli’s fault, she told them I am some kind of prince.” I grinned at her. “Anna? You are a very pretty girl. I’m sorry, I did not mean you are not an attractive woman.”

She laughed at my clumsiness. “But you prefer girls?”

“There is something very special about the purity of children. Yes, I feel more comfortable with children.”

“That is why you made me a child!”

“I will not answer you on the grounds that I may incriminate myself.” I teased back.

“My lord, you have seen Lua, she is well?”

“I saw her a couple of days ago at Claudia’s birthday party. She sang for us and it was beautiful.”

“How does he know that Chinese girl?”

“I’m afraid you are in for a shock if I answer you.”

“Then shock me.”

“Daniel had a daughter and she died. Meli could not bear to let her go and brought her soul back to Earth, finding a Chinese girl who had conceived she…I told you it would shock you.”

“But how? If all this only exists in her mind, how could she?”

“We still do not understand.”

When we left I explained to her. “There are still many marvels to see on this world. I must beg you though to forgive me. I sense my body is exhausted and staying here longer would not be good for me. May we return please?”

“Why are you asking me, you are free to take me back if you wish to.”

“I would not do that! I know how this world calls to one. I need your understanding and consent.”

“And if I prefer to stay?”

“Then we will. Come, I have a strange city to show you. There are no people living there yet.”

We flew there and she stood staring at the plain ancient Athenian beauty of the city. She wanted to walk down one of the avenues.


“I’m sorry, I will not come with you. Meli filled them with statues of those I love, most of them being from my future. I do not want to first see them here as statues.”

“But how can she do that? Can she see the future?”

I shrugged. “As with everything else you ask me about this world, all I can answer is that I do not understand or know. Meli cannot see the future.”

She thought about the paradox of what I’d said, could not resist leaving my side to take a short walk. When she returned it was to see Ashiir arriving.

“Robert! I did not realise you were here!” She ran to me and I took her hand and kissed it.

“Ashiir, I would like you to meet Anna.”

After their introduction Ashiir explained. “I sensed someone had come to the city. The lady Meli did not explain so I hurried here. You made me responsible for the city and I feared to find someone was here without your permission.”

“Anna, do you recall the worlds of the Anadir? Ashiir is of those people. She died a few hundred thousand years ago, as a child. When the Sparklers released her she was brought here and we became friends.”

“Ashiir, you are female? A girl?”

“Ashiir, do not answer that!”

I was laughing so Ashiir was not disturbed. “Why not Robert?”

“She thinks I only love little girls. If you tell her you are a little girl that will only confirm it for her.”

“You are a silly man Robert. Of course you love little girls and I am one.”

I laughed with her. “Thank you Ashiir. Since when did you learn to pronounce my name?”

She was pleased and proud that I had noticed. “Ordinx made me practice.”

She stared at me in shock as I fell to my knees. “Robrrt, what is wrong!”

“It is my fault, he needed to return but I made him stay. How do I get him back to his body?”

“You only have to imagine it.” She called out loudly. “Lady Meli, help Robrrt please.”

“Shh. I’ll be okay. Just felt weak for a moment. You sure it is okay for us to return Anna?”

“Oh for god’s sake, stop being so stupid and take us back.”

“Bye Ashiir love. Don’t worry, I’m alright.”

“If lady Meli tells me you are home and well I will believe you.”

I smiled and wished Anna and myself back to our bodies.

Dommi was leaning over me her face concerned. “How can this be Robert? What is wrong now?”

“Nothing love, I just overdid it. Will you help me jump back home?”

“Of course.”

“Anna, please think of all you saw. Do you wish it for your daughter? Maybe we can finish our talk tomorrow?”

“Phone me.”

I nodded and let Dommi help me stand up, fussing over me, every cell of her radiating her worry we jumped.


Soon as we were home I called to Meli, “I had to give Ashiir a fright. Please tell her I am well. Dommi, sorry love.”

I got no further. She broke into sobs, her fists hitting my chest. Finally she calmed down a bit.

“How could you do that to me Robert? After your illnesses you must have known how scared I would be!”

“You said I would find a way to keep her from fearing me. You had to be genuinely worried for her to believe it.”

“You crazy bastard!” I pulled her to me, she fought it for a second and then came into my arms. I kissed her, ignoring all the others staring at us.

I whispered into her ear. “I’ve been dancing in the void. Shall we go to our bedroom?”

“I think you first have to get rid of Alki and Savva.”

“I see Tasso was the only one who had the brains to go home.”

“Stop being a shit Roberto and tell us what happened.”

I decided it would be quicker to tell them so as to get rid of them. It was not that quick, as they needed a lot of explanations, but they left laughing.

“Now you can take us to bed Robert.”

I groaned. “What! All of you?”

When we did not call, Anna called in the afternoon. Dommi took the phone.

“I’m sorry. Robert is still sleeping…yes I know…no, he will be fine. It is from the time we were at war with the Sparklers, he spent months away from his body and now if he stays too long it sickens…he what!?…no, I understand, it is not your fault, that is how he is…yes, we’ll call you.”

Dommi grabbed my ears and sat on me. “You really are just an overgrown kid.”

“Hope so. You like to find out what is the favourite pastime of us overgrown kids?”

“Again!? You must be kidding!”

“Me! Kid you!” I tickled her and, well, one thing led to another and she decided I was not kidding.

Chapter One Hundred Six

I decided not to overdo my hamming it up and called her the next day.

She instantly said, “You should have explained to me that we had to leave.”

“Anna, please do not feel guilty, I took a calculated risk. I needed you to see everything as I was afraid you might refuse to go with me again to see the rest of it.”

She gave a low chuckle. “Refuse, I would have begged!” I shook my fist in a gesture of satisfaction. “There is a lot I need to understand, for Smaragda’s sake of course. Would you be well enough to meet me?”

“I have something very important to do tomorrow and will need to be strong enough so that I do it correctly...” I waited, letting her disappointment grow as she steeled herself to wait. “I could make it tonight, any particular time suitable to you?”

“You would be well enough?”

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)
12th August, 2019

* posted on Steemit: 12th August, 2019

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