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Laconically he replied, *Leave the fear to me - you just do all you can.*
*You are as crazy as our Robert was. We shall sorely miss him*

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*You shall have him back, but I will ask from you, your people, a solemn vow - one that you will never have the right to revoke or break. Swear that you will remain friends of the people of this planet and help them. I can promise you that if you do so, ultimately it will be to your benefit too. They will create or find worlds for you to replace all the souls you hold and then you will be able to achieve another dream I hold for your kind, one that will give your people a greater purpose worth living for.*

*This test was a mistake - we have caused a terrible catastrophe. I can give you what you ask for. We so vow Robert of another reality.*

Robbie soon found himself surrounded by a crowd of souls. The greetings were sweet for all - for him too, for they were the closest he could get to us.

*I have within me something I call the painter. It can be an eraser also. I cannot use it, but the memory of it is there. Meli, you and Wendy look and create your own. You each hold a small part of Robert within you, you have a part of his soul and most of his memories. Solomon will show each of you how to grow the heart of your souls so that you can then split it, keeping your share, but giving enough to the painter to bring together one new Robert, yet a Robert who has his original soul and memories. He will not have his last memories and you will have to be gentle but firm in how you teach him to live with what he did. You tell him from me that no Robert in any reality would have acted differently if his Cherine was attacked.*

Meli and Wendy managed to create a painter and slowly a new soul was patched together. Once the memories were returned to it they all danced with it, filling it with their love. Robbie waited, watching. Cherine came over and exchange kissed with him. That soon brought them all to him, each not only wanting to impart their own motes of love, but to also hold some from him. The last to come was their Robert.

*Cherine has shown me. It is unbelievable that you were able to do this without any powers. She says you are as a normal human, no gifts at all!*

*She was wrong. Surely you should have seen that. All I needed was my love for Cherine, of whichever reality. That and our craziness which you know is nothing but an ability to believe in the impossible.*

Soon as the souls started to return to Earth, Robert bade farewell to Solomon and returned to his body.

He opened his eyes and saw he was still holding the body of Cherine. He remained without moving, tears dropping onto her as he grieved. He tenderly he laid her out on the floor, leant over and kissed the lips now gummed together with dried blood. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up at Cherine.

“I would prefer you kissed these lips that are alive. Robert, how can I ever thank you?”

“You did not have faith and trust in your Robert, that was your mistake. Cherine, all of you will find you are traumatised, guilt will tear at you. A whole world gone because of a few careless words. As the Sparklers have had to learn to live with their guilt, so will you. Bring life back to this world. Use your gifts to make it what we had dreamt of doing over a thousand years. Each world, each reality, the Cherinians I suspect will have to pay a price of some sort for our dream. You’ve paid in full only if you make it come true.”

He went with her and watched as all were brought back and then the extra bodies were being attached to souls of those other souls the Sparklers released.

“Rob. Tell your healers to alter their faces, before awakening they must look into the memories of each soul brought back and try to approximate the bodies and faces they recall having - it will be less traumatic for them that way.”


He left them to walk on the surface of their world and feeling him they let him have the time he needed on his own. Exhausted, he found a corner sheltered from the winds and slept. As day broke he walked, wondering, was he supposed to still do something else, had he broken some rules and been abandoned here? By a wall still partly standing he saw through the ashes a shape. Carefully he knelt and cleansed it. It was a green leaf, a tiny plant still growing. We all felt the peace that came to him as he sat hunched over the plant. The world spun and disappeared.

# The girls are all upset with me, they say that when Robert returns he will want to read about our feelings and I am only reporting what we see of him. I think I will not continue with the writing, let them get Meli to write again since she is the storyteller.

# Dommi - I have talked with Sam and the girls. I like her direct and personal way of recording and have agreed to sit with her to offer suggestions as to which emotions of ours she should mention.

# Hi, I am Candy, I also want to write and Sam promised to make better my mistakes. Jeez, I thought I would die when my Robbie sat holding Cherine as she died. Robbie I also cried for you, I wanted you to know that. Please come back soon. Love you ollo kosmo still. Candy.

# I will try to write for everybody to be happy. Robbie, during those nearly three days, we all forgot about eating or sleeping, we only slept while you did. All the non family Cherinians were going to go home, but now all want to stay here. Our alternate family are staying in the house with us. Themi and his family are staying with Marian (your mother could not bear to leave us she said). Socrati moved his family to the house behind us and Henry is with him. Andrea had to return to Cyprus, they are getting married so that they can have enough money to have a baby, so he has to work. Sylvestro really wanted to stay, but he is worried the village will notice his absence, but he returns whenever he can. The parents of Dommi are staying at their home, but Elia does not go to his office, they come here, he says he cannot work and watch you. Also Alki, they both do some work by phone from here. Don’t worry, even Eddie, Manoli and Dimitri, Lua and her family only go home to sleep or quickly go to do their work and come back. It makes us all think of the times we fought the two Doris fights (remember how you called her the spider?).

# We have been feeling guilty, we should have thought of asking Solomon to place a Sparkler to travel with you. At least, if you died, it could keep your soul safe until we find you. Maybe the old man would not have allowed it? Solomon is devastated by what those Sparklers did, so Cherine and Dommi were forced to visit the void and calm them.

# Robbie, there is nobody else who can be what you are, so please do not get fed up of us, we all really love you.

When Robbie vanished he later reappeared in another world. Hunched as he was he fell and all of us felt dizzy. He sat up and looked around and the world was full of colour. He sat with a big stupid grin on his face. Everything was right, the sky blue, the homes filled with families with their normal worries, squabbles and love. He got up and walked back to our home. In this world only the old house was there. He went and knocked on the door and a Greek woman opened. She did not know of any foreigners.

It was at this moment that he realised he has his gifts back again. Thanking the lady he walked off. He looked down at his clothes and saw they are in their original condition. The back wound had been repaired by the healer of Cherine so that it was as if he had just left home. He decided to take a chance, changed his face slightly and jumped to Kolonaki, to his original flat. He went to the concierge, said he is a cousin of Roberto and that this is the last address he has for him, does he know where he lives?

“Your cousin left here a year ago. He has become very rich and I heard he has a house of his own in Politia, above Kefalari.”

He had to be certain things are the same in this reality - as he could not believe it would be possible for any Robert to afford a house in our Politia. “It is a good area?”

“Good? Only ship owners, members of Parliament and other multi millionaires live there.”


Robbie tried hard not to think the worst as he jumped to Agia Paraskevi and walked around thinking what to do. He entered the station where our Savva works and asked for him. It took a while, which already suggested to him that Savva does not know the name Roberto Teller. Savva did not recognise him and could not help him with the address. He left the station without any plan further than finding a coffee shop to give him time to think. A car hooted and hooted again. He looked and saw Cherine, as a woman of about twenty. She was driving a small sport car, one that is well known as being extremely expensive. Cherine was as he has never seen her before. Smartly dressed, groomed and with makeup.

“Robert said I must come pick you up. Gosh, you look younger than him!”

Disturbed by what he saw he entered the car without any polite chatter. She saw his grim look and grinning gunned the car in a fast start. She drove in the typical wild Greek way of young Greeks, but he did not react. We could sense his thoughts, he was beginning to get a glimmer of understanding. He is being sent only to worlds where things have gone wrong. His suspicions that his alternate here has used his gifts only to acquire wealth and probably power sickened him, reminding him, and us, of Doris.

# This did not make sense to us. There is no possibility our Robbie would ever do this, so what can he learn here?

Cherine drove into their driveway too fast and sharply slammed on brakes, stopping inches from the wall, quickly turning to see if Robbie had reacted. To her he must have looked as if he was half asleep. Casually he got out of the car.

“You have a healer?”

“Of course!”

He only nodded at her answer and turned to the door as he sensed his alternate behind it. The door opened and Robert appeared. He was full of smiles and genially shook hands.

“I’m guessing, you must be from another reality.”

“Correct. I’m just visiting.”

“That is good, always welcome.” He laughed. “I do not think this world could fit two Roberts on a permanent basis.” Though he said it as a joke, we all felt the implied threat. Robbie did not react and he was ushered through the door and seated in a plush lounge, antiques mixed with a modern setting. On the walls were paintings signed ‘Robert Teller’. There was not one that resembled anything Robbie has done. For the first time he showed interest and walked around examining each picture.

To Robbie the paintings told him more than the two storey house, the expensive car and all other signs of wealth did. Here he had an insight into the soul of this Robert. He kept his face neutral, only once stopping longer to look at a painting of a girl; she was on her knees, looking upwards, her face streaked with tears. A hand was reaching out to her and somehow the hand was not threatening, it felt as if it was reaching out to protect her. I liked it, but Robbie looked as if he had bitten into a lemon.

“You are also an artist?”

“Not like this.” He waved his hand at the paintings. “I do my work mostly on computer.”

“Ahh, a man of the future! Come sit, we must talk, I’m dying to learn how your life differs from ours. How ever did you manage to cross over to our world?”

“I have no idea. An old man appeared and it seems I am being thrown from world to world.”

“Oh, tough luck old chap. He better not try it with me, I’d soon set him on his way.”

“I do not think it likely he will be calling on you.”

“Cherine baby, our guest is famished. Tell the cook to prepare him something. What do I call you, we can’t very well both be Robert - could be awfully confusing eh?”

“Call me Rob then.”


He pulled a face, “You are welcome to that name, I’ve always hated it.” We all smiled as we felt Robbie decide he now likes the name.

# Jonathan spoke out what we were all feeling. “How awful, this Robert is a fop. Our Robert could handle him with one arm tied behind his back.”

# Eddie replied, his face concerned. “I feel it is possible you are wrong, that perhaps he only pretends to be a fop. He could be far more dangerous than he appears to be, since he will do anything to gain the advantage if it comes to a fight.”

They brought Robbie a mushroom omelette, a piece of steak, chips and salad. He ate as they talked and we all realised with a shock that this was his first meal in three days.

“How long have you and Cherine been together?”

“We met about two years ago.” He stroked her leg, his hand going up within her skirt, his eyes challenging as he stared at Robbie. She giggled and pushed his hand away.

“What are your true ages?”

“I’m thirty five and Cherine is, what, about twenty now love?” She agreed with him.

“You mean you grew up alone, did not have someone to share your gifts until you were eighteen!?”

“That is right Rob. Gave me lots of time to learn what the world is like and appreciate my Robert when I found him. How old was the other Cherine when you met her?”


“I say old chap, what rotten luck! Not much good to you at that age eh? Can’t very well have sex with her eh?”

# Our Cherine exploded, “Fuck him!” and we all laughed, even her father.

“Robert, who else do you have in your circle? Is there a Wendy, Claudia, what about Dominique?”

“Hmm, never met a Wendy. Is she special, should I go find her?

Oh Dominique! No, that is part of a life finished with, thank god, a very long time ago. God that girl fucked my brains! Took me a long time to get over her, but she taught me an important lesson - now I can recognise a bitch from miles away.” He burst out laughing.

# Dommi called out angrily, “Fuck him!” and looked at Cherine. They both then giggled.

Incredibly Robbie only smiled gently, “Then I was luckier than you, I married her and she has been the best thing that could have happened to Cherine and I.”

He did not miss a glint of anger and envy from Robert, nor did his Cherine miss feeling him. She bit her lip, but said nothing. He looked at her, plainly exasperated.

“What now! So I hate the bitch. You still expect me to love the whole fucking world!”

“I presume I would be safe in assuming that you are incredibly wealthy and life has been good to you?”

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

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31st October, 2019

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Από ότι κατάλαβα ξανα δημιούργησαν τα κορίτσια την ψυχή του Ρόμπερτ...
ο old man συνέχισε να δίνει το "μάθημα" στον Ρόμπερτ...
Αυτος εναλλακτικός Ρόμπερτ είναι πολύ διαφορετικός ε??
Η Wendy στον εναλλακτικό κόσμο ήταν bitch?
Σαν να είναι κακός αυτός ο Ρόμπερτ ε?

Από ότι κατάλαβα ξανα δημιούργησαν τα κορίτσια την ψυχή του Ρόμπερτ...

  • Sosta

ο old man συνέχισε να δίνει το "μάθημα" στον Ρόμπερτ...

  • Nai, ton pire sto epomeno mathima tou

Αυτος εναλλακτικός Ρόμπερτ είναι πολύ διαφορετικός ε??

  • Afton ton onomazei o Robert mas, os 'O Plousios Robert' - Rich Robert. Otan i Cherine (tin proti fora) eirthe sto kipo tou, den pige na tis milisei kai oses fores prospathise ekein na ton 'synatisei', ekeinos tin agnoise...eos pou megalise ekeini. Gia afto den emathe na anoigi tin kardia tou. Afto ton afise me poli ligotera psyhika dora kai den dethike me tin Cherine opos eprepe.

Η Wendy στον εναλλακτικό κόσμο ήταν bitch?

*** Huh?!! Me mperdepses! Giati to nomizeis afto? Tin moni fora pou tin anafera eitan sto proigoumeno Robert, pou voithise tin Meli me to "Painter" tou Robert...kai pou anafere to onoma tis o Robert kathos milouse me ton plousio Robert gia tois kopelles pou agapaei...eimai periergos, ti sou edose afti tin entyposi?

Σαν να είναι κακός αυτός ο Ρόμπερτ ε?

  • Den ksero ean tha ton elega kako...mallon, poli malakas.

Ρωτάω γιατί δεν κατάλαβα, και γιατί την έλεγε έτσι στο κείμενο... Μάλλον θα μπερδεύτηκα....

"Ρόμπερτ, ποιάν άλλη έχεις στον κύκλο σου; Υπάρχει ή Γουέντι, Κλώντια, και η Ντομινίκ;"

"Χμμ, ποτέ δεν συνάντησα μια Γουέντι. Είναι ξεχωριστή, να πάω να τη βρω;

Ω, η Ντομινίκ! Όχι, αυτό είναι μέρος μιας ζωής που τελείωσε, δόξα τω Θεώ, πριν από πολύ καιρό. Θεέ μου, αυτό το κορίτσι μου γάμησε τα μυαλά! Μου πήρε πολύ καιρό να την ξεπεράσω, αλλά μου έμαθε ένα σημαντικό μάθημα-τώρα μπορώ να αναγνωρίσω μια σκύλα από μίλια μακριά. " Έσκασε τα γέλια.

Opos nomizo vlepeis pio kathara tora, milouse gia tin Dominique - pou ton eihe afisei...opos egine kai me ton diko mas Robert. (ekana Edit to keimeno gia na horiso to paragrafo, gia na fenete pio kathara gia poian milouse o Plousios Robert.