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Solomon looked thoughtful. “I too face the same problem. I am equally fond of each of you, but if I have to choose, I think it would be Wendy and Meli.”

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I kept my mouth shut, these sort of details can be discussed at another time. All my girls were feeling proud that three of our family had been chosen, but they were all trying to hide how they felt about me being asked to be the father. I am becoming convinced the females all share an ability to communicate on such matters at some level that I cannot sense, how otherwise do I explain how they will all simultaneously decide on something without me being able to feel the process, only the outcome? Perhaps it has something to do with that mysterious smile of my Cherine, similar in that every female immediately understands it, whereas I have not met one man who does. I hope I am right - how lovely to be puzzled by them.

We were all curious about Hettie, but I had a feeling we would not see either of them till the next day. As the hours went by I grew more certain this was the case. None of us begrudged him the time, he must be in some kind of seventh heaven having his original love back again.

As we were about to wish each other a goodnight, the door opened and he appeared. Seeing him at the age of about twenty with his original appearance was almost a disappointment. We knew he had been fairly short, but with the slight build of youth of his original body he looked tiny. He grinned at me, perhaps catching a part of my reaction.

“Robert I cannot find the words…you have created a miracle for me…she is even lovelier than I recalled. I would like you to meet her, but she does not have clothes.”

“Dommi, would you arrange it please? Eddie, does she speak English?”

“She lived a number of years in England as a child, that is how I met her, I must relate to you the story of our lives some day. You will excuse me, I must go back to her now.”

I expected a typical Germanic blonde and when she walked out, still timid, afraid of meeting the strangers from her future, I had a lovely surprise. She has hair almost the colour of my favourite chocolate, large eyes and a slim body that would tempt any man even only half alive. To me she looks slightly Italian or Spanish - or Greek. (I know she is not family, but I just had to include a photo, any girl who is loved for over two hundred years deserves it.)

I got to my feet quickly and taking her hand, softly kissed it. “Welcome Hettie, your coming has given all of us joy and you are amongst friends.”

She gave a soft smile. “You are courteous, Eddie has told me of many wonderful things that I find difficult to believe. It is true, I can see that many years have gone since my last memories. You are Robert?” I nodded. “If it is you who brought me back, then it must be true that I am amongst friends; it would not be likely enemies would bring me back to my youth again!” She thought she was being witty and enjoyed the sudden sputter of laughter.

“We have never been your enemies Hettie and never will be. Has Eddie explained about us?”

“He told me you call yourselves Cherinians and that he is one too. Perhaps you would be kind enough to explain to me why I only recall those memories that match my body, Eddie has not been willing to explain.”

“For a very good reason Hettie.” I saw a panic in Eddie’s eyes. “You have the body age of sixteen. It is a time of sweetness and it would be good for the two of you to enjoy being young again, even if only for a short time - you will treasure this time and we will release your memories to you again I promise. Just enjoy being sixteen again while you can. Consider it a gift from us to the two of you.”

“I am in your hands, I am sorry I did not mean to sound ungracious after all you have done for me.”

“I cannot believe you would ever be ungracious Hettie. Would you allow me to introduce my family of Cherinians, do not worry about remembering all their names, just use your gifts and feel them. Perhaps you would then enjoy hearing our story so that you may understand us. If after that you wish to join us we will first return your memories so that your decision represents your fully informed adult mind.”


As I took her around the room, introducing her, I noticed Athena kept moving also. I saw she was terrified and trying to avoid coming close to Hettie. I asked Eddie to take over and went straight to her.

“Athena, you are frightened.”

“You brought her body back from two hundred years ago!!”

“We only took a cell from her body and made a new one for her.”

“But still!!”

“You are thinking of her as some sort of vampire, something evil brought back from the dead, that is wrong Athena. Are Annabelle, little Cherine…what am I talking about! Athena, you did not listen to our story properly? You do not remember that all my family died, that we had to make them new bodies? Are you afraid of them too, of my little Wendy?”

“All?” she half whispered.

“I think you better listen to the story again. That reminds me, both you and Pavlo, you must go to our doctor, to Maria, to let her take samples of your tissues. Now, stop being so afraid and relax.” As I turned my back to her and walked off I sensed her cross herself and I grinned; how soon she will be taking all this for granted.

“Meli, stop the story just before our first fight with her.”

“I had guessed you wanted that. You really have become the lazy one, you never tell the story anymore.”

“Each according to their talents, love.”

I pulled my Cherine onto my lap and we all sat and listened. It will never matter how many times I hear the story, I still enjoy the first parts most. The pictures come to my mind of my little Cherine in my garden, of our first months of getting to know each other, those delicious fearful moments of her body becoming a part of my life and I feel as if I am melting with my love for her again. I think that almost without realising it, she huddled within my lap until she ‘felt’ like she was my little girl of my memories and I must say she sure did fit so wonderfully within my arms. When she turned her face up to me for a kiss, my love for her was an ache within me.

When the story came to an end, Wendy had left us in a daze as she had brought in the other three, Candy, Lua and little Wendy. We were all enchanted, sitting there locked in a spell. I pulled myself together soon as I thought it was the right moment.

“Hettie, that is not the end of our story, there is more. We will leave the rest until it is time to give you back all your memories.”

“You have locked them in my mind?”

“No. They are being held for you, please do not ask who.”

We could sense her emoting as she said, “There is something bad in them, I can feel it.”

I spoke as gently as I could. “Only you can be the judge of that Hettie.”

She looked morose for a short time and we all waited. She gave Eddie a shy smile. “I wondered why a girl was called Solomon! Ordinx also sounded a strange name for a girl.”

“Hettie, it is nearly time for all of us to go to bed. We have one more thing to do if you are willing…”

“You want to take me to the void? I will see the Sparklers and all the Worlds?”

“You will.”

“I am afraid of it, but I think it would be worth the risk just to see them.”

“Close your eyes and relax, you will hear us call you and just imagine you are letting yourself come to us. Hettie?”



“Thank you. I think you are the first person who has heard the story and not been shocked by my loving of my girls, including my daughters and sister.”

“It was too wonderful, like a fairy story, I had not really paid much attention to that part of it.”

When we visited Mama Jo she took me aside.

“You have brought her here with the heart of a child. What of when you give back all her memories, she does not pose a threat to you then?”

“There can be no half-measures when giving love Mama Jo, it is a risk I take gladly.”

“What of the other one?”

I stood staring at her for far too long and she got nervous. “You are planning something dangerous, I feel it!”

“You gave me the idea. We’ll see tomorrow. We all need to go and sleep.”


I gave her the kind of grin that made a lie of my words. “You’ve got a dirty mind Mama Jo.” I kissed her cheek and we left.

Em-e had been spending a bit of time with her parents, so I was glad to see her included, lying on the bed with the twins. A bit unfair to her as the twins do tend to monopolise my attentions whenever they come to me, only their mother able to surpass that magical sexual music they play within my mind. For that reason I took Em-e within my arms and gave her all my attention and love until I felt her beginning to doze off in her contentment. I did not try to work out which twin was which, I let them blur within the urgency they sparked off in me and I let it become a little bit like a dream for me. They sensed my mood and their loving was of the kind of tenderness that means so much to me. I have not understood how the tingling touch of their skin upon mine can have such an incredible effect on me.

How ironic! I do not know if anyone recalls how I started off this diary with a description of myself, saying I do not have a roving eye and all I want is one girl to love me! It was true at the time and, in a way, still is. I only mention it so as to prevent anyone else from throwing it at me…

The girls claim that since they are able to participate vicariously, to feel as if they are actually having sex with me through each other, I should not worry about trying to make love to all of them each time. I do not, but for my own reasons. It is good that some time passes between the loving of each of them, for me that is, as it renews the novelty of holding each sweet body within my arms. Despite all of that, I often sense that one or the other, sometimes a number of them, are feeling a strong need to actually touch me, for our lips and our bodies to directly be in contact.

Quietly I got up and went to my sweet Irene and gathered her into my arms. She came to me with such happiness in her tender heart I felt humbled. With a tenderness that ignored the passions she invoked in me, I held her, kissing her face and running my fingers through her hair. She had assumed the age of about five, not expecting me to come to her and I had soon covered her tiny body with my kisses, enjoying her little girl scents, the silkiness of her skin and the warmth of her childish body. She squirmed with her need for me. She sent me a request and I agreed.

We swapped our points of reference, she took over my body and I took over hers, not in reality of course, just our senses of each other that we shared. As much as I had been enjoying the feeling of her tiny body within my arms and upon mine, it was a wonderful feeling being that tiny body, feeling the giant size of my adult body.

She was rougher at first, but soon had adjusted and became as tender and gentle as I had been. From my side, I forgot about pleasuring ‘his’ body, totally immersed as I was in the sensations of my own. It was her turn now to tease and I could not believe the strength of my passion, I was almost crying with my need to find release. Irene took the plunge and his firm lips and raspy tongue soon had me arching with the spasms that shook me. There did not seem to be an end to them and I felt myself let go. He held me pressed tightly to him until I had passed beyond the peaks and quietened down. As I lay within his arms I felt the preciousness of his holding me, of his tenderly caressing and kissing me until I had totally melted into a stupor, wanting to purr like a kitten with my contentment. She let me enjoy it for a time before swapping again.


Languidly she opened her eyes and looked at me. “You forgot to make me feel the same.”

“He didn’t forget Irene, he does not like his own body.”

“I did forget Cherine, it was heavenly feeling her little girl body - you can check my memories if you don’t believe me. I think I had also become a child in my needs and expected him as the adult to look to satisfying them, without him expecting me to worry about him.”

“You really were a selfish little girl Robbie.”

“I know Candy, just makes me realise how truly wonderful you all are and how lucky I am to have you.”

I held Irene, drinking in her sweet breath, loving the feeling of her heart swiftly beating. I let her travel into her dream world within my arms and gently let her go. I carefully got up and went to my sweet Aganthi.

“You do not need to try and hide how you feel my Albanian rose. May I join you?”

Shyly she nodded, moving over for me. “I loved feeling you as my daughter.”

I took her face in the palm of my hands, turning it up to mine and softly kissed her. “Perhaps you did, but I do not intend loving you as my mother.”

She gave me a naughty grin and her fingers found me.

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I hope you enjoy reading this long, long story of fantasy, adventure and love.

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Νομίζω το κατάλαβα... Αυτό που δεν κατάλαβα είναι όταν γύρισαν από το void τι είπανε?

Otan grafeis sya Ellinika, giati metaheirizese to ? anti gia to ; (?) Min mou peis oti etsi arhizoun kai grafoun oi Ellines....

όταν γύρισαν από το void τι είπανε?

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"Την έφερες εδώ με την καρδιά ενός παιδιού. Και όταν της δώσεις πίσω όλες της τις αναμνήσεις, δεν θά αποτελεί απειλή για σένα τότε; "

"Δεν μπορεί να υπάρχουν ημίμετρα όταν δίνω αγάπη, Μάμα Τζο, είναι ένα ρίσκο που παίρνω ευχαρίστως."

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Την κοίταξα για πολύ ώρα χωρίς να της μιλήσω, και αγχώθηκε. "Σχεδιάζεις κάτι επικίνδυνο, το νιώθω!"

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Diladi, i Mama Jo ton erotise ti tha kanei me tin alli Hettie,,,,kai afto edose ston Robert mia idea gia to pos na tous polemisi...opos tha deis sto epomeno post.