Giving Birth to the Magical Syncosmi of the Cherinians - 2020

Giving Birth to the Magical Syncosmi of the Cherinians

There is a theory that various dimensions exist. One of the dimension, which is very difficult to reach, thoughts are objects. In other words, if you think of an elephant, your thought will be an elephant. I suspect it may be that sometimes we reach that dimension out of ignorance, without being trained. The reason I believe so is because of the multitude of stories that are told about out-of-the-body experiences where demons are met. Since it is what that person feared and expected, it is what his thoughts become.

From the first day I started writing the story Little Cherine, I loved them and their reality, spending anything up to 16 to 18 hours per day writing - in other words, visualising them. This led to their realities becoming real for them in some dimension, whether it is theirs or mine.

Once they acquired or developed the ability to cross over into alternate realities, I needed a name for their set of realities. I named them The Cherinian Syncosmi (Syncosmi is a word I made up, but I consider it descriptive enough that it can be used by anyone).

The first Robert and Cherine become known as the Prime family and their reality is also known as the Prime Reality, from which all alternate realities branched off. All the realities belonging to their group of realities, countless in number, are named the Cherinian Syncosmi. Ours are named, by them, Arthur’s Syncosmi (sorry, but if you prefer that our Syncosmi be named after you, then write your own story and make it so).

Early on, their story takes an interesting twist. Robert is writing his diary in Word. He realises the words he writes change and sometimes they mess up what he wrote - and, more importantly, they mess up his life, for whatever the changed text says becomes the reality of their past, even though they continue to recall the original past. I realise I am to blame and introduce myself. As you can probably imagine, they are freaked out by the idea of them only being characters in a story of mine. We work out that, as their author, when I write, I am assuming, which is what makes my writing true for them. For a long time, they see me as their worst threat and desperately try to find a way to come to our reality and take me to theirs, so that I stop affecting them. Over the years this has become a dream for us, no longer because of their fear, but because we have grown to love each other.

About the story and the characters:

A new star is born: Cherine

Somewhere in England, about 1990, a little girl is born. She is named Cherine and at first the parents are not aware that she is different from other little girls. She is a mutant - an ugly word for describing something so beautiful, for her gift is the Gift of Empathy.

Empathy is the ability to place yourself in the shoes (in the mind and heart) of another and feel their pain or happiness as your own. Commonly this is considered by many to mean that we imagine ourselves in the other persons’ place and imagine how they feel. Many who have empathy would dispute it, claiming it is something far more real than just them imagining. This is so for Cherine, for she is so strongly affected that there is no doubt as to how her gift affects her and how her Talent affects those she wants to help.

A brief synopsis of the beginning of their Talents and love:

As a baby Cherine often cried without reason, or would suddenly gurgle with pleasure, making her parents wonder what is going on in her tiny head. She was sharing from the neighbourhood the stronger emotions, which is why she mostly cried.

All creatures have an aversion to suffering and instinctively search for a way to mute it. So did Cherine. She found two methods that worked for her. The one was by actually muting what she senses from others, but the other, ahh, that is where the magic of her gift gives us a story to share in wonder and awe. She learns how to take the pain of another, mix it with her own feelings and send it back, now converted to something less painful, or even to replace the suffering with a joyous feeling. I am mainly talking of emotions, but even if a neighbour falls and hurts herself, Cherine will reduce the sensitivity to the pain so that she does not suffer. You see, even babies with empathy are selfish, it is natural.

By the time she is three, her father realises what is the truth about her and repeatedly warns her, telling her people will think of her as a freak if they realise she can sense their emoting. This grows to become a phobia for her. At the time she is seven her father dies in a car accident and, to make ends meet, her mother Marian, accepts a job in a shipping company and moves to Greece with Cherine.

Within Cherine there is a natural affinity for Robert Teller, an English artist living in Athens, for they have shared two previous lives (that we know of) and she senses him in his apartment from the time she and her mother Marian arrive to examine an apartment in Kolonaki. They meet and she makes an effort to become more sensitive to his emoting, for she can often guess the thoughts from the emoting (broadcasting of emotions), with the result that she affects the mind of Robert, opening him to her.

Over time his mind learns to sense her emoting and due to a strong desire to protect her from all harm, he learns how to use his natural healing power - the same power has another facet to it, when it is needed, it becomes the Protector. Because of Robert's idealising all children, the Protector gives priority to her and to all children.

There are a number of difficulties readers face when they start reading:

A) When Robert and Cherine first meet, she is eight years old and he is about twenty three. They make love. but this is not meant to be a child sex story, so I avoid writing descriptions of their love-making as far as I can. Some of it is needed, for it plays a part in their development (regarding their Gifts, but also in the maturing of them as human beings), but it is kept to a minimal.

B) Some may find it tiring that the characters talk of their love for each other so often. If you, as the reader, try to imagine what it would be like to know the person you love to the core of their soul, if you are able to share their love for you by their emoting reaching out to you all the time, you may then wonder that they do not speak of it even more often. Anyway, for those who do not enjoy the dialogues of lovers, within a few books you will find that other apsects of their lives become important and they achieve more of a balance.

C) I have not made these books available to family and close friends, for I open myself to my Cherinian family and do not try to make myself look nicer or stronger than I am. I just hope you do not laugh at me...too often.

D) Please keep in mind that the story is loosely categorised as a mixture of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Mostly, as a writer, I concentrate on development of the characters, hopefully also making them very real for you. If I succeed and you love long stories...then you'll enjoy the fact that this one spans 13 books, with 700 to 1,000 pages per book (with the 14th still being written).

Who are, what are the Cherinians - and do they have a positive role to play in our lives?

I do not think we need to join them in their Syncosmi for us to become Cherinians. All we need is to try and sensitise ourselves to our natural empathy and become the best we can be - without it meaning we become victims of the needs, fears or greed of others as demanded by PC globalists (Cherine spells this out when she talks about all the Gift of Empathy means to her).

I hope you achieve growth in your own Gifts.

  • As an aside: If you read and have a comment, especially a criticism, I would love to hear from you. If you are touched by one of the characters, please let me know. Every author needs feedback so as to grow as a writer.

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27th July, 2020

PS: There is a paired post which provides the Teller family calendar, plus other information and links for each of the books, as posted on this platform.

This is the link to it (the link also appears at the end of each post, from the 12th book onwards):


Greetings, I hope you read this one day, more than a year ago I put a comment in the last published book my apologies for not answering I do not like to make public conversation. I just want to know if you are okay, and if it is possible to access book 13, because with so much time that I have, I am already in the second round of reading this long story. I apologize if I do not sound as animated as in my other comment. Bye Bye.

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