Best way to read Little Cherine [Links to Books 01 to 010]

If you wish to read all the books I have uploaded (with no upvoting needed, just the pleasure of reading) click on one of the buttons. Each of the books, till now, are 700 pages and each post is about 10 pages long, giving you more time for reading non-stop; long enough I hope for you to become immersed in the story (same as you would with a hard copy of my books). I hope to upload a 'pdf' copy of each book sometime in late 2020.

Little Cherine Book 01:

Little Cherine Book 02:

Little Cherine Book 03:

Little Cherine Book 04:

Little Cherine Book 05:

Little Cherine Book 06:

Little Cherine Book 07:

Little Cherine Book 08:

Little Cherine Book 09:

Little Cherine Book 10:

Please note that this post will be repeated every time another completed book is added to Steemit. I also will be providing an updated link to this post in each of my Little Cherine posts in all of my accounts.

I hope you enjoy your reading and are stirred to make comments, positive or negative, both are welcome - even if you only read them many years down the road,

My best,
Alex (Arthur)

21st April, 2020

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