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I’m not going to answer him. I’m tempted not to write of what happened when Robbie called me in to read their chat, but then he ends up winning by forcing me to do what I swore I would not. I promised not to keep back anything that might make me look bad. Not that I think I did or planned anything wrong.

“Is he right Sam?”

“Now that he’s said it, yes, I think so. I had not thought it out yet, not to the extent he implies.”

“He is right - damn him! - it would damage you, love. Even if you think he is wrong, you know how it would grieve all of us, are you willing to risk it?”

“That is emotional blackmail.”

“I only pointed out something you were certain to think of on your own.”

“Then you should have let me think of it!”

I could feel the thoughts in the girl’s minds, but they kept quiet, thinking that this was for Robbie and I to resolve. I felt a wave of sadness flit through him and then a weariness.

“Do as you will Sam.”

I began to cry. “You don’t love me anymore.”

Cherine spoke, her voice stern. “Sam, if what he did was wrong, at least he did it because he loves you. Trying to manipulate our Robert this way is wrong, very wrong!”

She could feel my pain, knew I was hurting, but was also aware that it was a childish part of me responding this way, unworthy of the person I hope I am. “I’m sorry.” I then spoke to Robbie, “He is right I think and I’m not really upset with you interfering. Robert, I also feel I need to do this, I have to.”

“Living as a Normal is bad enough. The knowledge in the back of your mind that you are mortal, the ways you try to hide the knowledge from yourself so that you can remain functional, they will traumatise you. Believe me Sam, suffer a toothache just once and have the dentist tear your tooth out of your mouth and you will know your body cannot remain inviolate - it will die. Be threatened and beaten up by hoodlums and you will learn what fear is. All that, you will carry back with you when you return to us. Samantha, life for normal Normals is bad enough without you having to go to extremes.”

“I will decide when we get back home.” I know I’ll have to decide sooner, I do not like feeling Robbie worrying about me.


When we get you here, are you going to be rude and disappear with a quick ‘bi’ whenever you want?

I have decided, I will try the hypnosis idea. If it works and helps give me a perspective on how life feels to the Normals, I will be satisfied with that.

To continue to write of our lives I will have to disobey your injunction Arthur. Do you feel that if I answer, it confirms to you your madness? Then be mad my lovely gentle writer for your madness is one of beauty.

After the upset there was absolute consensus; we would stop everything else and concentrate solely on finding Arthur - whether it takes days or centuries. I printed out his last message and jumping to the taverna we called all for a meeting. We read to them his words and then talked of him so that they can understand the reasons for our decisions. Allan for once stayed silent. It seemed that everyone agreed with us, until Luigi spoke up.

“It is obvious something very bad is about to happen to him and or his family. Have you considered the possibility that the only thing giving him the strength to live through this time is the story he writes? If we do as you say, what would you leave him with? Nothing but our efforts to find him? Would that give him any pleasure, would it fill his heart? I suggest we all bend our minds and wills to finding him and his family, but Samantha does not write about it. She must only write of all else that happens here. Keep him a part of your family and our love and let his dream continue. If it is our job to save species and spread Cherinianism then we do so, for his sake also.”

Thoughtfully Allan added, “Luigi is right, you must never mention what we are doing to find him. Samantha, do not forget that he still has the power of assumption over us. If you give him warning of what we are about to try, he will automatically assume we will fail, despite his wishes, even should he be desperately praying we succeed. He cannot believe we can reach into his reality, or that anything so good can happen to him, so his assumptions will always be negative.”


I have decided they are right, I was shown by Allan how he felt before he learnt we do exist and I will not write of this again, Arthur. At least now you know we will not let go, not even if it takes thousands of years for we can return in time to save your soul.

If you mean it, about never chatting again, I will feel I’ve lost a good friend. Are you really determined to make me sad?

Empathia did not impose herself on Aven, thinking she needed time to adjust herself to all she had been taught. When a week had gone by, she decided it was time to seek her out.

“I’ve missed you. Are you glad to see me?”

“No, I am not.”

“Are you ready to continue with your lessons? Have you been practising?”

“You took me for a fool. Your plan was to make me feel I am a part of this body so that I do not sacrifice it when the time comes? I have blocked off all your stupid manipulating and this body means less to me than it did before. Go away and do not come back.”

Robbie jumped to them.

“You are wrong Aven, Empathia has been a true friend. She did have a purpose to what she did that she could not disclose until I was ready. It is time now for you to know. We are returning to your over-soul and you will be taken to them. We ask that you collect from there a million souls and have them join us, for we are to return them to their bodies. Your mother planet is to be fully restored and as and when you are able to support a larger population, we will return more of your people to you. Empathia saw that it has been a long time since any of you have been in bodies of flesh and felt she needed to prepare you so that you can help your own people to make the adjustment without unnecessary suffering.”

“You cannot put together a planet that has been blown to pieces!”

“I cannot, but the machine people can. The Inguel will then help them to repair the ecology so that it is exactly as it was before your cities polluted the planet. What you do with it from thereon will be your decision. You must not think this is being done within an instant. The machine people estimated they will need half a million years to repair your planet and allow the volcanic activities to calm down. They then need at least another two hundred thousand to recreate the ecology. I will have to help by collecting large samples from your planet just before it was destroyed, so that the same life chains are developed.

At the time your planet was destroyed, the Sparklers and Anadir took samples of tissue and identified the souls. The samples I hold in the void, within stasis. The Sparklers must be allowed to sense each soul so that the correct body is recreated for them.

Aven, your holiday is over. From now on you will have to work hard. The scientists have agreed to devote themselves to teaching you all you will need to know to help your people survive the shock of returning to life. Out of the million we would like at least half of them to be the souls of those who died as children. That will make it even more difficult for you and the adults, for you will have to care for the children and teach them also.

Our hope is that as your over-soul sees the children, feels their joy at being alive again and hears their laughter, those among your people who have blamed themselves will find peace and begin to look forward to growing again.”

Of course Aven did not believe him, but she did attend the courses the scientists had put together for her. As the lessons progressed she slowly came to believe it is really going to happen. Her mind must have been bursting with all the knowledge being crammed into her and she felt the need to talk to someone. She chose Empathia and Chantel. The three of them spent hours talking, questioning and wondering. For the first time those green eyes of hers began to show some life in them.


Apart from the time Empathia spends with Aven, for the first time ever a Cherinian baby is spending most of the day as a baby. Cherine is delighted and carries her with her - unless Robbie manages to get hold of her. Actually, Dommi tries to grab her when she can and so do the rest of us. We seem to be settling into a pattern where Cherine and us have her during the daytime while Robbie holds her on his chest at night. I think the rest of us are beginning to see that we missed out by wanting to be children or adults immediately. Perhaps our normal instincts are taking over again, reasserting themselves because they do serve a purpose after all.

“The art of a people reflects more than just the stage or quality of art they have reached. Art of a species that is still young, expanding and exploring and exploding in all directions tends to be vibrant, alive and very strong. Art of an elderly species tends to be softer, dreamier, abstract and introverted - often unnecessarily complex. There are other signs also that show the heart of that species. Are they given to much laughter, are they kind or cruel, do they love nature and each other or do they see others as property to be used?

Aven, we liked what we saw in the art of your people. They expressed a mixture of vibrancy, brashness and self-confidence while also a feeling of tenderness and caring. Given time I think your people can become Cherinians. I hope so.”

“To what purpose? You do not fight evil; you do not stop evil. You allow evil to have it’s way and then come back afterwards to repair the damage. Pain has been suffered though and cannot be forgotten, yet you ask then that the victim forgive the evil ones. Why? They did not repair the damage, they did not try to, you did.”

“If you allow yourselves to think of yourselves as victims then you will be. Once you do that, then bitterness and hate rules and you become evil. If you understand that others can make mistakes and accept the overtures they make, allow them to make reparations in any way they can, then you grow. Hate is for children Aven, knowing when to forgive shows wisdom.”

“You are wrong! You would have another kill all those you love and forgive them because they claim to be penitent! I do not forgive and never will.”

“I feel sorry for you then. Your life will be consumed by a hatred for which you will not be allowed to find any relief. Instead of deriving pleasure from seeing your people alive again, your interrupted history marching through a time of great changes and growth, you will remain stuck in the past. I will admit this to you Aven; should anyone commit a crime and refuse to acknowledge their guilt, perhaps even gloat, then I too would not forgive. Those who are wracked by guilt and plead for forgiveness, them I could not hate, all I could do is curse fate for leading to the accidental loss of my loves.

I will demand one thing of you Aven. You are not to fill the children with your hatred. If I see you doing so I will remove you from your planet. Allow them to leave the past in the past so that they can have a future worth living.”

She did not argue, but we knew she is scheming to poison their minds. If Empathia does not succeed in changing her, where will Robbie take her? We would not want her in Freddie filling our world with hate forever.

We have collected the machines and are taking them back for them to begin their work. These are the last days we have with Robbie before he runs himself ragged doing whatever is needed to help the machines get started and then the Anadir and so on. We will use these days to build him up with lots of loving; I hope it will be enough.

The Meéjeira home planet presented various layers of complexity never faced by any of us before. Raw materials of the local sun were used, they wrapped within it some monstrous engine of energy created by the machines and then the mass was left to cool, slowly forming a shell. Pressures were applied, plates formed through pre-planned fissures and application of heat or cooling to reproduce the same shapes for future continents, details will be different, but that cannot be helped. The planet used to have fourteen continents (which is why all of them, apart from one, are very small) and three islands almost large enough to be classified as continents (by them) so the work was non-stop and exhausting for all involved.

We are mostly alone in Freddie, all the scientists wanting to study and record what the machines (Kinytians, as they are now named) are doing. There are a lot of scientists feeling a desperate need to exclaim ‘That is impossible!’ but they have learnt it is wiser to keep quiet and study what they see, ask questions and if they do not understand all they are told, they study hard and throw away preconceptions and theories they had depended on, their knowledge growing in new, unexpected and exciting directions.


Robbie is rarely with us, but Aven spends her time on a platform with him, never talking, never asking questions, but watching, her mind bedazzled and filled with awe. When we made a fairly large jump in time everyone returned on board and we had a noisy get-together at the taverna. Nobody was invited and yet everybody came, even Aven. A number of Kinytians took on vague disturbing shapes that flickered in and out of our dimension so as to answer questions. In this time of general excitement it was strange to see Empathia and Aven sitting side by side without speaking, silently watching. None of us said anything when they left together and fell asleep holding each other. Empathia spent the night emoting a mother’s love, calming and soothing her friend.

When they left Aven’s house next morning, Aven walked to the top of the ridge and looked at what she could see of Freddie.

She spoke softly, as if to herself. “He made this world by himself! He has all this power because of Cherine!”

“You are thinking he is a Cherinian?”

“What does your question mean?

“It means that the answer is not as obvious as you think it is Aven.” Aven gave her a sharp look. “He claims he is not a Cherinian.”

“What does he claim he is then? That is nonsense, how can he not be a Cherinian?”

“I think he claims he is something between a Normal human and a Cherinian, alone and not belonging to either world. It is what makes him our protector and all Cherinians, all life, his responsibility. ”

“And Jade?”

“No, she is a Cherinian. Her need to protect is but a shadow of his and mostly concentrated on him and the family.” Empathia looked sad for a moment. “If he is right, I wonder if he created her so that at least a part of him can be a Cherinian? He must feel very lonely sometimes, knowing he is the only one of his kind.”

“Does it sadden him?”

“I don’t think so. Anything that makes it possible for him to protect us is accepted with joy.”

“You are telling me he is a god!”

Empathia broke out of her mood with a laugh. “No, that he is not. He is very human, He makes mistakes, loses all arguments with any of us and, for him, love has turned us into gods he worships with a single minded devotion.”

Aven smiled, seeing the irony. “You are his gods and yet he is the one you must all obey.”

“If you have an army, would you not be wise to listen to your generals and take their advice?”

Robbie was busy with the scientists and Kinytians and yet he paused to smile at her words. He was pleased with her, her words describing him exactly as he sees himself. Empathia sensed him and gave a cheeky grin.

“Aven, were you impressed seeing them build a planet for you with his help?”


“Then think how wonderful it would be if you could beat him. You could say you beat a man who is capable of creating whole planets and bringing life back to them! That is the closest you could get to saying you beat a god. You must let me help you please.”

Aven had given up on her ideas of battling him and winning, so these words caught her by surprise.

“You know I cannot beat him. What are you trying to do Athia, why would you want me to beat him?”

“Because you have to, it would make him stronger.”

“Your words or wishes, they do not make sense.”


“But they are interesting?” She giggled and Aven gave a sort of sour smile.

“I am beginning to think I made a mistake. I thought it was Robert I had to battle, but perhaps it is you I should have? He has done nothing, ignoring me, while you have done more to change me than I would have allowed him.”

Empathia shrugged. “He is no good at manipulating young females. I had to do it for him.”

“You are playing games with me. “A slight edge to her voice showing a spurt of anger.

“What would you expect a baby to do with you?”

“You are not a baby! You are some kind of monster, you were born a monster!”

“You really would like to understand me, wouldn’t you?”

“Why should I?”

“Because I am int…er, fascinating. You know I love my family and my father and yet I keep on telling you I want you to win. Sometimes you almost believe me and that confuses you. Would you like to know why I want you to win?”

“You said it will make him stronger which must mean that I will have lost. Your words contradict any sense.”

“I cannot tell you with words what I mean. Aven, if you really want to understand how and why I want you to win, then you will have to give yourself to me for two months. You will have to trust me and I know you can’t. I really wish you could.”

It took Aven two days to decide to ask what she’d meant. Empathia explained. I said that girl is scary!

Of course Aven refused, she could see it was a trap (for the wrong reasons). We were almost running out of time when she spoke of it again. She told us she wants to speak with Empathia and wants Cherine and I to be present.

“You know what Empathia asked of me. I can see it is a trap, but I have thought about it. You, Robert, you all have the power to have done this to me without asking, if you’d wanted to, so why are you asking? I will accept what you tell me as the truth. Are you planning on turning me into one of you, placing a mind of yourselves over mine so as to use me against my people?”

“Let us be clear about what you are asking us Aven.” I said. “What you fear is that we will create a composite of ourselves that will appear as if it is you while your mind lies trapped and locked away? You think we will then return to your people and pretending we are you, try to subvert them, turn them into Cherinians so that they forgive the Ii?”


“Your thinking is not logical Aven. To return to your over-soul we would have to do so as a soul. They would see through our masquerade. There is another point we need to correct you on - you cannot become a Cherinian until you have learnt empathy and how to forgive, not the other way around.”

“Cherine, if I give Empathia these two months she asks for and allow her to block my mind, do you give me your word I will be set free again?”

“I do. Two months is all you are agreeing to and that is all she will take. When you are awakened again, we promise that all you learnt will be available to you. No secret compulsions or programming of your mind. Everything will be available for you to see, understand and reject if you so wish.”

“It will help me understand her crazy words that never make sense?”


“Do you also promise Samantha?”


“I desperately need your help Aven and the help of your over-soul. I have decided I will not meekly submit to the loop. Without breaking it, I must find a way to continue. I am asking all races, Cherinian or not, any help, any advice they have to give, I want it. You have my word Aven. You come from a very different time and perhaps you can also help us find our friend Arthur. If you think you need us so as to see your people alive and growing again, the converse is also true. We need you and your people. No relationship can exist if we are not honest with each other.”

“What Empathia said is true? I will be taught how you think?”

“My daughter has never lied to you. If she had I would have interfered.”

She grabbed Empathia by the shoulders, her face fierce. “You will not try to make me love Shiyra - promise!”

“I will not try, I promise.” Confident she would not of her own will, she accepted the promise as being all she needed.

“I agree then. Only you three may enter my mind to do this.”

I shook my head. “No Aven, I am a bad choice. Allow Dommi to take my place. Your mind will try to reject us out of fear - you, we, need her calming touch.”

“You will model my mind on that of Empathia - it is her I need to understand.”

She tried to cooperate, but every time her mind was being blanked out, it fought us, crazy with a fear that shamed her afterwards. Dommi soothed her and explained it was natural, after all, to her it felt as if she was being killed. On the fourth try, Aven trying hard, they succeeded. Now began the job of creating a personae to replace, but also complement hers. Empathia had to open her mind to Cherine and Dommi and they carefully created a mind made of much of the personality and memories of Aven and some of Empathia, but made into a unique person with her own past. She then was made to sleep for another ten hours, giving her mind time to settle, integrate and take form within her dreams.

Aven woke up, opening her eyes to the sight of Empathia’s face close to hers, her eyes still shut and her breath shallow. Her eyes roamed, touching on bodies still asleep around her. Feeling her eyes on her, she looked at Dommi who silently mouthed ‘good morning’. She sleepily smiled back and at that moment Empathia stretched with a small moan and her eyes opened. She looked at Aven with a sleepy smile and then pulling her face to her gave her a soft kiss.

“Good morning Aven, did you sleep well?”

“I did. I’m hungry, when is everyone getting up?”

“Shh, we’re waiting for Robbie to wake up.”

“He always wakes up last, it isn’t fair.”

“He needs his sleep,” Rosie whispered, “he’s an old man.” Empathia’s eyes narrowed a moment and then she smiled. We knew Rosie would curb her sense of humour from now on.

Latreia giggled, Robbie’s hand had carefully sneaked in and tickled her. He pulled her to him for a cuddle and kiss.

“What do you all feel like doing today? I’ve had it with the scientists, let them argue on their own for one day, I want some time off with my girls.”

While we had breakfast, all us girls made a fuss of Aven and she was beaming, her heart overcome by the love she was feeling. Robbie crinkled his eyes as he smiled at her.

“Do I get a morning kiss from you?”

She ran over and he placed her on his lap. He only gave her a hug and soft kiss on the lips, keeping it non-sexual. She squirmed into him happily so he kept his arm around her as he smoked his cigarette.

Shiyra and Merlin joined us, but they kept their distance from Aven, not quite certain how to respond to our experiment. Their eyes remained glued to her and when she gave them a happy smile they carefully smiled back.


The first three days were nothing but sweetness, joy and laughter. It was a holiday that not only Aven needed. We took her to Meli’s world and when we told her to imagine for herself wings like a butterfly she took us too literally and made herself into a huge butterfly. We almost instantly pressured her into changing back. The brain of a butterfly, even if it is a huge butterfly, cannot hold the consciousness of a human and we feared losing her.

<Really Sam? The pixies and fairies have bigger brains? R.>

(Be fair Robert, none of us thought of that at the time. Go back in the diary and you’ll see you’ve had the same fear.)

<If I make a mistake it does not give you the right to repeat it. I was trying to provoke you into thinking about it and instead you used my mistake to justify yourself. The brain size has nothing to do with it love, the amount of convolutions are what matter. A butterfly does not have the brain capacity to hold human awareness. As for the fairies - I don’t know. I’ve never checked.>

Athia (as I will mostly refer to her from now on, as hardly anyone calls her Empathia anymore) met with Jessie’s redheaded friend, explained what we had done to Aven and the rest of our stay there the three of them were inseparable. Aven has become extremely affectionate, but she is also cunning, using her body language to manipulate us and Robbie. None of us really mind and we may have been guilty of encouraging her (especially Robbie), but soon we will have to correct her.

We all obey Athia, Aven is her ‘baby’ so to speak and success or failure is hers alone. She shares minds with Cherine more often than any of us have and is growing up far too quickly. Now that Robbie is free to hold and love her as much as he wants to, he does, as if trying to cling to the last moments of her childish sweetness. Athia spoils it for him a little by bringing Aven with. Aven is a little jealous of Athia and is upset that Robbie will not love her body. She rubs up against him and when we are all lost in passion she will try to take part, but Robbie stays aware of her and is careful not to make love to her.

Speaking of which, Arthur, you said you began writing this story to examine or probe the rights and wrongs of an adult making love to a child. How has the story affected you?

That’s me. Love you.

We took Aven to our own void, danced and exchanged and then took her to our World. Robbie was quite angry with Adam for sharing from Aven, saying she is not family, he should not have. As for Latreia, Agapi and Athia; they were just as delighted as Aven with the dolphin people and all of them ‘took’ to Mama Jo. When Jo learnt that Aven will be responsible for the children of her species, she asked for time alone with her. Our visit will not be long enough so we brought her soul back with us and Solomon provided her with a body.


She chose to be fat and black, though not as old as when we’d first met her. She said fat is more cuddly for children. This gave us an idea and we enlisted Eleni. She was amused by the idea and agreed we could all watch that night. We brought in Robbie as a sharer and Aven. Dommi was being naughty I think, she shared with Jo, which if Allan responded badly could hurt her.

Jessie it seems now shares their bed, but they mostly wait for her to sleep before making love. They sometimes let her watch or be part of tender moments and gentle orgasms without touching her, pretending they believe she is asleep but, if they are both feeling horny and their lovemaking is to be rougher, they do not want her to share. This night Eleni told her to pretend she is asleep, but to secretly watch. She warned her of what she is about to do and the reason. Jessie comes from a society were they have the same prejudices as Allan, so she had a difficult time holding back her giggles whenever she looked at Allan.

Allan is not that stupid, he sensed something is about to happen, that he is the target of everyone’s amusement, but he could not see what. He was relieved when they left for home, Jessie carried in his arms. They followed their family routines and after a quick cigarette he went for a shower. When he came out, Eleni was not in the bedroom. She came in carrying Jess.

“She doesn’t want to sleep alone.” She put her down on the bed. “Close your eyes and go to sleep agapi mou. I’m going for a shower.” Allan got into bed and put his arm over Jess, gazed at her little face all scrunched up as she squeezed her eyes shut pretending to be asleep and he chuckled to himself.

“Are you ready for me?” Eleni softly called to him. “I’m in a wild mood tonight.”

“What about this little monkey, she’s not asleep.”

Her voice sounded from the door, but he did not turn over to look, more concerned about Jess not being asleep. “I guess it is about time for her to learn.” Shocked he turned to look and went into a real shock.

Quickly he blocked himself, rearranging his face with a false smile and trying to mislead with a different question. “You…are you sure you want her watching? Have you explained to her?”

“Stop worrying about Jessie. Do you like the way I look?” She turned around for him to get a full view. He got off the bed and his face lit by a real smile he went and put his arms around her.

“You are too young for the night you are projecting you want. Make yourself at least ten.”

“Eight was old enough for Cherine. The way I look does not bother you?”

“No, why should it? Maybe I’ll try for an emerald green next time, would you like that?” He took a step back and looked at her. A huge grin burst onto his face. “You made yourself too black and too beautiful my love, you’ve ruined the joke. Poor Mama Jo is going to be pissed off with you. I’m going to enjoy having you the way you look.” Behind him Jess giggled, her pretence at being asleep forgotten. He turned to her, wagging his finger in mock sternness. “You were in on this.” He jumped, landing on the bed on his knees and as he grabbed her she squealed as he swung her up to his chest. He gave her a big kiss and putting her down tickled her. “Maybe it is time for me to teach you about the way we make love?”

Suddenly serious, fear filled her eyes for a second, but she stared at his face and the fear vanished, a serious look to her, as if she was having trouble breathing, she nodded.

His hand gently caressed her face. “You never have to be afraid of me love. I was teasing. If you decide someday that you want me to show you how I adore your cute little body, you let me know. I won’t try anything till then - except for giving you a kiss whenever I can’t stop myself. Okay?”

“Okay.” She asked breathlessly, “Do you want to kiss me now?”

“Yes, very much.” He did so and she slowly softened her mouth, relaxing.

As he pulled away she put a finger on her tiny pink nipple. “Do you also want to kiss me here?” He did.

“God! You look so beautiful! How could anyone want to desecrate such perfection?” He looked up at Eleni who had come to the other side of the bed.

“Turn over onto your tummy my baby. I’m going to give you a lovely massage first.” He placed himself astride her and his fingers began to give her feelings she had never experienced before.


What would Robbie and Allan do if massage hadn’t been invented? He knew Eleni was able to sense her better than he could and used her link to ensure he gave her a perfect massage. He avoided all the ‘sexy’ areas (despite her wishing he would touch her there) as if wanting to postpone the moment, keep her as his baby girl for a while longer. He was hoping he’d put her to sleep and she did end up with her mind drifting on clouds of drowsy pleasure mixed with a warmth and sense of comfort she’d never experienced before. It did have the desirable effect of opening her heart to him that little bit further and he was in a thrall under her emoting. He genuinely did not feel a need to spoil the perfection of her innocence by making love to her.

“Pull back, everybody, get out, this is private.” Robbie’s voice shocked us and disorientated we looked at him as we saw through our eyes again. “We had permission from Eleni, not from Jessie. This is her time and you all stay out of their minds. That includes you Sam.”

“I think Arthur is going to be very upset with you.” I quipped, not really caring about Arthur at that moment, upset because I (we) were losing such a beautiful moment of sharing. After all, we were sharing through Allan and Eleni, not through Jessie. As I recovered I decided he was right - I just wished he wasn’t and had left us alone. He grinned.

“I never expected you girls to be so affected by Jessie.”

“Not Jessie, Robert. By Allan. Do you remember what Arthur wrote about little girls and how he feels? I think Allan feels the same way and feeling him helped me understand what Arthur really meant.”

“I see. It wasn’t a sexual thrill seeing and feeling him ravish her little body and mind, setting her on fire, it was understanding of Arthur that gave you so much pleasure.” He was teasing me which let the others off the hook and they were grinning.

“You were just as aroused as any of us!” I pointed out.

“True. Then I recalled I don’t need to share their loving, I have my own little harem to titillate me. What do you all say, is it time for us to have some good clean fun with our two babies, Latreia and Empathia?”

We were about to agree, but then we felt the disappointment in Aven. She thought we do not want to love her and that is why she is being excluded. Sensitive as always to each of us, Robbie turned to her and raised her in his arms, placing her on his chest.

“Tell me who you are Aven.”


“Yes, but who are you, where do you come from?”

She tried hard and the words came to her. “I’m different, from another world?”

“Correct. Aven, you are not really the way you are now. I hid away some of your memories so that you can be one of us and learn how we think and feel. You agreed to it, we did not force you. If I make love to you now, it would not be right. All of Aven must want me to do that for it to be right. Do you understand what I’m saying?”


He stared at her helplessly. He knew she’d answered ‘no’ because she wants to share in what she’s seen and felt us experiencing, but he also could not bear to reject her, hurt her.

“Am I ugly Robert, you don’t want to kiss me?”

He brought her face to his and softly kissed her lips and then sat up. Cherine and Dommi pushed against his chest, making him lie down again.

“We’ve all been to the void Roberto, add to that what we just shared. Aven felt the way Jessie’s body was responding. She will suffer if you exclude her. I think the other Aven will understand.”

“She won’t, you know it.”

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)

9th December, 2019

  • posted: 9th December, 2019

    If you wish to read from an earlier book, from Book 01 to Book 05, use this link button to open the LC Book Index:

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