Seyiodus's Giveaway #9 - How Do You Get To Know About Steemit? | Result of the Last Giveaway

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Hello, steemitland. This is a start of another giveaway. Make sure to read the rules.


Last Giveaway Result

as promised that all who will participate in the last giveaway will get a share of the prie and so it occurred. All prizes have been sent to all who participated, @heyimsnuffles, @johnskotts, @mumma-monza, @adeoyesteem, @hetty-rowan, @darrenclaxton, @boyerobert, @bobbythegreat, @lost108, @sirharoldsimbo, @philippekiene, @hopehuggs, @istar19, @jayfamous, @niklaus22, @breili, @deewon56, and @sanchezal95. Thanks for your entries.

Giveaway #9

I was not introduced by anyone to steemit so there is no much story to how I came about seeing steemit. I did not even remember if it's was a post that I saw or I read an article about how to earn freely. Funny right? But i will like to know about you. I will be sharing 150 Whalecoin to all entries, thanks to @freedomesxists. So tell me:

How Do You Get To Know About Steemit?


  • Comment your answer down.
  • Upvote (Your upvote will make this giveaway running).
  • Kindly resteem this post (So to reach more steemians)
  • Invite another steemian to participate and tag the steemian in your comment.
  • All entries will get a share of the prize.
  • I will announce the winner when this post has been paid out and or when I feel like doing another giveaway before the payout.
  • Drop your BTS ID along with your comment.
    (Note: All rules should be followed. If you upvote and do not resteem or vise-versa, and you did not invite another steemian, your entry will not be valid.)

freedom whalecoin.png

What is Whalecoin?

Whalecoin is an asset on Bitsahres created by freedomexists to use in promoting/upvoting your post on whaleshares platform. There are others who have their own asset and it is generally known as WhaleToken. To know more about whalecoin and all other tokens, you can read from the prelunch announcement of by @officialfuzzy:

This is totally my giveaway and I can be on a break at any time since I am a human just like you. I can decide to increase the numbers of winners as it pleases me and there can be any changes at any time. Try to understand that this is just my way of giving back to the platform and all the decision is mine to take.

You can make a suggestion to make it fun

A suggestion from you to make it more fun and interesting is welcome. You can suggest a topic(s) you will like to see in the next giveaway contest.
If you feel like supporting my giveaway to increase the prizes please do so.

Have Fun!

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I was introduced to steemit by a good friend and a lovely sister of mine, a long time ago, but I did not take it seriously, I joined lately and am enjoying it, thanks to @seyidus.


Welcome to steemit. You need to get your bitshares wallet. You can register here: Keep your wallet password well and then drop your username here.
You can also tag friends.


@seyiodus is the competition over or i can still take part?

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A year ago my boyfriend got to know this wonderful network through an Internet forum, read a lot about it, was really excited and registered, he was gradually having success and transmitted his euphoria to me, I was very happy for him, but it never crossed my mind to register. He talked to me about some very strange terms that he barely understood, they were acronyms called SBD, SP and other even stranger concepts, I nodded my head, but I didn't understand him.

After a lot of insistence my boyfriend was the one who registered me on the page, he just told me to keep an eye on the mail because the password would arrive there, a whole week passed and the password would not arrive, in total there were three attempts to register until I finally managed to log in.

I would like the next contest to be related to whaleshares, I invite @gabox and @malvarezmusic to participate.
My BTS wallet is breili212


Finally, you are here and I want to believe that you have been enjoying the platform and everything that came out of it.

A good friend of mine introduce me to steemit, we were just discussing about some life issues and she said you know you can write stories and get rewarded and thats how i joined. I invite @rebeccafl and @ifeoluwa88 . my bts i.d sammiegold007


That's good. kindly read the rules and complete the task.


I tink i have done all and you can hint me if any is yet to be done


You have just completed it. Thanks.

all the very best in this @seyiodus


Thanks, bro for all your support.

Found it searching around Crypto market cap at the top 50 coins and then just searching for each coin and what it was about. This then stumbled me on to steem where I now happily connect with others all while making some decent change. I invite @agaci. My bts id is mitchconor123.


That's really nice. You are someone like myself. See you doing great on the platform.

You got 4.00% upvote from Yensesa. Thank you for your continues support of Yensesa Exchange and being a member of Yensesa Residual Income


@seyiodus always running these beautiful contest thank you. I was introduced to steemit by and article I read on medium...I read that if I create content I can get rewarded. Look at my rewards meeting all these beautiful people love it. I’m introducing @mango-juice to join the Whaleshare community. Thank you @freedomexsits for sponsoring this contest as well...
Bitshares ID

I found out about steemit through YouTube Videos over a year ago. I was searching for educational videos on cryptocurrencies, specially on Bitcoin. And in almost every video, the word steem always popped up. In that time, I really had very limited knowledge about crypto, and never considered the idea that a cryptocurrency could be generated for a social media platform, let alone to reward people for posting. That was incredibly innovative for me at that moment. I kindly invite @elizahfhaye. BTS ID: edavid10

I love writing, so when my father heard about steemit from a fellow member of his church - he suggested that I try it, been on steemit for over two years now;

@scuzzy, why dont you let us know how you got here?

BTS: bre-eze

Hiya, I was introduced to Steemit back in November by my dear friend for over 30 years @beat5e8.
He told me to stop wasting my time on these Social Networking Sites & get real.
I followed his advice & voila here I am, surrounded by the most rad people I have come across in my life!
That said, I am not the youngest anymore & this experience has been the greatest journey ever <3

Whoop, whoop!

I invite @jeffleinwand <3

D-Nuckles over n out <3

My Bts is d-vine <3

I was first introduced to Steemit by a @jordan.white306 who shared a post with me and his good friend @aden.stanway375 to read. I caught a few errors and after inquiring about the post a little more he told me he made it on a website called Steemit where you can create a post and gain a following and some money if you do well. Immediately I wanted to try it out and I've been enjoying my time here. I've joined a few communities and have been able to test my writing abilities for which I'm glad for.

I would like to invite @jordan.white306 or @aden.stanway375 to join in on this great opportunity!
BTS username: jewlz-y