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There are 12 main astrological/zodiac signs. This guide is meant to give you a general understanding of the sexual tendencies of a female based on each sign. You can figure out your zodiac sign by knowing exactly when you were born. This is intended to be interpreted by using your sun sign. Most average people go by their sun sign only when they talk about their astrological sign, so just use the general one you are probably used to claiming with your birth date when viewing this guide. However astrology can be much more precise and goes much deeper than that with many other factors besides just birth date. For a full digital reading for FREE visit Astrolabe.

Important Guide Info

I strongly urge you not to use this guide to take advantage of women. Instead use it to learn how to best please somebody you truly care about, or even get to know yourself better. You may be surprised just how accurate these readings will be. Although never 100%,
you will find more truths than falsities.

I released another guide titled "Sextrology of Men" which is available here :
Until then enjoy this guide for women.


This sextrology knowledge was obtained from a book by astrologers Starsky & Cox


The 12 Signs

1. Aries (March 21-April 19)

2. Taurus (April 20-May 20)

3. Gemini (May 21-June 20)

4. Cancer (June 21-July 22)

5. Leo (July 23-August 22)

6. Virgo (August 23-September 22)

7. Libra (September 23-October 22)

8. Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

9. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

10. Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

11. Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

12. Pisces (February 19 to March 20)


1. Aries

Sexually, Aries acts on impulse & responds to whatever experiences as physical attraction. Only when a man makes her Mars-ruled juices actually flow will she give him the time of day. To squelch such impulses seems, to her, a crime against nature. Contrary to the popular belief of women who may have seen their men swiped from right under them by Aries, she isn't conniving or even calculating—she simply follows the spontaneous signals her body sends, feeling justified in doing so. There's nothing romantic or emotional in her actions—she's not generally passionate enough even to be predatory.

When it comes to sex, Aries craves instant gratification. If single, she'll usually have a booty-call number logged into her speed dial; and in relationships, she's gotta have it more than any other woman on the astrological wheel. She's a woman in pursuit of her own orgasm. And she'll think nothing, for instance, of waking up a lover by shagging him.
She is a notorious masturbator, something she'd readily admit. She plays with herself during sex as well, not wanting to waste time having the guy do it—no matter how ædept he is, he won't get her there as assuredly as she can. Besides, she doesn't want him distracted from the simple role he's here to perform, and that is quite frankly to ram her, expertly and thoroughly.

Sucking a guy is pretty low on her priority list, as the act somewhat offends Aries's no-service sensibilities. She is an aficionado of positions and connoisseur of techniques, highly skilled in her role as the wildest ride on the planet.
As a nod to her #Lilith archetype, she likes it on top. Aries will simultaneously squeeze, pump & hump her man with such ardor that he must possess reserves of natural staying power if he's not to disappoint this most insistent female. Just as she can drink most guys under the table, she can easily outscrew them as well, and if that means an all-nighter, then so much the better—sex with her always seems somewhat competitive.


2. Taurus

Taurus takes the exploration of her femininity to near fetishistic heights, organically falling into the roleplay as striptease artist, geisha, or even call girl, without any forethought or shade of irony. To her mind, she's simply expressing herself, tapping into natural sexual proclivities. This is perhaps the most enviable aspect of the Taurean sexual persona: She easily accesses her primal erotic self, guilelessly giving herself over to a man's more dominant urges.

Sex isn't something to engage in lightly or to participate in slightly, for Taurus requires complete surrender, which, in turn, culminates in a kind of transcendent ecstatic state. This is rarely had by assuming control or taking an assertive position in the sack. Taurus is the literal flip side of that sign that precedes hers (ARIES) and thus requires to be thoroughly worked over by a man.

She doesn't want to be ransacked, however, in any way, shape, or form. Rather she craves a slow, sensual, systematic detailing of her entire being, the bulk of her sexual excitement stemming from utter acquiescence to a man's exploration and domination of her, executed sweetly but deeply. The Bull girl really appreciates a beefcake, particularly if it extends to her boyfriend's bits & pieces. For her, it's both the meat AND the motion. And if anything could dispel her wide-eyed, unquestioning view of a mate—and fast—it's a failure to sufficiently deliver such goods.

The simple truth is that Taurus will rarely commit to a guy for the long run unless he's stellar in the sack. Money, looks, sense of humor—all such other bullet points on her checklist go right out the window if her man lacks in the lovemaking department.


3. Gemini

When it comes to intercourse, the Twins actually prefers to be on top, where she can control the pace and positioning. Having a guy plow her often feels too much like a violation, and she has no patience for a man (even her long-term lover) just wanting to get off. There is always a sense of the #Gemini self-pleasuring in bed, as if her pleasure is a mere tool for her own masturbatory masterwork. She won't, however, tolerate being similarly engaged.

Gemini will always retain an aspect of wanting to lose herself in sex. Playing capture can be cute, but it's total rapture she's really after, being transfixed by the sexual act without necessarily having to credit the man who's on hand to help her achieve her aim. He's there to provide the ride. And Gemini can be downright bossy in the bedroom, often forgetting that her lover's role isn't only to do her bidding. Consequently, she often enters into relationships with sexually immature men, or even somewhat namby-pamby ones—opting for an opposite type to the overbearing man she may have felt abused by at some point in her past. Besides, as a mutable mix of masculine & feminine energies, as befits #Mercury's androgynous neutered glyph, Gemini feels a commonality with a guy who possesses a strong, sensitive feminine side.

In some cases, she may even thrive on sexually overpowering a decidedly fey male. Whereas most women find male homosexuality a hands-down turnoff, the Gemini may be both psychologically intrigued & erotically titillated. In fact, she'd sooner engage in a threesome with 2 men as opposed to the more commonplace girl-guy-girl ménage, knowing she won’t be the overwhelming focus. She might get off on watching what transpires sexually between guys, if for no other reason than to satisfy her infamous curiosity, seeing what she knows most women will never see. Watching such a tryst, she is rather unshockable as, like her LIBRA air-sign cousin, she can be something of an honorary gay man herself.


4. Cancer

Cancer woman unconsciously embodies the sexual freedom of matriarch societies, those #pagan females persecuted as witches by the patriarchal church for all their bawdy medieval bra-burning. For Cancer, there is no guilt in indulging in even the raunchiest scenarios so long as they don't conflict with her gut.

Indeed, Cancer is conducting what even modern-day Wiccan would call a wee bit of #sexmagic each and every time she hits the sheets. She is so completely involved in the act and, naturally attuning herself to the experiences—never letting it consume her—she harnesses the transformative power of the proceedings, forever conjuring from it what she needs as emotional sustenance. She eventually conjures up exactly the kind of guy for whom she would pack in her past experience and settle down. Feeling out every dark corner of her sexuality, and calculating her likes & dislikes, Cancer woman develops a very distinct sense of self.


5. Leo

Making love is a primal act for #Leo, and her guttural responses—let's just say, she's a screamer—are a clear sign that she's indulging profoundly animal urges.. Not one to ever bother with the quickies so many other signs enjoy, she won't get out of bed until she’s sufficiently satisfied, which means having had more than just 1, or even 2, orgasms—hers are so explosively complex—and she'll take the interval 'recovery time' to play with her lover, urging him to stay inside, squeezing him as to keep hope alive for another round, or perhaps trying to beat her own record for getting him back up should he go down.

Speaking of going down, this is an area about which she’s generally unenthused, though certainly not outright squeamish. She performs #fellatio with savage, if not toothy, abandon, making a man fear for his parts. But her haste might just be a by-product of hurrying the 'job' along. Despite the obvious pleasure oral sex conveys, she sees having her kitty licked as merely a fleeting precursor to penetration.

While Leo woman easily reaches climax via #clitoral stimulation, she considers the sensation rather too acute to completely satisfy, not to mention being a pale substitute for the full-body #orgasms she luxuriates in when aroused vaginally. This is yet one more reason why those tender types don’t stand a chance with Leo woman. She requires a real he-man in the sack, a guy who is less about technique and more about just powerfully plugging away.. She requires a fiercely masculine lover precisely so she can be her ferocious, aggressive sexual self and still manage to come off like a delicate flower in comparison.


6. Virgo

Over time, and usually with a steady mate, Virgo comes to embody her mutable-earthiness, conforming comfortably to as hefty a package of manhood as a guy might have to offer. One must think of her as the most powerful of sexual engines, all revved up and waiting to be taken for a long, fast ride by a seasoned driver—one who will undoubtedly enjoy the erotic trip of his life.

Sex with the #Virgo woman can be a tough task indeed. Most guys will tire before she does. To experience the full pleasure of sex with the Virgo female, a man must possess a heroic degree of staying power. Being result-oriented will get him nowhere. With her, it's about enjoying the process, building excitement, giving & taking in equal measure—the sign of Virgo, after all, represents mutuality.

Still, the sexual experience must be powered by LOVE. Virgo can only reciprocate in her signature extraordinary way if that physical intelligence tells her a partner is deeply into her, literally & figuratively. Her perfect mate is someone who, unlike those guys who bolted when faced with her obvious emotional depth, welcomes so unfathomable female as she.
Virgo matches a man's every stroke. A man will indeed feel the earth move, patiently giving over to pleasure. The more instinctually he works her, the more she’ll become putty in his hands. Intuitively, she senses the subtlest of needs to ease or speed up, as if her #yoni itself discerns the way to make his #lingham grow without blowing its stack.. Her body involuntarily teases, squeezes, and eventually vacuums a man into her.. Virgo will experience her one climax as seismic, originating from so subterranean a spot in herself as to throw her entire being into uncontrollable spasms.

A willingness to be blatantly passive may easily extend to her offering up her Virgo-ruled rectum—she derives nearly as much pleasure from this orifice as she does from the other.
Leather, typically part and parcel of attracting those motorcycle men for whom she will always have a weakness, is a particular Virgo fetish.


7. Libra

Just as we affectionately call Scorpio man the male lesbian of the zodiac, the argument can be made that Libra woman is the female gay-man. #Libra relates far more readily to the directive of the male mind than she does to the traditionally subjective feminine view; and so, with her mate, she's just as naturally aggressive as he is.
69 is by far her favorite sex act: She seems to derive as much pleasure from blowing a guy as she herself gets from being munched—while it's combination of simultaneous acts being performed (the inherent #YinYang) that truly drives her forward. Libra is always conscious of what she's doing in bed, and the mental picture of herself and a lover is highly erotic to her. Fittingly, she relishes watching herself with her man, whether in a well-placed mirror or via playback of a homemade video.

Libra is confident in her sexual performance, aware that she possesses expert talents. Oral sex is her special province, and being on the giving end is, well, a heady power-trip for her. She thrills at having her man, literally, by the balls. In fact, it is a particularly Libra-female fantasy to render a pretty-boy helpless, toying with his orgasm, bringing him to the brink, only to leave him whining for a finish. At this type of teasing foreplay, and screwing too, she is intuitive, economic in her movements, imaginatively mixing speeds, pressures, and positions. She'll keep her eyes open fueling excitement through the looks & sounds she elicits from her lover.

She loathes dirty chatter, as well as feigned moans & groans—she is a silent sexual persona. Despite her pristine appearance, she's not put off by a messy sexual atmosphere. Men are not as foreign to her as they are to many women, and so she feels as little revulsion for the male sex as she does reverence.


8. Scorpio

Embodying the fixed-water (focused-feeling) combination of her sign, she seeks to be a man's obsession, a crystallization of his desire—it's the primary manner in which the Scorpion paralyzes her prey. She can be a veritable #succubus, even having at her man while he's sleep. She enjoys getting to the root of a man's character, well acquainted with hidden areas that serve as male G-spots. She likes a little messiness in a man just as she likes to sweat up and otherwise soak the sheets, totally aroused by healthy body odor, especially a man's musky scent. In rare instances, she will forgo showering post-sex, perhaps even swapping undies with her lover to keep the excitement going throughout the day.

Scorpio is the sign of sex, after all, with the Serpent as one of its symbols—in tantric thought, a female serpent #Kundalini is said to be coiled around the lowest chakra, that of the pelvis. Scorpio naturally knows how to wake the snake inside, her breathing during sex working in perfect synchronicity with the muscles of her vagina—this accounts for any delay in orgasm, as she lets it come rather than forcing it to happen. She becomes one with the sex act, which seems to put her into a trancelike state.

She finds great pleasure in rendering a man helpless, tying him up and torturing him with, at the very least, a little tickling. She may be an outright dominatrix, turned on by enslaving a submissive man, seeing him grovel for her sexual attention.


9. Sagittarius

Certainly, nothing turns Sag on more than herself. Just as real horses are vain (#equine creatures are forever checking themselves out in mirrors when trotting along an indoor ring), so, too does the #Centaur lady love to see herself in the throes of passion, especially when her man is groveling at her feet. Her favorite position is on top (preferably watching herself), riding her guy to orgasm.
Control is important to Sag during sex, and with her typically athletic body, particularly her strong thighs & legs, she can sustain vigorous positions longer than most women. Whatever she may lack in limberness, she more than makes up for in sheer stamina.

Sag is basically a good girl who merely fancies herself someone with exotic tastes. The kinkiest she gets is in exploration of her exhibitionist tendencies. Indeed, most every Sag enjoys masturbating for her boyfriend far more than she likes to do alone. Just as Sag male elevates this own #onanism to new heights, so, too, does his female counterpart make art out of popping her own cork, reveling in her ability to blind her lover with graphically elaborate displays of self-appreciation, as being 'naughty' becomes something of a fetish for someone so naturally nice & wholesome as Sag.

Deep down, Sagittarius has an inherently low-key attitude toward sex, but she feels compelled to add a bit of pomp to each carnal circumstance. Alas, it all looks so much better in her head than when in the midst of a sweaty mess, let alone when having to strip the sheets—reason enough to hire a maid. For the most part, Sag is really in love with the seduction & romance. While, even her most intimate acts smack of that ever-present exhibitionism, this is one specific sexual arena in which the Sag woman might overindulge.

What appeals is the temptation of bringing her sexual life with a man into public view. Life, for Sag, should be all buildup, a prolonged state of over-the-top foreplay.


10. Capricorn

She is a fairly conservative sexual character when it comes to her erotic regimen, viewing the intimacy that sex provides as a source of safety & comfort (far more than as an acrobatic workout or psychological journey). Still, sex is something of a big deal, as she probably came to it relatively late in life.

She is not experimental by nature, preferring to stick to the same well-loved, reliable routine, even in the same order, so she knows what to look forward to next. Sex is not a jaded affair for the Goat girl, and as cliche as it sounds, for her each time feels like the first time. This is another reason why she likes bedding those considerably younger guys—she shares the sense of newness that is naturally felt by guys still sexually wet behind the ears. When with an older partner, an unjaded exuberance must still be a relationship keynote, particularly palpable between the sheets. Cap finds the very anticipation of sex as exciting, if not more so, than the nitty-grittiness of the act itself.

The wildest thing about Cap woman is her love of fantasy, and especially the idea of covert sexual activity. As pornlike as it may sound, she enjoys interaction with men in the service industries whose job it is to be polite while doing her bidding. Cap woman may see no conflict between satisfying her sexual needs elsewhere while still devoting her emotional self fully to a primary relationship.

When it comes to love, her heart is forever in the right place; but if other parts of her aren't being used to full capacity, Cap might fill that particular hole with another more willing & able to help. Her attitude is sophisticated: Sex is an isolated experience, something she simply wants done, and done right. Chances are, given her slow-climbing nature, that Cap woman orgasms at a higher level than most, perpetually staving off the temptation to pop her cork until such time as it is impossible to stop. By suppressing her pleasure, Cap seeks to enhance the purity of the experience.


11. Aquarius

Sex should never be a laminated, sanitized affair, but rather a releasing of all inhibitions. The Aquarian is never the demanding, domineering, emasculating type—she gives her man much space. The 11th Astrological House, after all, is one of non-personal & non-emotional relationships. And that element of detachment from her mate ironically helps to ensure that their sex remains alive & kicking. For the zodiac's renewal goddess, there should be a sense that sex forever 'feels like the first time.

For this #Uranus-ruled sign, serendipity & surprise will always be important elements for keeping the erotic experience new & exciting. Not knowing everything about her partner's life, allowing for that whiff of mystery, keeps the Aquarian guessing—she comes to expect the unexpected. Spontaneity is arousing to the #Waterbearer, whose fantasies often involve being taken abruptly by a man. She doesn't relish or require long, drawn-out, touchy-feely sessions & romantic gazing into one another's eyes. Real, sudden human urges are what she is all about (not playing footsie for hours at a restaurant as a precursor to foreplay). It is the bestial side of men that attracts her most.

She simply goes bonkers for a braniac with the body of a sexy beast. She likes big lugs, those who look as if they can manhandle her with just the right amount of roughness. #Aquarius woman is not a sensualist; she’s a sexualist, and she appreciates a man who won't (pardon the pun) beat around the bush. She wants all her buttons pressed—preferably, all at once—with the least amount of ceremony possible.

Indeed, more than any other female, Aquarian will boast a goody drawer filled with colorful plastic cylindrical objects, vividly flavored contraceptives, tickling devices, and the like. Sex is all fun & games for her, and toys tend to work their way into the proceedings between her and a lover. Her body isn't so much a temple as it is a play house.


12. Pisces

Pisces woman can be somewhat sexless, that is when she's not completely nymphomaniacal, the most striking paradox of this pretty Fish. Meanwhile, she has her fetishes, which typically include those innocent young lads, but as she can't easily abide by what she considers the sexual tyranny of heterosexual relationships.

She's easily grossed out by the actual carnal function & machinations of sex—the sweating, the odors, the emitting of fluids totally clash with her dreamy visions. Some Pisces women are so vehemently squeamish about sex that, when they become pregnant, friends & family who know them best are inclined to suspect some form of immaculate conception.
Pisces needs a partner who is a combination of all 3 aspects of manhood: male love-object, humble provider, and masculine beast. Pisces woman is alone a full-time occupation. She is thoroughly preoccupied with herself, not to mention how well or not she is being treated by others. Her partner comes under the most direct scrutiny.

The unsuspecting fellow who falls for the Fish always gets more than he bargained for, which generally becomes apparent in short order. For someone who seems so untouchable and hard-to-get, she expects the bond to become almost instantly serious. Indeed, Pisces moves from one major relationship to another in search of Mr. Right, in the meantime craving the confines of even a troublesome bond on which she can depend. When she happens upon a man who fits her unconscious criteria as the perfect mate, she wastes no time securing the bond. She needs so full of a man's attention as to border on obsession—this is evidenced by her nearly maniacal jealous streak, one fueled by her infamously wild imagination.

Dissolving as she does into every experience, the sexually-seasoned Pisces who has had her illusions gloriously shattered more than a few times will be extra compliant when it comes to a man's demands in the bedroom. Providing the guy with a profound sexual experience is the quickest she knows of putting a man under her enchanting spell.


The art for each zodiac sign was created by : Yuhon

This sextrology knowledge was obtained from a book by astrologers Starsky & Cox


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