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There are 12 main astrological/zodiac signs. This guide is meant to give you a general understanding of the sexual tendencies of a male based on each sign. You can figure out your zodiac sign by knowing exactly when you were born. This is intended to be interpreted by using your sun sign. Most average people go by their sun sign only when they talk about their astrological sign, so just use the general one you are probably used to claiming with your birth date when viewing this guide. However astrology can be much more precise and goes much deeper than that with many other factors besides just birth date. For a full digital reading for FREE visit Astrolabe.

Important Guide Info

I strongly urge you not to use this guide to take advantage of men. Instead use it to learn how to best please somebody you truly care about. You may be surprised just how accurate these readings will be. Although never 100%,
you will find more truths than falsities.

I posted another guide titled "Sextrology of Women” yesterday :



The 12 Signs

1. Aries (March 21-April 19)

2. Taurus (April 20-May 20)

3. Gemini (May 21-June 20)

4. Cancer (June 21-July 22)

5. Leo (July 23-August 22)

6. Virgo (August 23-September 22)

7. Libra (September 23-October 22)

8. Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

9. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

10. Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

11. Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

12. Pisces (February 19 to March 20)


1. Aries

Aries is an athletic lover with an urge for domination. He is all for fast & furious sex, and unlike many men, he'll tire none too easily nor feel the need to pace himself. A native of the 1st House of self-interest, he is, above all, in it for his own pleasure. He doesn't seek to stem the tide of orgasm—he is totally unapologetic, even if he comes too soon. Ironically, in indulging his own needs, he goes a lot further in satisfying a partner than does many a so-called sensitive man with a how-to manual for a mind.

On his infamous 2nd, 3rd, or 4th go-round, with orgasm no longer imminent, he'll really pour on the energy, bringing a partner to climax again & again amid an infamous monologue of coaxing and baiting. What a woman might miss is foreplay—something the egoist Ram isn't in the habit of preforming; he wants the experience to be real, not an enactment of fantasy. He's a passionate but abrupt kisser, just as he's a pro with the quick thrust (not one for long, languid smooches or slow-stroking, sleepy sex). If a woman is after loving affection, Aries may seem too focused on the physical, but plenty of partners would sign on with him for that very reason.

Indeed, a lover will notice how he constantly keeps eye contact, forever gauging what effect he's having. Witnessing responses to his efforts only revs the Ram up even more—don't forget it's all about him—and as his ego swells in response to the obvious impact he's making, so, too, will other parts of him follow suit. Sometimes, he'll flirt with inflicting a little pain, the conquering warrior taking characteristic liberties. He'll make some quick moves all his own, switching back & forth between going down on a girl and peppily plowing into her—lickety-split.

Truth be told, it takes a lot to keep up with Aries, and a lover might be hard-pressed to pace herself. As it is, she has her work cut out for her, walking a fine line, trying to simultaneously appeal to the alternate sides of his Madonna-whore vision.


2. Taurus

More than any other guy, he has the ability, and indeed the luxury, to inspire a female cult following, a symptom of his magnetic fixed-sign standing, which goes hand-in-hand with his archetypal status as the fertility idol incarnate. In fact, many a domineering female looks at Taurus and simply sees a hot stud engineered for producing quality sperm.
Even when in a relationship, Taurus is hard-pressed to pass on any seductress who might throw herself at him. In playing the field, Taurus rarely lets his lust for even his most coveted acquisitions show—he is a coolheaded collector of such priceless pieces (in this case, ASS).

Taurus prizes tenacity in a person—such a trait signifies caretaking stability & grounded focus. Moreover, Taurus may sense assets in a partner that aren't readily apparent to others' naked eyes. To his credit, he generally values personality & intelligence above looks. At his core, Taurus is looking for security & guidance—he doesn't endeavor to steer the love boat but rather luxuriate in all that's being afforded him on board. This slice of beefcake is totally submissive, and moreover, he likes it that way.

He may all too easily fall into extracurricular sexual relationships—not out of maliciousness, or wile, but almost out of sheer laziness with relationship rules. Even single Taureans are known to hook up with a lady who is taken. Still, the best part of waking up with a Taurus male in your bed is that, being female-centric, he naturally understands what a woman wants. Given time & patience, he'll eventually get around to doing everything one could ever hope to have done.

Taurus man is a clitoral connoisseur whose tongue tends to be lovingly long. His oral fixation on the #MonsVeneris is proof that this boy is Venus's original lover. Indeed, Taurus elevates eating-out to a rite of worship. Of course, he'll expect reciprocation; but the length of time it can take him to climax—not to mention the often mighty length & girth of his member itself—can make returning the favor a tiresome prospect.


3. Gemini

When it comes to sex, Gemini consciously considers what it takes to be good in bed. He isn't going on pure animal instinct like ARIES, or satisfied with pure sensation as is TAURUS. Instead, the Twins guy uses his head. And nobody is better with his hands. As befits his planet's rule of communication, #Gemini is not just a cunning linguist, his oral skill extends to the bedroom as well. If speed is the aim, no guy can get a girl off quicker, so long as we're speaking strictly of clitoral stimulation as a vehicle to orgasm.

As it is, this original powerhouse of positive thinking is famous for looking in the mirror and giving himself verbal pep talk (not only when gearing up for sex but also in other instances, such as when warming up for an interview or business presentation). In all arenas, what he lacks in true confidence he'll make up for in bravado, which translates into putting on the air of a powerful, badass stud, employing that much more talk than action—telling a woman how he plans to ransack her while working his foreplay magic, using those sign-ruled hands during intercourse to bolster the excitement and quicken a woman's pace to match his own. He will twiddle, squeeze, bite, pinch, lick and blow while poking, providing a woman with the feel of a full-body climax. In some cases, he may seek to overcome a sense of sexual inferiority through dominant role-play.

For the Gemini male, sex must always, first and foremost, be fun. Like a terrier, he'll root out every corner of a female's fantasy life, urging her to admit (and submit) to her kinkiest longings. He thrives on experimentation and detests routine. Indeed, variety of experience, if not partners, is Gemini's most pressing penchant. At even the slightest show of interest from a female, he has a hard time keeping it in his pants, despite a long-term commitment.
It's the breach in his dual nature he finds most difficult to broach.


4. Cancer

The Crab will always be sexually aroused by the assertion of female power. Cancer is typically a much better lover when he isn't tasked as the prime mover. Pressure to perform makes him nervous, and he risks either losing his erection or shooting the Moon too soon. However, in a more passive role, it's quite a different story: In this instance, he may be the most sexually tireless man on the astrological block, capable of not only recurring orgasms but multiple ones as well.

And with the strain off to be some sexual He-man, he is able to fully embrace his sensitivity as sexual excitement often sees him tapping into some fairly sappy emotional outpourings. Of any man, he is the premier softie, loving to kiss, hug, spoon & moon. He needs that showering of cuddly mother love as much as, if not more than, getting his rocks off. On that score, nothing imparts more of a pure erotic thrill than letting an energetic top woman have her way with him.

He is the Zodiac's preeminent tittie-fucker, and most of his sexual fantasies involve big-bosomed babes. The Crab guy relishes being (s)mothered by a female. He can be fairly kinky in his makeup, savoring the role of a submissive or even an outright slave to a diehard dominatrix [or] sexualized schoolgirl.
Whereas many men choose to remain in the dark about more intimate female functions, the Cancerian embraces:
• all of a woman's more scatological workings; anal sex
• when she's not quite finished with her period
• when she's pregnant
• when his woman least expects it—just falling asleep or upon waking
• once she's given birth, his woman's milk might also become a fixation
• the odd golden shower, probably the most graphic interpretation of his sign's cardinal-water status.

There is, in fact, very little a woman can do to turn the Cancer off—every possible working of her being is up for grabs to be fetishized by the Crab. He is at once fascinated by the female form and yet he deeply identifies with women emotionally, even spiritually.


5. Leo

The most monogamous of males, Leo prides himself on loyalty. And when in an unhappy marriage, he may grin and bear it rather than admit defeat. Still he won't stray.

The actual act of sex is a big deal for #Leo, and it's a turnoff if his lover doesn't share his heightened, somewhat dramatic perspective. On some level, he hopes she'll admit that a sexual experience of this magnitude has yet to occur in her lifetime. Indeed, if Leo gets even the slightest whiff that she is 'too seasoned' in the sack, he'll do a hasty retreat, though not before hitting her up with a heavy moral head-trip.

In most cases, Leo man simply doesn't have a kinky bone in his body. No matter how rough-and-tumble a romp becomes, sex must always be taken slowly, if not outright lazily. Every sexual encounter for the Leo should feel like the first time, or at least a special occasion. This may even remain true when the Leo and his partner have been married for decades. Still, his sexual tastes are often perceived as bland, which may leave his lover craving a little spice in their ardently wholesome routine.

For all his lolling about in the bedroom, Leo is actually one of the more tireless men in the Zodiac, comfortably spending whole days crumpling the sheets, alternating between sex & sleep. He expects it often and boasts the ability to maintain a hard-on long after most men would have withered.
Indeed, once a woman gives over to his rhythm, she may be surprised how multiorgasmic slow-moving sex can be. It is this precise realization that the Leo hopes to inspire in his lover, bringing about a sense of sexual healing by showering pure affection & devotion.

Of course, certain maneuvers will make the Lion roar more audibly than usual: Playing with his testicles, especially by running ones fingernails across them, albeit lightly, during intercourse. Other erogenous zones are his chest area, in general, and his back; gently clawing along his entire posterior during sex sends electric shivers through his body.


6. Virgo

He likes a lover who'll take responsibility for her own pleasure in the bedroom, which is why, more often than not, he welcomes the woman-on-top position. He gets off being viewed as an instrument for his mate's enjoyment and grateful for not having to be the traditional male aggressor. He may be considered lame by women looking to play the sexual submissive since his dormant volcanic libido requires proper stoking to get fired up.

However, at the appointed time, Virgo will hammer away, driving his lover's orgasm home. He has tremendous staying power. Given his penchant for regularity, sex can take on a ritual significance, thereby becoming a means for reinforcing & solidifying his bond with a woman. And besides, putting himself on autopilot keeps Virgo from second-guessing his performance, subjecting himself to self-critical analysis. Virgo experiences orgasms as a full-body sensation, feeling an extended buildup that, unlike with many men, will see him shaking in precursory waves before he actually even erupts—and with the proper breathing exercises, he'll find his orgasmic period can be drawn out even longer.

Sex for the Virgo has a tantric quality, being very much about prolonging pleasure & trying to achieve a sustainable ecstatic state. As with any of his habitual practices, he generally goes deeper into the experience each subsequent time, thus emphasizing the importance of a steady partner as well as a steadfast routine. To the Zodiac's virgin, sex cannot help but be a rather sordid affair. As it is, he barely likes doing it with the lights on.

Yet, despite his sanitized vision of sex, Virgo has a wildly active fantasy life. One classic Virgoan fascination is 'watching'—Virgo men find no greater turn-on. Other sexual reveries generally involve nubile-looking women and, of course, virgins whom he revels in deflowering. Being cuckolded is a signature Virgoan desire he might not even admit to himself


7. Libra

Sex for him must be, in a word, beautiful. The mood, indeed the lighting, must be just so, as his vision of lovemaking is rather lyrical—no fumbling or false starts, but a rather slow, erotic journey with lots of crescendo and a sweeping, successful finish that should never leave him or his partner wanting. Placing such a tall order on himself in the sack, #Libra may be too 'in his head' about performance. As a result, he indulges in lavish foreplay, determined to gratify a woman early on if only as a preventative measure, daunted by the prospect of not delivering a big bang during intercourse.

In contrast to his opposite sign of ARIES—aptly named the Ram—Libra uses his brain over whatever brawn he might possess. This boy Venus is far more erotic than he is explicitly carnal, his bedroom operations being tastefully artistic, as opposed to blatantly pornographic. Kissing a woman's mouth, neck, ears, wherever, Libra expertly employs his breath—sharp inhalations or hot blows—to awaken hidden erogenous zones. He is a master of the soft touch, barely tracing his fingers over a woman's body, allowing her anticipation to play a part in arousal.

He is the most sexually intuitive of men, seeming to function on the astral plane, moving his hands over a woman as if casting a psychic spell of excitement, seeking to stimulate her aura as much as her actual body parts. He wants a lover to writhe in great expectation before he so much as licks a nipple. It never takes long for the Libra to bring his lover, thus warmed up, to orgasm.

A particular specialty is the art of the oral: His style is slow & steady, deep stimulation mixed with unexpectedly quick & breezy touches. He's particularly aroused by being used as a sexual tool for a woman's pleasure. Indeed, nothing gives Libra a larger hard-on than a woman who can't get enough of him, hungrily using his phallus every which way for her own masturbatory pleasure.


8. Scorpio

He loves bouncy, voluptuous, or even bottom-heavy, pastoral creatures with a blissful ignorance of urbane affectation or jadedness. As sexist as it sounds (macho Mars is his co-ruler, remember), he feels that such a guileless rustic of a girl will be vulnerable to his often compulsively controlling nature. He, like the animal scorpion, induces a sort of suspended animation as befits the sign's 8th House association with sleep & death. As the sting of the scorpion paralyzes its prey, the male of this sign can unnerve his cherished victim of love. Scorpio man only lets the person he truly loves glimpse into his own deep vulnerability. But a bond with Scorpio is mainly an unspoken one, based on trust, typically devoid of constant discussion or over-analysis.

Sex plays an enormous part in reinforcing a relationship with Scorpio—something that also goes without saying. Indeed, what often transpires in bed with Scorpio is too lewd to discuss in the light of day. In one respect, sex with a Scorpio man who is in love can be a sappy affair. With the woman he loves, he dives in headfirst reveling in every inch of her body, squeamish about nothing and eager to leave no possible approach to pleasure un-explored. The challenge for this man though, is to reconcile his more obsessive, often fetishistic sexual desires with a need to maintain a pristine vision of respect for his partner.

Scorpio man takes a woman on an unconventional journey into the depths of sexual desire—drawing out her profound, hidden yearnings—as a mean of reaching the heights of ecstasy & self-discovery. His partner should set aside a good amount of time, as sex with the Scorpio is rarely rushed or simply a matter of physically getting off. On the contrary, he seems to have mastered the lessons that his earlier, far more experienced lovers taught him. Scorpio takes total control of the proceedings, fucking with his partner's mind from the outset; he sets a mood of anticipation that sends her wriggling in excitement & frustration.


9. Sagittarius

No man is more the type to commemorate his love bonds with over-the-top overtures such as showering his lady with gifts, whisking her off on a surprise excursion, scattering the boudoir with rose petals to memorialize some special occasion or solemnize the sexual experience.

Blessed with the ability to 'become one' with the carnal act, he can relax into the peaking pleasure and plateau for quite a while without popping his cork. It is often said that sex with a Sagittarius man is, in a word, superlative. Sagittarius is the one male who identifies with the inherently sublime Pleasure Principle within a woman, something he feels uniquely qualified to access and drive to new, unlimited heights.

If anybody is going to have a mirror on his ceiling, it is this Archer. As present and penetrating as his pounding may be, there is a sense that he's somewhere else, as if undergoing an out-of-body experience. Sag guy, like #Dionysus, might represent the principles of disorder, frenzy, or orgiastic ecstasy, but, like that splendid male god, he will often himself be as blasé as can be. As a nod to his Dionysian association with the vine, his conduct is spontaneous & twisted; he is notorious for coming at a woman every which way, often to climactic results.

Typically, he's a legs & ass man. Whether for sheer love or because it represents a sense of taboo, Sag (like his neighbor SCORPIO) tends to push the envelope on anal sex more than most guys. He relishes seeing his lover reach beyond sexual limits, in hopes that she'll eventually beg him to do something she had originally considered outrageous. If Sag is to be continually fulfilled by a woman, she must, in effect, become more hedonistic, if not outright raunchier in her approach.
He is kinky by nature. Just as he likes to wrap his physical body around a woman, so too does he seek to infiltrate every corner of a woman's psychosexual being. He is an explorer of fantasies, driven to uncovering desires that may lie dormant in the recesses of his lover's mind.


10. Capricorn

He's on the lookout for a haven: a source of both safety & sanctity. But safety can be a trap, breeding complacency for the Cap, who unfortunately looks at relationships as a source of convenience first, and love second. In fact, of any man in the Zodiac, Cap is the most likely to disbelieve in love altogether, often, in his jaded sophistication. Our melancholic Pan wants, in adulthood, to avoid the feelings of heartbreak he experienced in his youth. As well, the Zodiac's old man doesn't want to work so hard or make compromises to his set ways.

The sign of #Capricorn is associated with the principle of elevated status which he perceives as his birthright. The Goat is naturally drawn to the rich & powerful, both in his professional dealings and in his search for a mate. Erotic desires may be somewhat of an annoyance to him, an indecorous distraction he subconsciously seeks to subdue, if not submerge in more socially civilized pleasures like champagne, caviar, or collecting silk cravats.

He often finds himself struck for life with a safety type to whom he can only return to after enacting such desires elsewhere. Capricorn's lady-wife & mother to his children can, and indeed should be, someone who has just as many sleazy inclinations as himself so that together they might explore their nastiest notions, keeping each other's decadent secrets sequestered in the bosom of their bond.

His fantasies, and his actual sexual behavior, are layered with deviations, fetishes, and more than his fair share of hang-ups. His brand of sex is salacious and often more depraved than most people might even begin to imagine. Like his opposite—CANCER man—Cap also has a fetish for women dressed as nubiles. Often, that which turns him on most in bed are things he may have shared in his youth, with the more seasoned older women he tends to attract at a tender age. Nurses, secretaries, librarians, teachers, clerks, and tellers top the list of those whom the Sea-goat would most like to drag down into the depths of blissful degradation.


11. Aquarius

He takes absolute control of his desires and makes damn sure they never show. Indeed, no male has a sleazier side, albeit a highly secretive one. He expects worship—not as the attractive beefcake TAUREAN Adonis—but in a more lofty manner. He won't play on the ground as some mere mortal; rather he requires bucket loads of esteem. He expects to be worshipped by something of a goddess or god who likewise inspires a kind of awe in others.

His ideologies & belief systems might seem bizarre—a result of #Uranus's rule—but the way he regiments his life in keeping to such avant-garde life philosophies is pure #Saturn, distinguished as it is by time efficiency and a taskmaster's discipline. He cannot help but impose his sometimes severe ethics onto loved ones, as well.

#Aquarius is probably the least emotionally involved sexual persona. Uranus's rule over the 11th House is associated with 'freedom via repression,' which sees Aquarius being able to move on a dime in life by perpetually squelching his feelings. He tends not to exhibit the slightest remorse at ditching relationships that were decades in the making.
As he is hands down the most monomaniacal individual on the astrological wheel, sex with Aquarius always smacks of a mind fuck. Aquarius will meet women for anonymous sex, preferring one-shot deals rather than casual ongoing sessions. Truth be told, the spark tends to go out of relationships for Aquarius man very easily, and such bonds must then be supplemented by vague dalliances. But eventually, he'll long for something even more.

Like a many-wived zealot cult leader, he never stops seeking new brides to add to his conceptual harem. Everywhere he goes regularly, there will be installed some fawning female whose affections he has fostered. Hanging in the air around him, these gaga girls imagine, is the possibility that at any moment he might swoop down and carry them away.


12. Pisces

Mary Magdalene was literally loved into changing—Jesus didn't simply pick her out some new clothes. This is the effect #Pisces man has on friends, as well as lovers. Since he has absolutely no expectations of others, those who want to win his affections end up jumping through hoops to please him—basically following in his footsteps. In this way, he turns those whom he enters a relationship into his disciples.

The opposite-facing Fish are an illustration of the soulful mechanism of the elimination of #Karma. He simply doesn't become snared in entangling human drama. Therefore he must, in turn, be loved purely and with no expectation by setting him free, allowing him to escape into the solitude of his life's callings.

Of all the gender signs in the Zodiac, Pisces male is probably the least moved by sex. As he's the personification of #Eros/Cupid, he remains outside sexual experience. Thus, it's often easier for him to put himself into environments where he can acknowledge & appreciate even blatant carnality without his own intimate involvement. He's all AND nothing in everything he does.

Lest we forget, #Neptune is the planet of imagery, and the Piscean sexual persona lives in this elusive realm. Since adolescence, the Fish may have been startlingly aware that he doesn't fall prey to his libido the way others do. Sex doesn't strike him as a fresh or foreign concept, even in the tenderest youth. As the sexual urge is biologically aimed at procreation and, therefore, linked to other creative energies, Pisces inherently channels such forces up towards his imaginative mind & crafty hands.

Having to sneak or hide having sex is not just a turn-on particular to Pisces man, it's often an essential part of sex play. In certain cases, the exotic is so alluring that he might only be able to have sex with strangers, even prostitutes, while his marriage becomes a hands-off, strictly soulful bond. Drink & drugs, those Piscean fixes of forgetfulness, tend to provide enough of a crutch to keep the Fish's sex life limping along.


The art for each zodiac sign was created by : Gabriel Picolo

This sextrology knowledge was obtained from a book by astrologers Starsky & Cox


Best Regards,


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As a Gemini, this last sentence is paramount...

"It's the breach in his dual nature he finds most difficult to broach"


I feel you totally! Libra myself, also very dualistic. I've done the best I can to balance out all of my actions. Still nothing can stop me from one day feeling one way and the next feeling the complete opposite.

Would you say this was pretty accurate for you then?


Most of it yes, especially when you get to know each other in that area! The partner you're with obviously influences the chemistry, but in long term relationships, It tends to get monotonous at some point, and then the head begins to wander... Danger zone


Yessir I understand that completely.
You may also want to view the women's guide. You may be able to take some information on the Gemini reading, look at it from multiple angles, and possibly apply some aspects to yourself still. It is not necessarily just for the female, this is all about 360 degree innerstanding.

This was really well written, thanks for sharing


Thank you so much 🤗
That means the world to me.
Were any of the readings spot on for you? Either the female for yourself, or male for you significant other.

I just followed you back, I will take the time to look through and upvote your posts when I get the chance.


Yes, I real the pisces one (even though this is for men lol)


Thats totally ok. We all have a feminine and masculine side. So both guides are applicable to everyon somewhat. Have you read the one for women I posted?

I should have named them feminine/masculine not men/woman. At least the info is on point.

Excelent post... i'm capricorn and my sodiac sign description is very similar to me


Thank you!
I’m glad to hear your reading was accurate.