Krakow Doors

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Dramatic Doors in Krakow

I love the enticement of an open door that gives a peek to something beyond and, perhaps, forbidden.

These photographs were taken on our long weekend break in Krakow and this door, although invitingly open, was not for public thoroughfare.

krakow door open.jpg

The door below is an entrance to Wawel Cathedral so, at an appropriate time we could have passed through this one.

We didn't go inside though as I was more interested in looking around outside and enjoying the sunshine.

krakow door 2.jpg

Maybe I could pass through this door in November, if I should make it to Steemfest 3.

The weather is less likely to be as good then as it was on my first visit and I might be glad for a chance to go inside. 😊

This is my contribution to Door Tuesday.

If you'd like to join in the Seven Day Outside Challenge these are the days and the categories:

#WindowMonday – Windows
#DoorTuesday – Doors
#RustArtWednesday – Rust
#GateThursday – Gates
#StatueFriday – Statues
#BrickSaturday – Bricks
#StreetlampSunday – Street Lamps

Use the #sevendaysoutside tag along with the appropriate daily tag, and be sure to tag @erikah!

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WOW what impressive and quite formidable doors


The ones I saw yesterday were even more impressive in my opinion @tattoodjay. I hope to make a post with them soon. 😊


Cool I look forward to seeing them

Forbidden temptation or a new opportunity? I guess it depends on what is behind the door.

I have always wondered how many doors were shut but not locked - ones that we could have just walked through if we had just opened the door.


I have to admit to opening, or at least trying to open, many of those shut doors, in my life time @sumatranate.

So far, I have found nothing very exciting behind any of them. 😂

I like doors, and I definitely love this Cathedral door. This looks like an interesting challenge, I will look into it. You are such an inspiration @gillianpearce 💕


@erikah's challenge is a really fun one @starjewel. Lots of interesting topics, at least to me, to photograph. 😊

Such an unique door on the 2nd photos. It almost feel like a door to different dimension.


It was a very impressive door @legendchew. Thank you for stopping by. 😁

@gillianpearce, I really like the Cathedral door. Beautiful frame with columns and arch. Nice shot!


Thanks @madlenfox. I prefer the open one so glad you liked the Cathedral door. 😁

These are great shots, Gillian! I love Krakow and Wawel Castle was one of the places that gave me such pleasure. It actually had leather walls. Seriously! I had never seen that before and it wasn't in every room, but, it was very interesting.

Of course, who could NOT like the Cloth Hall?

Oh, my! You have brought back my love for it all! I hope you get the chance to get to Steemfest. I imagine that will be lots of fun!


That's interesting to hear about the inside of Wawel Castle @dswigle. We never saw that because we were only there a few days and we wanted to make the most of the lovely weather outside.

We went inside a few Churches and the Salt Mines and, other than that, enjoyed the sunshine.

I'm have mixed feelings about Steemfest. I keep changing my mind. But I should decide as the prices are going up soon. 😊


There was only the one room in leather (that I remember) but, it was still an oddity for me.

I have been there several times, but usually with a mixed set of destinations, so there is never enough time. ;)

You know what, I love all those door :)

Up and resteem. :)


You are so welcome :)

I often find that a glimpse through a door like that is a "Zen View." Something very... relaxing(?) about seeing a scene through a door, rather than out in the open. A sense of safety, perhaps? Not sure... but a cool shot!



Thanks @curatorcat. I love taking photographs through doorways and windows. I keep meaning to get them all together but haven't gotten around to it.

Thanks for visiting! 😊

Great door pictures and I hope you get to go back for Steemfest, that would be cool.


Thank you @sjarvie5. Will you be going or is it too far for you? 😊


It is too far this year. Maybe next year. It would be fun to meet some Steem friends and visit a new country.

That's awesome. Just so much more aesthetically pleasing than what we have around here. Beautiful pictures!


Thank you @harrisonmir. Thanks for visiting. 😊

Wow, absolutely amazing photograph of doors.
I really like this picture.

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howdy there gillianpearce! this is the first time I've seen a post about a door! hahaha but it's a great door, or set of doors and I love big, heavy secure doors like this so this is a very cool post!


There are lots of doors on Tuesdays @janton. 😁


howdy again this fine Wednesday gillianpearce! ha! lots of doors? where are they at? never mind. I don't care about other people's photos of doors, just yours! lol.


Well, you probably need to do a search for "doortuesday" @janton but since you don't care about other peoples' doors I won't bother telling you that. 😂


hahaha! door tuesday...ha! who thinks this stuff up anyway? not that I think it's silly and I guess no one is going to run out of doors to take pictures of but I bet they can't match yours!

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