📷 Seven Days of Black and White Challenge - Day 3 (by @lex030)

in sevendaybnwchallenge •  11 months ago

Dear blog readers ,

Thanks again to @future24 for putting me up as a nominee for this challenge. Here comes picture number 3.


Rules of the 7 Day BLack & White Challenge:

-7 black & white images that represent an aspect of your life
-Present one image every day for seven days
-No people
-No explanation
-Nominate someone every day. Although anyone can join in
-Use the tag: #sevendaybnwchallenge as one of your five tags

Now, for my nomination:
The third person I want to nominate is @scan0017 . Have fun bro!

Best regards and hear you in my next article!


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Cool photo bro!


thank you bro!


wellcome sir

cool photo! no people?? lol. crap, you beat me to nominating scan...


Hahaha ich watch all your blogs and no one has nominated him 😏


true, you were the fastest, fair is fair :)

Wonderful photography. Its amazing thanks for sharing this post brother


thank you bro!


I upvoted your post and resteemed your post. I do request you to check my posts and give your valuable feedback.

That's a really nice photo! I love the pathway and the shadows. Hey, is that snow?


thank you so much. the person on the photo ist my mum. and yes there are sun and snow at the same time :)

Nice photo


Thank you!

wonderfull post thanks for upvote and resteem and sharing sir.