The Seven Day Beer Challenge 6# - Beautiful River

Wow, I'm almost done with this challenge. On to the penultimate beer:

As I've said before, this is the perfect time for a beer challenge as I just moved to Upstate New York and there are a ton of new breweries to try. I know a lot of people scoff at beer in the US, but the craft beer scene is rapidly growing all across the country. Most cities have multiple small local breweries these days and they're all experimenting with different ways to make beer. Although they're not all perfect, the competition means that tons of varieties are available and the overall quality is quite high.

My featured beer this evening is Beautiful River, a Belgian-style saison created by Big Ditch Brewing Company. The company itself is one of the larger breweries in the heart of Buffalo. It has a pretty good reputation from the locals and a lot of love for the city of Buffalo itself. In fact, this beer is named after a Buffalo folktale. Supposedly, the city of Buffalo got its name when a Frenchman saw the river and said "Beau Fleuve" (beautiful river in French) which eventually morphed into "Buffalo".

Its a little bit hard to know what to expect with this beer. Saisons are a french style of beer with fruity and spicy flavors and a high degree of carbonation. However, the can mentions that its "Belgian style" and also puts "Farmhouse Ale" on the bottom. With all those qualifiers, it could taste like anything


The beer was highly carbonated when poured and had a faint citrus aroma. It was also unfiltered which I tend to view as a plus. The first sip certainly agreed with the smell as I tasted citrus and orange. It had a crisp taste and a surprisingly mellow and pleasant aftertaste. Overall, it was a pretty mild beer, a few interesting flavors here and there, but nothing to write home about.

This beer wasn't in the mid price range at $2.00 a can, and though I wouldn't recommend it above other more flavorful beers, it was pretty good. I'd be willing to try it again at the brewery itself as sometimes these types of beer taste a a lot better from the tap.

My cat liked smelling the can quite a bit so I guess that's worth something:


I nominate @irime for this challenge to see if there are any cool beers in Brazil.

These are the rules to be taken into account:

  • You have to try a new beer every day, for 7 days
  • The beer must be something you have never tasted before
  • You must put a photo of the beer and write a few words about it
  • Nominate someone every day
  • If you are a social outcast with no friends to invite you just join the fun. You have every excuse to drink!
  • Use the tag "#sevendaybeerchallenge" as one of your five tags.

I cannot believe this is your day 6 @tking77798!!!! 😃 It does go a lot quicker when you are not the one tasting the beer :)
I did like the colours and design on this beer’s tin though 😅

Yeah, the design played a role in my purchase. I'm surprised how fast it went too. After today I get to sit back and see if this challenge really takes off.

I like the design on this one! It would definitely inspire me to try it out! Your cat is cute too, why were you keeping her hidden all this time? :(

The cat has been banned from multiple internet forums for inflammatory comments. I try to keep his internet exposure to a minimum.


For your 7th day, you should grab some beer from Trillium in Canton or downtown Boston. One of the best breweries in the world, and is right near you!

I just moved from Boston to Buffalo so unfortunately no Trillium. However, I've been to their downtown Boston location numerous times. A bit snobby, but easily some of the best beer I've ever had!

Yea some of the best places can be snobby unfortunately. I was at side project in St. Louis earlier this year and you’d think the staff were curing cancer in there.

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