It's Bruno! (Netflix series): Thought I would love it... I don't

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So the story here is that a guy is overly attached to his doge-friend and this is certainly something that I can relate to. He goes though his day to day proving over and over again that his dog Bruno is the single most important thing in his life... again, for me this is relatable. Too bad the show gets so boring that Netflix actually asked me if I was still watching it and this has prompt has never happened before. Why you know so much Netfrix!???


There is no denying that Bruno is a cutie-pie - this is a given. His owner gives him the world including portioned meals that consist of high-grade turkey and grooms him every day as well as brushes his teeth. His entire world revolves around the care of Bruno and this is something that I can definitely relate to although my doggo eats dog food and loves it. I have also never brushed her teeth and and now am curious as to how she would react to that. I can presume she would hate it.


The problem with It's Bruno is that since the entire series takes place in a neighborhood in Brooklyn, there aren't very many unique situations that we can actually put these guys in and it gets stale pretty fast. At first I was excited that there was a series about a small dog being pampered that was a comedy and each episode is only 17 minutes long.... perfect!

Unfortunately the Netflix interface read me perfectly because when prompted with "are you still watching It's Bruno!"? I was so not watching It's Bruno that I didn't even realize the show had paused itself. This might be the smartphone's fault. I dunno.

I would be genuinely surprised if this show garnered enough attention / positive response to justify a second season.

As much as I hate to do it, It's Bruno! get's an overall score of....


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I was told to watch it and found the Formula One documentary instead. I think I watched all 8 episodes virtually I one go. Found it entertaining and enlightened me more on what dicks some of them are.

bruno story!

Watch a comedy called Cuckoo on Netfliz. You won't be disappointed! Very funny with some familiar names.

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A lot of times depending on how long it has been since you have had their teeth cleaned, they need to put the dog to sleep to get it all taken care of. I think that is the main reason most people don't do it. If you don't keep up with it regularly then having it done down the road can be costly and potentially dangerous for your doggo.

At least you give it a chance. So... Netflix asked you if you were still watching the show? Hahahaha. That's funny.